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Ford Five Hundred/Mercury Montego: Noises



  • it does seem to be effected by speed. I read up on what people say and tried to see if it changed when turning. It didnt. will see about changing bearings. Thank you.
  • tobig05tobig05 Posts: 13
    I will be curious to know if it is in fact a wheel bearing.
  • toochnctoochnc Posts: 1
    I have the same issue. For me this just started about a month ago (6/2011). I have a 2005 Five Hundred with about 33,000 miles. It makes a smacking sound about 6 times in the dash coming from the passenger side when I start the car. It happens each and every time I start the car no matter how long the car has been turned off (even only 60 secs). Having the climate control system turned on or off when starting makes no difference. I took it for an oil change and the mechanic there said I should change the cabin filter. So much for what he knows: The car has no cabin filter. Anybody have an idea what's causing it or how it can be fixed?
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