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Toyota RAV4 Roof Racks



  • We have a 2010 RAV-4 that is used as a company security patrol vehicle, and to install a light bar, need to remove the luggage rack rails. Are there trim caps, or some other means of plugging the holes other than a silicone sealant?
  • rickr6rickr6 Posts: 1
    edited June 2012
    My caps aren't popping off. I cant get my fingers under it. I am able to get a small screwdriver under it but don't want to pry too much and break it. What did you use
  • bullett55bullett55 Posts: 4
    Been so long I have forgotten where the internal clips were located. But keep at it carefully and methodically and all of a sudden one or so of the clips will pop. Sorry. Good Luck!
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