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Chevy Blazer GMC Jimmy Electrical Problems



  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Known ign switch (really the ign module) in the steering column. Triggers all sorts of weird codes and problems - lucky its in the 97 only. Sorry.
  • budgalbudgal Posts: 3
    Thanks! I was thinking that myself but didn't want to actually change it and still have the same problems.
    Lucky me that I have a 97!!!!
    I will do that today than. Thanks again.
  • Hi - did this problem ever get resolved? I am having the same issue - along with the radio & pwr. windows shutting off immediately upon turning off the key (used to have a delay). The override switch is fine, but also the drivers side wont lock when using the power lock when the car is turned on. Only when off. Help - my Chevy Dealer wants over $100 just to look at it. All fuses are OK
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Thats all in the headlight switch assembly - replace and its about $55 at most stores - have to remove the dash trim to do it.
  • budgalbudgal Posts: 3
    Good Call Repairdog..............
    Changed the switch and all is well again!!!
    Thanks !!!
  • piper5piper5 Posts: 5
    my son had a 96 chevy blazer LT. today would have been 30 days of him having it. It has already been in the shop, because after having it 2and a half weeks it had to be jumped everytime you started it. Then on friday oct. 20 he and 3 friends were heading back to school for one more band practice before the game that night. as he left his friends driveway, the brakes went out, the blazer revved shut it's self down completely and went into a series of rolls. when it did land they had enough time to climb out, then it caught fire from the dash to the front end. one passenger said after the fire started, the blazer went haywire, it tried to start it's self, the headlights went off and on, and the horn went off. they were all wearing their seatbelts and thankfully came out with very minor injuries, but now noone will even answer my question as to what would cause the brakes to fail, the engine to rev and shut down, and where they rolled, it should not have rolled.
    does anyone know what causes this? why are companies avoiding me?
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    The starting problem was normal for a 10 year old Blazer - alternator and/or battery. As to the other terrible problem I am glad that they all were OK but I was lost on the series of events. Please slowly detail and maybe someone can explain what happened. A 10 year old used vehicle has no warranty and who knows what the previous owner or owners did to the vehicle so without a complete repair/service history GM can't really do much. The NHTSA has forms to file on accidents that may provide you some help. Gas and transmission fluid will ignite and then the electrical will melt and wires will short. Need to say if 4wd or not and mileage and anything else you know plus all past repairs.
  • piper5piper5 Posts: 5
    ok, i'm still shaken, but as slow as i can. here's what
    happened. my son and his friends were leaving a friends house around 4pm last friday. his friends driveway is gravel that goes into asphalt. he got to the middle of the drive, applied the brakes, only instead of slowing, the blazer sped up. (There was a nurse living next to the house, and what she said, was it sounded like it just throttled all the way up.) Once the brakes went out and it sped up, it shut down on him completely. no motor, no steering, everything just locked up. when it locked up, he had no control, it hit loose gravel on the flat surface of the road shot them toward a ditch. the ditch caused the series of rollovers. when looking at where the rollovers started, if they were to roll at all, it should have been side to side maybe twice into the woods. instead it was end over end, corner to corner, then side to side. what really gets me though is from where it shut down to where the wreck started, there wasn't enough room to get that much momentum going to flip. all but 3 windows shattered. the front seats have a gap between the doors between 6 and twelve inches, which kept them away from the doors. then it caught fire. but it burned either from the back of the dash through the motor, or the motor to the back of the dash. I wish i could show a picture of what it looks like. We know the blazer malfunctioned, we just don't know what went first. But because of the fire, they cited him for careless driving. i know there where some recalls, i just don't know if any of the 6 before ever took it in, and the service department where he got it, replaced the belt and battery 2 weeks after he got it. we had no idea anything else was wrong. For me, all of this happening, and he only had it a little over 3 weeks, i don't understand. Aren't they suppossed to be checked and serviced before they put them out to sell?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Omigosh - what a horrible experience! I'm glad no one was injured.

    Is it even remotely possible that your son mistakenly pressed the accelerator pedal instead of the brake?

    tidester, host
  • piper5piper5 Posts: 5
    I did think about that, but after talking to his friends in the blazer with him, i believed he did apply the brake. then there was a neighbor there, who said she did see them come in the neighborhood, and they weren't speeding. then she said she heard them coming out. she said everything sounded normal not fast, but then she heard this odd rev, like it might be stuck, but by the time she reached the window they were in the air. when they landed it caught fire. i am thankful they're all ok. and the nieghbor turned out to be a nurse, that helped them until emt's got there. but i do honestly believe that the blazer malfunctioned, because of the way it shut it's self down. he had no control, no engine, no nothing. so he said he just shut his eyes and said to himself, that he couldn't believe this was how he going to go. I have a pic, but i don't know how or if i can download it here.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I have a pic, but i don't know how or if i can download it here.

    There are two ways to do that. One way is to get the picture hosted somewhere (such as with your IP) and you can find directions to do that by clicking the "Help" link at the bottom of this page. A better way is to set up your CarSpace ( - your username and password will be enough to get you set up). In effect, we host your pictures and you can share them with anyone and even link to them here.

    tidester, host
  • piper5piper5 Posts: 5
    i'm not sure if i did it right. i think it went up as my picture. and i'm ok with that.

    thank you
  • I have a 2001 Blazer that's been suddenly stricken with electrical problems. I noticed a couple of days ago, when I shut off the Blazer and took the key out of the ignition, the vehicle was still running!

    Now every time I shut off, I can press the brake pedal and all of the lights and electronics will come on!
    Also, whenever I brake while signaling, the turn signals start operating at 2x speed. No lights are burnt out, but while driving, the brake lights (R, center, L) are always at 50%, and when I brake they light up to 100%.

    Any ideas? Just some wires touching hopefully? I know nothing about this kind of stuff.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    Only way the key can come out with it running is a trashed ignition tumbler/key switch.
  • I can't remember the complaint number right now, but if you go to you can file a complaint about this problem, and they will investigate. while you're there you can also look up any and all other investigations, reports, technical service announcements, and any recalls on your vehicle you might not have gotten yet. let me know how it goes.
  • I am trying to figure out why my instrument panel lights have stopped working on my 94 Jimmy. A few months back they would go on and off occassionally while I was driving. Now they are off all the time, the temp and fuel, but the speedometer in the center still stays on. I have checked the fuses and they seem okay. Are there Light bulbs inside the dash on an LED readout, if so, how do you get to them. Thanks for any help you can give me
  • The lights are not LED.
    The speedo and trip in the center and fuel, temp, oil, volts are all run from the circuit board. The lighting around the panel is bulbs. You have tree fuses that supply to the panel.
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Those have problems with the circuit card so do a general online search on blazer instrument cluster and you will find fairly cheap solutions such as:
    1989-94 Blazer/Jimmy/S-10/Bravada Digital Unit - Repair Cost only $159 USD includes all shipping!! Now only $149!
  • I have a '99 2DR blazer that is suddenly making the "turn signal clicking sound" even when the signal is not on. I've checked and the signals are not actually on during these times, and the signals work fine when I DO turn them on. Is this possibly a wiring problem or something? I'm clueless...please help!
  • I own a 2000 Blazer and recently the thermometer in the inside console has been displaying the wrong temperature how do I repair this malfunction?
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Only displays correctly after driving cause the thermistor is up by the radiator and display updates after moving. Search the posts I posted exact info awhile ago.
  • jb3683jb3683 Posts: 5
    I just started experiencing the same problem yesterday. Have you had any luck finding any information out? I own a 2002 Grand Am
  • jb3683jb3683 Posts: 5
    I just replaced the headlight combination switch and no more random clicking. It cost me $92 from NAPA. I believe this will remedy your problem. If you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself, it shouldn't take more than an hour for your mechanic to install which he/she will charge labor plus the price of the part.
  • Did you get a fix on this? I have same problem. Help!
  • rev7rev7 Posts: 4
    I have the same problem with my 99 blazer 4 door. I just notice one little difference. When I accelerate the clicking happens. When I apply the brake the clicking goes away. Would the headlight combination switch still be the route to go or does the accerating/braking issue make this a different problem. Thanks
  • jb3683jb3683 Posts: 5
    when you accelerate, the lever will come back towards you. when you brake it moves forward. try to move the lever back and forth with your hand. you do not have to apply much pressure. i think that the motion of your blazer is shifting the lever every so slightly back and forth to cause it to malfunction. does it randomly go off any other time, or ONLY when you brake and accelerate?
  • jb3683jb3683 Posts: 5
    i should also let you know that GM calls the part a "multifunction switch". i am sure other parts stores will call it something different.
  • rev7rev7 Posts: 4
    Yes - it does go off randomly as well. I just seem to notice when I apply my brake the damn clicking

    Which lever do I want to move back and forth? The turn signal lever correct?

    Thank you for your help It's begining to drive me insane.
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Thats cause the problem is in the flasher/hazard part of switch and the brake lights use the same bulbs. Blinkers use diff part/filamint of bulb. The flasher relay/canister is behind the glove box and sometimes that can be bad if you luck out.
  • putz2putz2 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 2DR blazer that is suddenly making the "turn signal clicking sound" even when the signal is not on. I've checked and the signals are not actually on during these times, and the signals work fine when I DO turn them on.

    Also, when I accelerate the clicking happens. When I apply the brake the clicking goes away.

    Anyone know what this might be and an approx price on how much to fix and can I fix it myself??
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