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Honda Civic 2006-2007 Issues



  • rossgrossg Posts: 4
    I noticed mine at approx. 12000 miles. especially when I moved the rear tires to the front for rotation, I really noticed the noise coming from the front. Because the tires had became cupped from being on the rear. I'am estimating the mileage because I run 4 snows during the winter months.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    My dealer wouldn't do the TSB for the worn rear tires because I had already swapped them out. Said they needed to see the worn tires to do the work and possibly pro rate the tires. Wasn't real happy with that answer and felt they should've replaced the parts in the rear suspension but understand that they need to see the damaged tires also.
    Had the rear bearing TSB performed though, so all is good. Had the car washed this past weekend and the guy at work who's lusting after my car offered to buy it on the spot today. Not looking to sell right now, but told him to talk to me next year and just maybe.

    The Sandman :)
  • cartagramcartagram Posts: 115
    No, the LX doesn't have the 60 / 40 splitting rear seat or the fold-down arm rest. Glad to see your photo. I'd thought that the cup holders swung out from the rear of the center storage between the two front seats.
  • Took mine in for a 30,000 mile service and was told the tires need to be replaced. No pull, rotated them, checked air weekly; so NARDY HONDA said there was nothing they could do because tires wear out in 35,000 miles. What a cop-out. No more Hondas for me.
  • kathyc1kathyc1 Posts: 138
    Did they check the rear cambers?
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    That's really not bad for the crappy oem tires Honda uses on the Civic. Honda hasn't been to good about addressing this rear tire wear problem...shame on them.
    Ginally got the recall notice for the Rear ABS Sensor the other day. luckily, I had it down 2 weeks ago eventhough they tried to say it was just a northern problem and not a southern one. I pressed the issue since Honda corporate said I needed to have it done and the dealer finally relented. They would not address the rear camber issue though. Said they needed to see the damaged tires which have been gone for a bit.
    live and learn!

    The Sandman :)
  • diagramsdiagrams Posts: 1
    I have 27,000 miles on a 2007 honda civic. Last november I notice excessive vibration on the steering wheel. As I have owned two previous civics I knew this was not right. I took in the car and they said there was excessive cupping on the tires and there was a problem with the adjustment of the tow and camber per a bulletin from Honda. They adjusted the tow and camber and gave me new tires. In dec i had the tires rotated at 19,000 so the new tires were now on the front and the original tires on the back. Now in June I got the recall notice and also complained about the return of the vibration. the dealer service center indicated there was excessive wear on the back tires and now they needed to replace the rear upper control arm -- per a new bulletin from Honda. They said Honda would cover the rear upper control arm replacement but not the tires as the rear tires were now the original front tires and now had 27,000. I filed a complaint with honda America to have Honda cover new tires and my case is now pending. It is very disturbing for me who -- someone who has been a loyal honda civic owner and who would never own another make and model of car -- at least until now. Based on the number of postings regarding the rear suspension problem and now the faulty bearings, there seems to be a design, engineering, or mechanical flaw with the car that Honda is not addressing it or taking responsibility for it. Shame on them!!!!!!
  • kathyc1kathyc1 Posts: 138
    Unless my dealer changes owners I have no doubt they would take care of this problem, if and when it occurs, to the fullest. It really upsets me that so many Honda dealers aren't as quick to hang onto their customers when Toyota and Nisson are both on their tails. I love my '07 Civic, but if it starts having these problems too with the dealer not taking care of them, I'm outta here.
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    I traded my 06 civic sedan with only 15K on it, I thought based on the many problems I had within that mileage, that long term issues would be prevalent.

    When I traded, the dealer I traded to said he had seen so many civics come in for trade he wouldn't take anymore as he had a hard time unloading them, even at auction.

    My advice, if money wise you can afford to trade it, do it before you run into trouble after warranty is up.

    I loved my 06 but it was in for repair/service due to problems so many times, it was just getting out of hand, luckily I traded before the mileage go to the point where these others problems you guys talk about popped up.

    And Oh, I had tire problems very early on with my car, despite the many alignments and bulletins. My dealer refused to change them even with less than 5K on them.

    Go figure.
  • Purchased my Honda 5-9-07 and have just put my 4th set of tires on. 6-11-08 after the installation of my 4th set, the local Honda dealer informed me of the rear suspension problem which was probably causing the uneven tire wear. The dealer went ahead and repaired the suspension problem. I have contacted Honda and asked for consideration for the cost of the 4th set of tires. They have declined and said this is a dealer problem. The dealer says this is a Honda problem.
  • bellagiobellagio Posts: 16
    Diagrams, is the vibration you noticed happening all the time or just while braking?
    I have an '07 EX with 24,000 miles on it and just in recent weeks noticed my steering wheel vibrating while braking at highway speeds. I had my tires rotated at about the same time I noticed the problem, so I'm wondering if it had anything to do with that.
    This is happening way too early for warped rotors.
  • xxyxxy Posts: 16
    Honda 5-9-07 and have just put my 4th set of tires on. 6-11-08 This is unbelieveable to say the least,
  • I have a 2007 Honda Civic, bought it new and have had it for 14 months. When I turned the air conditioning on for the first time this year, it blew hot air. I brought it in to the dealer today and was told that a stone pierced the unit and fluid leaked out. They are claiming that Honda is not responsible, that it is not covered under warranty and that I have to pay $525 to get it fixed. I immediately contacted the Torrance, CA office and got a similar song and dance. I believe this is a flaw in the design of the car and want to see if others have experienced this. What would keep the problem from happening again if I were to pay for it to be repaired??? They said it's like a stone hitting your windshield. Huh?
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Your story isn't abnormal. In fact, I've read this several times on the Odyssey forum as well.

    It really is sorta like a rock hitting your windshield, or hitting your bumper, and causing damage.
  • Are the Odyssey owners paying for the repairs???
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Yes, the Odyssey owners are paying.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Yes this story has been retold here many times since the 2006 redesign came about. It may not be abnormal as far as Honda (who has to foot the repair bill) is concerned but it seems the Civic in its new clothes is especially vulnerable to this type damage. Lets put it another way, I have been driving cars of many different makes, years, and models with AC for years and years and (knocks wood here) none have had this problem nor have I seen it as a particular problem in any of the sites dedicated to those cars. To be fair we own a 2006 Civic and I have not had it with this car either..lucky???
  • will26will26 Posts: 62
    You know those mesh grills you see on other cars? For example the Toyota Corolla or Camry? Well I had my boyfriend put that in for me. It took a few hours but now I feel safer that a stone won't hit and it looks pretty nice too. I don't know where he got the mesh from and it's not something that can be ordered specifically for the Civic. I think you can get a roll of it on an auto website. You can get black or silver. My car is black and since the mesh sits so far back you can't really tell it's there.
  • nealmnealm Posts: 41
    Can you describe specifically where the mesh was placed and how it was done? What's the mesh made of and how small is the mesh itself? Thanks very much for this useful info.
  • will26will26 Posts: 62
    The mesh has probably 1/4 inch diamond holes. Pretty sure it's stainless steel since there are no signs of rust after a year of wear. If you do an internet search for mesh grill you can pull up a lot of information and where to buy.

    The mesh is placed right behind the grill. Check out this link:
    He had to drill a hole on each side where that solid plastic is so that might be out for some people but it's not that noticeable.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Sandman, and others,

    My father had a very unpleasant conversation with our dealer about getting some money back on their tires that went bad at 30k (now on set 2 at 49k). After getting the sales manager and service manager on a conference call and blasting them after the first call telling dad to "call the 1800 number", they are now talking to the regional rep, who has promised some reparation.

    I'll keep you posted!
  • bobintampabobintampa Posts: 10
    I'm taking our 2007 Civic in for the ABS wheel sensor o-ring check tomorrow and will have them inspect the tires for uneven wear. We've had the car for about 1 yr now and it has about 11k on it. I don't see uneven wear on the inside portion of the tread of the rear tires. I will say that when i drive the car on the highway (live in Tampa, FL) the car feels a little *twitchy/nervous* in the back. This may(?) be a characteristic of the car, I don't normally drive this car as my daughter takes it to college. So.... to get to my point.... since the Civic is such a big seller I was wondering why this isn't more of a wide spread problem?? Are only 'some' of the upper control arms bad? Are there other factors involved here (i.e. tire pressure)? I really feel for the folks with the issue, especially the folks who have replaced multiple sets of tires before the dealer realized that it was this suspension issue. Anyone else have any thoughts on why this is not more widespread? To close, I love Hondas and I love the Civic. :shades:
  • kathyc1kathyc1 Posts: 138
    On the ABS wheel sensor that a problem? Or is that part of the rear cambers? I remember when I had the cambers checked they said something about the ABS. I've had my car a little over a year (2007 civic coupe) now with 7100 miles on it and no problem yet with the tire wear.
  • ttg911ttg911 Posts: 44
    That's nothing short of ridiculous, bquigley125. I have a 2006 Civic Sedan with 24,000 and my rear tires are completely shot. They are the crappy Bridgestone’s, so I know that's part of it, but come on! I buy a Civic for things to last, not to start pouring $$ into it 18-months from the date of purchase. I am taking the car to the dealer ASAP with this (see link below) TSB in hand. I hope this helps you as well and others that are in the same boat. If enough people complain to Honda, they will listen. - T393AsdghY8g9GTfz_lYVbM2Cdk9YyXsJg/rear%20upper%20control%20arms%20bulletin.pdf?- - download
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I'll be sure to let you know my outcome, maybe that'll help yours. My folks are working on getting their last set of tires paid for partially.
  • ttg911ttg911 Posts: 44
    Agreed and please do keep me posted as I would love to know the outcome of your very legitimate dispute. Good luck!
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Thanks. I have high hopes, as the sales manager's daughter has the same car which he purchased for her, and replaced tires at 22k miles. He didn't realize there was a problem until my dad told him about it rather angrily (angrily because he kept getting sluffed off by the service manager).
  • kathyc1kathyc1 Posts: 138
    Only the first page came up of the TSB and without the pictures. I got this several months ago from someone else who sent it on this site and that's when I had the car checked by the dealer. It was fine then, but I'm wondering if I should have them check it periodically when I take it in for service.
  • tjs01tjs01 Posts: 34
    Is there a website that posts Honda TSBs?
  • roley5793roley5793 Posts: 1
    Thanks, ttg911 for the TSB - worked fine for me. I hope this helps me when I take my Civic to the dealer. Keep you posted and thanks again!
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