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I love/hate my Cobalt



  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    The Cobalt will likely get fazed out when the Cruze comes out in 2010. Supposedly they will keep the high volume Cobalt innitially but then will slowly go with the more premium Cruze.
  • steve333steve333 Posts: 201
    It isn't more premium, its just an excuse to change the nameplate-again.
    The Cobalt was supposed to be their premium compact after they changed the name from Cavalier.
    GM doesn't know wtf they're doing.
    And Cruze is just an idiotic name. Sounds like it was named by The Village People.
  • gerald41gerald41 Posts: 37
    I read that the Cobalt will survive through the 2010 model year. It could be because all the photo's and what I've read only describes the Cruze as a sedan. Chevrolet has always had a compact as a Coupe version dating back to the Vega. I can't see them only offering a sedan. Also we must keep in mind with all the changes in the auto industry that what was in the works might be delayed or scrubbed altogether as cost saving will be the number 1 priority. :)
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Cruze is an idiotic name? Its a very attractive name by most people. People cruise in their cars so why not use the name though spelled differently. The name flows good.

    I suppose you think Hyundai Genesis is a great name. I initially thought of the band Genesis from the 1980's.

    There are dozens of car names that are less attractive than the Cruze, think about it.

    Yes, the Cobalt was more premium than the Cavaliar but this car will take it a step further and could be the new bench mark in this catagory.
  • steve333steve333 Posts: 201
    Yes, I and many others think Cruze is a ridiculous name for a car. Cobalt at least has a tough sound to it.
    As for being a benchmark, after reading the tepid reviews of the car thats being sold in Europe right now I wouldn't count on it.
    It will probably be more involving to drive than a Corolla but then again so is a motor scooter (and the Cobalt).
    Compared to the Civic and Mazda 3 it will not handle as well. Compared to the Corolla and Elantra the ride quality will be as good or almost as good but reliabilty will be a concern for a new model (the Cobalt was a disaster when it first came out).

    There is no rationale for a new name. Take the Cobalt and improve it and gain market penetration. GM is going back to square one with an all new name once again.

    Stupid, just plain stupid.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I can see your point with the new name so fast but this is a larger car and a new entry into a large compact crowd. I don't see a reason other than its size why it wouldn't handle as well as a Civic or Mazda when the current Cobalt in trim out handles both of those cars. Besides, does it need to be known for handling? The average person that buys the car is probably about 40 and not looking to wear the tires out around corners.

    From what I read is this car will be the new standard with a threat from the Corrola being redone again to help keep it competive. The Corrola is the leader in this class even though it is a very bland car like most Toyota's.
  • steve333steve333 Posts: 201
    According to specs the Cruze is actually 1/2 inch shorter than the Cobalt.
    The current Cobalt does not handle as well as the Civic or 3, unless you were thinking of the Cobalt SS which handles so well its almost like a completely different car (if only GM paid attention to their best selling trims).
    If they want it to be another Corolla than handling won't matter much but in this class people buy Corolla's not only for MPG but for reliability-they seem to buy it automatically because if they ever test drove others car many of them wouldn't buy it, IMO. I test drove a Corolla and Cobalt back to back and the Cobalt was the better car in every respect, drive wise at least.
    GM needs a Home Run, the kind Ford hit with the first Focus-the car got rave reviews and people bought tons of them because of that, and yes, good handling was a major part of the rave reviews. Unfortunately the first year turned out to be unreliable so sales dropped afterwards until recently.
    The Cruze is getting tepid, middling reviews in Europe and that will be a disaster for Chevy here in the States. If they don't improve the car when it goes on sale here there will be a problem.
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    I noticed that some of you were talking about funny or idiotic names for cars. I agree there are some stupid names for cars out there but let me tell you what happened to me about 10 years ago and I still remember the event like it was yesterday.
    I hope it gets lots of laughs because it did then.
    I was giving a conference on the safety of cars during an impact, I was quite nervous because there was about 200 people attending my conference and I said " I've once been rear-ended by a probe ". People were laughing/crying, it was like a comedy show. I said to myself "What he hell did I say wrong"? Then it hit me... I noticed I have forgotten to say a FORD "PROBE".
    Ford should never had called that car a "Probe".
    Hope this made you laugh because I'm still laughing at myself every time I think about it and it's been 10 years.
  • pa356228pa356228 Posts: 34
    Can't say I hate or love my 06 Cobalt LS (4 door-sedan) because my car doesn't have any major problems at the moment besides last month when I took my car in to get inspected, the chevy dealer said couldn't pass inspection because the front struts were leaking and wanted $600 to replace them. But, I took my car someplace else and it did pass inspection and they said my struts wasn't leaking, so couldn't figure that out. Now, ever since I brought my car (3 years ago) I, so far didn't have to buy new brakes, tires, struts, fluids (besides washer), bulbs (had to replaced one rear side marker), and has 52,800 miles. It is a good car. Chevys are nice to have, easy to fix or replace things, cheap and are gas savers.

    I traded my 1994 Chevy Cavlier (4 doors) which was great on gas. Gets about 35 mpg city and hwy driving. Back then, I used to live in the country (peaceful) with less traffic jams and alot less street lights.
  • 93949394 VancouverPosts: 74
    i'm looking to buy either Cobalt, Elantra or Focus, and would like to see some slightly longer term feedback on the 2009 LT sedan.

    2016 eSoul - All Electric - Zero Emission
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    It's hard to find good honest service people. When you find one stick with them. People have tried to advise me on unneccessary services before but I didn't buy it. I know my vehicles to good.
  • pa356228pa356228 Posts: 34
    Focus is something I wouldn't buy. Heard alot of bad things. Cobalt has style and are good on gas mileage, more reliable, handles great and are good cars. (I have a cobalt LS) Elantra gets more mpg than chevys or any other cars and is great if you need a family car. I know some people who has Elantra, and says those cars gets about 41 mpg hwy/ 36 city (just refering to what they told me) and depending on how you drive.

    My ex-girlfriend had hers for 7 years and still runs great with no major problems. She keeps her Elantra well maintain. Still, it's your decision. If you want a good car that will last you years to come, I would suggest a Cobalt. Have my going on 4 years without no problems.
  • gerald41gerald41 Posts: 37
    I was watching the business news today, and heard that the Lordstown plant where the Cobalt is built is being closed down and that the Cruze will be it's replacement. I guess that means the Cobalt will end with the 2009 model year. We all know GM is in alot of trouble, ending Pontiac as well. So i guess that says for sure that the Cobalt is history after just a 5 year run.
  • steve333steve333 Posts: 201
    Yep, that was decided awhile ago. Pretty stupid to kill another nameplate but GM is known for doing stupid things.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    From what I heard they will keep building the Cobalt through at least part of 2010. Its to high of a volume car to stop building at once.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    From what I heard they will keep building the Cobalt through at least part of 2010. Its to high of a volume car to stop building at once even though it is being replaced.
  • alternatoralternator Posts: 629
    The inventory on Cobalts is getting low. Last chance for the best buy in compact coupes or sedans in many a year. Some of the rebates may sound as if you do not qualify, but they may be available anyway----be sure to ask.

    My 2010 Cobalt LT in the best buy I have made in 55 years of replacing my cars about every three years.
  • justus3justus3 Posts: 21
    So, I still have my '07 Cobalt which I bought brand new. I still love it dearly, but it is falling apart more and more by the day. I have dealt in the past so far with having to get the steering column replaced, getting the recall work done that it had on it last year, and now even more problems. The cushion in the driver's side seat has begun to come apart on the outer edge. I can feel the frame of the seat poking through and the cushion material is falling out the bottom of the seat. Once again, there is a crazy rattling sound coming from the front end, similar to the noise it made when they had to replace the steering column. I can't tell if its the same issue all over again, or maybe just a broken strut but it rattles and thumps like no other. And now am having issues with speaker not working on the passenger side door. It only works when it feels like working. The car is almost paid for, so I really don't want to trade it in, but it just seems like everything is falling apart on it. Ugh..... :sick:
  • I have ready many of these posts about the key being stuck, but my key is stuck in the ON position and wont turn off, I can move it forward as if I am going to start it but it wont rotate back to the off position and turn the engine off. I have tried pushing the white plunger in, tried putting it in gear and driving it around, locking and unlocking the doors, rolling the windows up and down, I even kicked the dog gone tires, to no avail, my car would not shut off. I removed the steering column assembly and found a green electrical connector on the back side of the ignition assembly that when unplugged turned my car off, and when I plugged it back in and turned the key to the start position started my car, so that will work, but is just not acceptable! Thoughts on what is causing this, what the fix is? Much appreciated!
  • I bought my 09 XFE coupe new, and now have 28k miles on it.
    I've had ZERO real problems with this little ride. It did start some interior rattling early on, but what else can be expected of plastic cars?
    It's still getting great mileage, and still hits that little power band in third.... yes, a reason to smile. Other than getting on the freeway, I don't do a lot of hard driving... those days are passed for me. These days I'm more concerned with that $3 plus change gallon of gas.
    So far no problems with paint, but I do get it washed and spray waxed about once a month. Don't really think that makes a diff one way or the other, no car as new as any Cobalt should have flaking paint..That's an issue with GM.
    Wonder how the Cruze is doing in that area?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Thank you for your feedback on your vehicle. If you have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to email me! Happy Halloween! :)
    GM Customer Service
  • I'll second that. I bought my 2009 LT in September of 2008 and aside from the steering column recall have had no serious problems in 32,000 miles. The plastic wheels rattle and there is a rattle in the left door. The dealer has tried to fix it twice and now it is out of warranty. I'll pull the door panel when I get time and jam some foam rubber in there. Mileage in town is around 26 and I've gotten as much as 41.9 on the road. I rented a Cruze in New Jersey and much prefer my coupe. The Cruze 6 speed downshifts all the time, the motor is noisy and underpowered and the huge console is too complicated. Mileage was poor. I averaged around 21 in suburban driving.

    It is impossible to work the radio without taking your eyes off the road. I much prefer the Cobalt AC and radio. I'm happy with my Victory Red coupe and will probably keep it for years. I don't do heavy commuting any longer so it should hold up. I use a new Malibu for my road trips.
  • steve333steve333 Posts: 201
    Wait until the warranty runs out. This car wasn't built to last.
    I have 60,000 miles on my Cobalt and it feels like it's falling apart
  • Dispencer2,

    Thank you for your feedback on your Cobalt! I’m very glad to hear that you’re enjoying your vehicle. If we can ever be of assistance, please email us!

    GM Customer Service
  • justus3justus3 Posts: 21
    edited April 2012
    Been reading various posts all over the internet about the Cobalt. Seems to be a love/hate relationship for sure. I still have mine and love it, I don't love all the problems it has had in the time I have had it, however. My Cobalt is a 2007 LT 2-dr bought brand new. It now has 93000 miles on it but the problems have been there since the beginning.

    *Sunroof repaired twice for leaking air and rattling noise (2007)
    *Control arm bushings replaced at less than 25000 miles (2008)
    *Steering column replaced (2008)
    *Driver's side seat cushion disintegrating under the fabric (2008)
    *Required recall replacement of electronic power steering (2010)
    *All speakers replaced as they had all began to fail one at a time (2011)
    *Front wheel hub/bearing replacement, both sides (2012)

    And now even though the control arm bushings were already replaced, the car is again making the same clunking noises as the first time. Hard to believe that this problem can happen repeatedly and no recall has been issued to remedy it. I truly do love this car and I am trying to keep up with fixing the issues as they arise, but when so many owners have the same issues happening and these issues are ongoing and happening repeatedly, GM should do something to fix it!! At this point I cannot say with any certainty that I will ever buy another GM product. Do they no longer take pride in their product? :lemon:
  • steve333steve333 Posts: 201
    That's the problem, they don't.
    My car is a 2006 with 61,000 miles and it feels like it's over 10 years old. The front end is and has always been a problem. GM should recall and/or extend the warranty on all steering components and front end suspension components.
    How many Cobalt owners have told GM to take a hike when they buy their next car?
  • lidavislidavis Posts: 3
    I'm honestly not one to complain, I think I've had a decent run with my vehicle until recently.

    Currently I'm at 80K and the check engine light came on, the local place I took it says it's transmission issues. I've been sitting here for an hour or more reading some of the horror stories and complaints on this site for the last few years, and I can't help but wonder why someone hasn't made a lawsuit. Either way, here are the things I've had happen in my 7 years of ownership:

    1. Sunroof motor has blown twice, I don't even open it now.
    2. Driver-side window Motor - blown once.
    3. Readjusted the steering column once while driving, to shift it a bit high while I was sitting a red light and the car just totally turned off. that's only happened once though. Luck has it I didn't get hit by anything.
    4. Power Steering went completely out while driving, was even told by a dealership that it would cost $1500 to fix, only for me to press the issue, when I found out there was a recall on this issue. They did it for free when they realized this.
    5. Since getting the whole steering column replaced the "drive shifter cable" broke and the shifter can now be simply pushed from one gear to another. Because of this the car doesn't even realize when it's in park, and the key won't come out of the ignition. I had to remove a small panel under the steering column and use the emergency release button from there. And oh yes! before it got to be this bad, that little button used to click wildly from time to time.

    I think, there's a LOT of people out there with some or more of these issues. Really got to wonder why someone hasn't stood up about it, b/c I'm honestly going to be looking up lemon laws here soon.
  • horsey55horsey55 Posts: 15
    My 2008 LS Coupe has been completely dependable so far. Actually one of the best cars I have owned . Good MPG,and a car for these times.
    Compared to that Horizon TC3 I purchased new in '82 for similar purposes, this car is quite solid.
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