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Ford Ranger Transmission Questions



  • blk4x4blk4x4 Posts: 43
    edited June 2010
    you need to remove the cross member holding up the rear of the tranny and lower the back down to give you more clearence to the top bolts and to get to them you need a swivel socket or one with a socket on it 3/8 is what i use and you will need a 24 inch extension or smaller one hooked together and a breaker bar to break them loose then back them out with your ratchet or impact,dont forget to take the bolts out of touque convertor also,,good luck
  • daddyj1daddyj1 Posts: 2
    edited June 2010
    I have a 91 ford ranger just rebuilt motor v6 3.0 an drove for a week an trans went to crap in a hand basket. Took it to two shops both said lots of arms legs & i think some teeth.1200.00 to 1500.00 so i found 92 ranger good runner i thot, the 4cly went in about 3 weeks,bought 92 for 400. it has auto trans 4speed od will the trans in 92 4 cyl bolt to 91 v6 3.0 both automatic 4 speed odrives. thanks for any incite.To ad i found a 5 speed manual in a91 ranger v6 3.0 do i need to take computer out of the one with manual trans an put it in the one that has the auto trans? i have all the pedals an steering column for the swap if need be.but rather go auto to auto easier
  • daddyj1daddyj1 Posts: 2
    just checking
  • forder1forder1 Posts: 1
    how do I bleed my manual transmission line on my 1995 ford ranger
  • ohmicronohmicron Posts: 1
    But only when all is cold.(early 1993, 3Liter w/ 175K miles.) When engine is reved slightly w/ truck at rest trans will reenter w/ a slight jolt and I'm on my merry way. This also happens in reverse. I find myself shifting to neutral prior to stopping when engine is cold. This is very un-nerving in traffic. External linkage has no slop in it and seems to work properly. Fluid level is normal and has never been cooked (flushed and changed @ 100K mi.). This vehicle must be seen to be appreciated so letting it go isn't an option.
  • coldmamacoldmama Posts: 1
    i have a 99 ford ranger. had no problems. my abs light on my dash came on and my speedometer went from 0-15-0 again while traveling. started shifting hard. flushed trani fluid and checked front wheels , no wobbling, no problems with barrings or brakes. can anyone help. ?????????
  • alfredralfredr Posts: 3
    my oil seal blew out ,is my trans blown or need a new seal and coverter
  • alfredralfredr Posts: 3
  • Have a 2007 Ranger XLT V-6 4.0 5 speed auto. Having occassional clunk noise from tranny or drive line (like a bad u-joint) after turning a corner and accelerating. Same thing on highway when I de-accelerate then accelerate but not all the time. Ford shop says everything looks fine and can find no problem. Last time service "expert" says thats the way its designed to eliminate excess torque between drive line and tranny so the clutch doesn't have excess wear. Have 46500 miles and tranny flush at 45000. They said fluid was "slightly" burnt and failed to save me a sample that I requested. Any ideas???
  • jshadowjshadow Posts: 1
    It still moves a little bit in reverse but it acts like it's in nutral, but drives and shifts fine in drive. Anyone know whats wrong? The cicker I had it sold to a guy and he was going to pay and pick up today, damn my luck.
  • dper299dper299 Posts: 19
    I have a 99 ranger 3.0 flex 4x4 Reg cab with auto trans 87,000 miles. Problem is that at times when it shift's from 1st to 2nd it feels like it's sliding into second and you have to wait on it, then it's a rough shift into third,and other times it shift's thru all gears nice and smooth (thus Eratic ) this was happening prior to fluid change. Put new fluid in along with a bottle of Seafoam and nothing has changed. I am wondering if this the driveshaft (which has also been taken apart and greased ) or is it that the bands need adjusting...Any ideas would help...Thanks :confuse:
  • alfredralfredr Posts: 3
  • im having a problem with my 86 2wd ranger with reverse not working after i drive it 30 or so miles but i let it sit for 10mins and works fine again any ideas what could be causing this?
  • i have a 94 4.0l 4x4 every once and awhile the transmission will start to pull then kick out of gear. When i rev it then it will slam back into gear. Wondering what could be the problem. Checked the fluid it was ok.
  • Iam having the same problem with my 2000,2WD,5Sd, Ford Ranger. My problem started when I was pushing in the clutch and heard a pop, line going from master cylinder to slave cylinder busted, fixed the line and then tried to bleed it. The tips I got for bleeding did not help any, some of replys said that the Ford Ranger is a real pain in the but to bleed and that it needs a pressure pump or vacuum bleeder to bleed it correctly. I don't know if this is true but it would nice to fine out from someone that knows. Also there was one more reply that I got to the reason of why there is no pressure build up in my clutch, and that is the slave cylinder might be gone and that it will have to be replaced. I looked in to replacing the slave cylinder and I can tell you from the sounds of it, this can be costly to replace. The part it self is not much $85.00, its the taking out and puting in the new one that will get you, 1, the transmission has to be taken down because the slave cylinder is in side of the bell housing and if you were to do it ur self, then there goes a couple of days and that if noting goes wroung.
  • I have a 1995 ford ranger when i am in 4wd low drives fine when i shift to 4wd high or 2wd the transmission will making a grinding sound and not go into reverse go back to 4wd low all works fine anybody ever run into this problem or have a ideal on what to do
  • 1994 Ford Ranger. Forward gears don't work. I rev the engine til 1st gear kicks in, then it shifts normal. When I stop the truck, I have to repeat the process. Can you tell me what's wrong and how to fix it. Reverse works all the time.
  • 2000 Ranger 4X4. WIll not back up but drives forward fine. I can rev the engine and the truck rocks backward slightly. Any ideas what it could be? The fluid is full and is not burnt.
  • Did anyone ever answer you problem. I have a 99 Ford Ranger that has the same problem. Reverse works fine when cold but after 30 minutes of driving it takes about 5 to 8 seconds to go into reverse and then it is a little jumpy unless you accelirate. Any direction would be helpful.
  • reydonreydon Posts: 1
    have had the transmission rebuilt but the mechanic says it is shifting thru the gears too fast anyone ever have this problem and how did you fix it
  • bjspargbjsparg Posts: 1
    car shuts off when i put it in drive or reverse .starts in neutral or park but soon as put it drive it shuts off.any ideas.
  • I have a 2002 ranger with same trans problem. It was diagnosed with a PO735 code. I plan on going to several trans shops to get it scoped. Hopefully I can find a trans guy that is knowledgeable about ranger trans.
  • keagan07keagan07 Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    i have a 94 ford ranger 3.0 v6 5 speed. the problem originally just started in 5th gear with a small vibration and then 5th gear got even worse and vibrated really bad when accelerating although there is no slip or shortage of power. and now its starting to do it in every gear and is quickly getting worse.....does anyone know if its a clutch or a transmission problem? and if it is a transmission what will it cost to replace it?
  • mock2mock2 Posts: 11
    truck drives good sometimes not at regular intervals it gets this loud noise.form under the shifter.
    can happen in all gears. sometimes seams to be triggered by turns or bumpy roads.can be felt as a slight shaking almost like e brake is on Sounds like a train with the brakes locked.
    any suggestions? checked brakes and u-joints...thats not it.
  • mock2mock2 Posts: 11
    Sounds like the problem i'm having with my 97 ranger. did you ever find out what the cause was?
  • So was it the transmission? I have an 02 also. I noticed that when shifted fast it wiould try to stall for a while but never did stall. It just started to stall when shifted into reverse. And now I noticed that if I put it into neutral first then reverse it would not stall. I believe it just needs a good tune up, it has never had new plugs put in, so I am going to try that and a good tune up.
  • mock2mock2 Posts: 11
    edited November 2011
    Check trany fluid! Smell burnt? should look like cherry juice not black like dirty motor oil.
  • when i am in neutral after moving in gear, something keeps spinning at high rate either in tranny or engine. sounds like tranny wants to be shifted if tht makes sense. spinning stops when i put in gear or have been stopped for about 30 seconds. anyone know what i need to do?
  • should i be useing automatic or gear lube?
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