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Honda Accord Climate Control Questions



  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    If your 09 A/C works anything like my 03, you have to turn the temperature knob down all the way to low (when in auto mode), if you want the fan to blow at high. If you leave the temperature set at 70, it will get there, but it's not in a big hurry. Just turning the temperature down to say 65, will increase the fan speed enough for me most of the time.
  • I was looking through some old posts and found the A/C hack that I'd tried to perform in 2007, but which didn't work. I would like to avoid having my compressor come on when my Defroster is running since right now my car is misty in the morning. Temperatures are dropping up here in MN.

    The only light that flashed after I did the "hack" was the Recirculation light. I don't know if this worked, but I will report back tomorrow after work. Hopefully it worked I just don't know since the A/C light didn't illuminate.
  • To know if it worked, crank the car, with fan running, disengage the a/c then turn off the fan completely.After choosing the defrost option, turn on the fan on low so you can hear the a/c engage. You should see hear the a/c turn off and on once you pressthe button, and the light should now be an accurate assessment of whether or not the a/c is engaged. I just redid the hack a couple of months ago thanks to a new car battery.
  • I began having this exact problem AFTER my old battery failed on my '99 Accord. When I took out the old battery, there was a ton of battery acid buildup on the (+) terminal. I replaced it with the strongest battery I could find, and immediately started having the flashing climate control, and no lights on the gauge selector display.

    After tolerating the inconvenience for several months, I finally decided to get some plumber's sand paper last week and clean up the battery terminals AND the clamps on the wires which connect to the battery to get them shiny again. Then I reconnected the battery, and so far everything seems to be working great.
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 399
    On my 08 when I turn on the defrost, the a/c comes on. But if I then press the A/C button, the a/c turns off and the defrost mode continues without it. I can't recall if my previous 06 did that.
  • Thanks grad. I will be checking that when I get home and have a chance. I think the compressor was running this morning, but I'm not entirely sure. I know I went through the process 3 times yesterday to see if the A/C light would go on, obviously it didn't. Maybe it is like a toggle switch, as stated by dudley I believe, so maybe I turned it off then on then off. I've since done it a fourth time to hopefully have it off again. Just to be clear I have to have the car on to make sure that it is running because the compressor won't run if the car is off. Correct?

    Thanks again for all the help. I'm wanting to get this working soon, because I'll be using the defroster to defog the windows and don't necessarily want to have to toggle back and forth between defrost and vent in order to prevent the compressor from kicking in all the time.
  • For those interested, an old toothbrush dipped in a paste cosistency mix of baking soda & water will clean a battery terminal or clamp beautifully and cheaply.
  • I don't think it is. I turned my defroster on and the light stayed out and then I could feel the compressor kick in. Perhaps I did it wrong again. :(

    Perhaps I missed a step. Dudley do you think I'm missing something? Grad has been very helpful, but the more opinions I can get the better.
  • Have you pressed the button to bring the light on, then pushed it again turning it back off? If not, try that and see if it keeps it off.
  • I have not pressed the A/C button to bring the light on and then pressed it again to turn it off. I will try that later.

    Thank you.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    It has been a while since I did this, but one way to know if it is working is if the a/c light comes on when you turn on the defog.

    As you know, normally the a/c light will not come on - but the compressor will be running. If the a/c light comes on and you can then push the button and turn it off, then the hack should be working.

    I don't have the instructions in front of me now, but I do know that one important thing is that everything is set up correctly when you start the sequence off. I will try to look into it a little more this weekend. Good Luck.
  • Thank you for finding that for me. I will be trying again soon. Hopefully this time I can get the light to come on so I can be sure it works.
  • I followed the directions to a T and for some unknown reason my A/C button will not light up. Then when I go to verify if it worked or not the A/C light doesn't come on when I select defrost and turn the fan on.

    I must be doing something wrong. Thank you for trying to help anyway.

    Just so I can be sure "top vent" is the one with the arrow pointing at the face of the little stick figure? And not the defrost button that only shoots air out the top vents?
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    I'm sure dudley or grad will come along and give you a hand. I have the navi system so the hack won't work for me because of the different controls.
  • Yeah I'm sure they will. Thank you for your response.

    Now that I think about it dudley has an SE, I think, and grad has the EX. So I'm almost wondering if it only works on trim levels above LX. I went searching for an answer in some other forums and found directions very similar to the directions listed on this website with a slight modification, but they are for the Civic and the RSX. They said something about having 3 knobs instead of two.
  • The climate controls are the same, but the unit is actually different, so I suppose that is possible. The LX (single CD) models have the old looking LCD, with the SE and EX having the white on blue look (6CD).

    LX (coupe, but some CD player)

  • So I've been doing it the way it should be done and it still won't work. The recirculation button will flash, but the A/C button will not flash. I'm thinking that I will be preemptively replacing my battery since I'm pretty sure it's original and I had minor issues with it last winter and when I do that maybe it'll reset the car to default, maybe I've thrown it out of wack with all of my failed attempts.

    I'm probably misreading something. I don't know how I could be, but user error is a big theme in my life :) . Dudley of grad if you can think of something that I may be missing please let me know because I'm going nuts trying to figure out why it won't work.

    Thanks for all the help.
  • pat96pat96 Posts: 11
    I can't seem to turn the fan switch on without the A/C engaging. Is there a certain trick to this? Again, I just want fresh air circulating at times and so hit the fan switch, but the A/C always comes on too.
  • Turn on the fan, then press the A/C button?
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    I can't seem to turn the fan switch on without the A/C engaging.

    Not sure how the latest generation works but you have the auto-climate controls so you would need to turn that off first. Then the fan should work without AC. Thegrad's version also works. ;)
  • I have a 09 EXL, after you hit the fan switch, you should see "A/C ON" on the display panel, if you the hit the "A/C" button once, you should see "A/C OFF" on the display panel, and your fan will be circulating unconditioned air at that point.
  • pat96pat96 Posts: 11
    Thank you. I tried that and it worked. I was hoping it wouldn't be a 2 step process to just activate the fan, but it's no big deal....
  • pat96pat96 Posts: 11
    I have XM radio free for 90 days. A guy told me yesterday that once the free subscription runs out, I'll have no radio. Was this the case with your '09 EX-L? I just figured that I wouldn't renew the subscription.
  • You will still have an AM/FM radio, but the XM radio is free for the 90 days.
  • I guess you would still have am/fm even if your XM subscription expires. I renewed my XM subscription a couple of weeks before my 90 days were up, so I did not have an interruption of service.
  • pat96pat96 Posts: 11
    OK, got it, thank you....By the way, the car runs like a dream.....Power and smooth....
  • Hello, this reply may be to late but I was having the same issues with my climate control buttons/lights would go out for a few minutes and then come back on. With the lights on above the buttons I could control the air/temp/air direction but once the lights went off I couldn't control any thing except the knob to the left 1-4 controlling amount of air coming out. This never posed a real problem before until the lights/buttons went out totally to where I couldn't control them and the car would start to overheat about 3/4 the way to the hot level. The mechanic said this was because the temp. control panel wasn't letting the a/c fan behind radiator to activate. I took my car to the shop today and they said it was the temperature control panel that needed to be replaced. The part will be $260 and labor around $75. The part doesn't seem hard to get to as all you have to do is pop out two screws under the cd player/storage shelf and pop out the clock from below and there will be a screw behind it.
  • I am having problem with the temp control knob that it kinds of stuck in only blowing warm/hot air at times, and at other times only cold air.

    Right now it's only blowing hot air irrespective of moving the knob towards hot, the mecahnic suggested replacing 'Blend Door Actuator' also known as

    006 79160-S84-A01 MOTOR ASSY., AIR MIX

    under heator control parts.

    Wanted to check if anyone has seen similar issue, and had been suggested the same, in case, did you change it yourself and how easy is it ?
    Is it located under the dash ?
    Any help locating this would be much appreciated.
  • 2011 Accord Sedan question:

    Does the air blow stronger depending upon which directional setting has been selected (regardless of fan speed setting)? I have noticed weaker blowing at the FOOT/FLOOR setting and much stronger blowing at the FACE setting, with no change in the FAN SPEED.

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