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Pontiac GTO Strut Problems



  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    fwiw, i had dealership specifically inspect all the front suspension. they say its all fine. yet the car has seen plenty of boston roads & punishment. the wandering problems were apparently all due to worn tires. 56k miles... same dealer had ailgned the car to street specs at 15k miles after factory tires nearly wrecked due to inner tire wear.
  • I am having a problem with my 06 gto with the gas pedal sticking in the house it will not move when this happens is there any one else that is having this problem with there gto????
  • dmsdesigndmsdesign Posts: 18
    Your GTO uses a fly by wire throttle assembly and to be hones has been pretty reliable. there are mutliple systems that can seriously affect the throttle operation. You should take it to a facility that can plug in a scanner to read for codes. Chances are that you have at least 1 stored

  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    i think there's a TSB for gas pedal issue , probably visible by searching alldata or an online tsb site..
    (not sure if its for the same symptom you are reporting , crystal187, but sounds similar.)
  • It wasn't until after I had purchased my 04 GTO and had done all the research I could do to determine that I wanted this car, that I found out about the common strut and tire shredding issues. Apparently, GM never owned up to the design flaw. Simply they put tires that were too wide for the fron end config on the car ... utterly stupid, out to lunch engineering that had to pass with their knowledge and a nonchalant, "oh well, we will just tell the mechanics to tell em nothing is wrong when they show up" attitude.

    Look at the caddy CTS....what a string of design blunders in everything from fuel systems to rear ends and it took forever to get a recall on the rear gears issue.

    Now that Pontiac no longer exits the CLASS ACTION suit filed on behalf of the thousands who bought GTOs and experienced tire shredding, has been dropped. When Pontiac filed bankruptcy, GM was off the hook.

    I never see too much posted about this issue so it is hard to know how many have been affected by it..or even KNOW about it, until a tire blows or they go for a routine rotation, to be told their tires are chewed and ready to pop.

    I am curious..what are others experiencing? My car only had 16k miles on it when I bought it so this car wasn't even a daily driver.. I ultimately inherited what will eventually happen and would have probably happened sooner if the owner had driven the car regularly.

    Just wondering what the dealers are saying when you take the car in.
  • There is a real stabilitiy issue in the front of the GTO, and a collapsing coils in the rear that do a real number to tires. To resolve your front tire wear, you need to dump you crappy OE front strut bushings with some aftermarket poly units like Pedders. Then you need to replace your strut bushings and bearings to keep you strut from moving around at the top. These are well documented concerns. If you need more data, email me

  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    As far as I know, most GTO owners have experienced this issue, and GM has stepped up as far as I had heard. I understand part of the cause was negative-camber via the factory or due the long-compressed-springs-boat-ride from Australia to USA.
    I understand GM issued a TSB about this issue along with revised alignment specs. They were able to fix it on my GTO via proper alignment at 15K, and a side-to-side tire-rotation. Factory tires lasted until 25k after that.
    From 15K->70k miles, inner-edge tire-wear has not been an issue and the car reliably needs new tires every 25K.
    The initial symptom was horrible inner-edge tire wear, belts almost visible but not quite. I noticed it at 15k miles.
    Since the car had more than 12k miles, I paid for that work at first. Later I got a letter from Pontiac in which they volunteered/insisted that they reimburse me 100%.

    So from my viewpoint, GM did "step up".

    And I do plan to have pedders suspension parts installed at the next opportunity!
  • Mike

    Please send me this information on the struts and coils. I went to a local dealer here in Houston and they acted like they had never heard of the issue and wanted 199. to "check it out". I told them to go pound sand. Now i have to drive 25 miles to get another dealer who originally sold the car to take some responsibility. This car is starting to be a real pain in the a--

    The bulletin that was issued to owners must not have stated the severity of the problem because as I understand what the dealer who sold me the car to say, the car had a corrective alignment and something done to the rotors ?? That was at 389 miles after the purchase of this car in 04. It has 18k miles on it now.

    There is no appearance of unusual wear on the tires and they are the originals I think. I am sure they have been rotated in this time but the fronts have low tread.
    With my hand, I do a check n the inside of the tire and feel no evidence of rubbing.

    What I am wondering is, aside of the bushings in the strut, if just replacing the strut with something better (is there such a thing?) and changing the FRONT tires to a 235 (or just this alone) be a remedy??
  • Here is a link to show you what typical strut bushings look like:

    Please do not do the 235's The reason is Pontiac went to the 245 because it is heavier than the Monaro in Au, and needs to extra load support of a 245.

    Align issues are totally resolveable. You just need to install some non GM stuff. Now I will also tell you, with a 2004 GTO, front struts are TOTALLY gone by 50k. this info comes from the Monroe, who makes your struts.

  • Will a dealer do the work with Pedders parts? Will a dealer still do the work and pick up the tab for this or do they have the mindset that this is ancient and forgotten?

    If I had the struts replaced, (Monroe) would the new bushings and bearings be sturdy stuff or do I still need to get the complete Pedders package? And if so, What will that cost me?

    How important is it that I do the coils? I hadn't even heard about that problem.

    The alignment was what GM did for the original owner at 389 miles that Elias mentioned they did for him. It was teir answer to the strut rub. Now, I dont show any wear and I cant see any evidence of my tires rubbing the strut but honestly, did an alignment really do anything to correct that issue??

    I saw your pictures. Its like seeing crime scene photos. Just tell me what I should do step by step -- or what I should tell the dealer svc word for word to get this issue resolved. I'm freaked about driving the car now and thought that because i bought a car with low miles that looked new, I wouldn't have to spend a lot of money.

    I guess I'd better wait to buy tires.
  • Most GM dealers will only do GM parts. Since yours is a 2004, your factory warranty is up. If you have GMPP, you do not have to do the work at a GM dealership. You just have to find a service facility willing to jump thru the hoops.

    I would say,if you are running Oe coils, your rears are most likely .75 inch collapsed. this is typicial. Front coils ususally do not sag much, but both front and rear OE coils have pretty low spring rates

    Potentially, setting up a GTO front alignment to GM specs may not be good enough
  • The car is GM certified so it has an extended year warranty on it which is what baffled me when I took it to Pontiac and they started quoting prices to me for checking it out.

    So it is useless to take it to GM because the suspension parts that GM uses to solve the problem are exactly what causes the problem??

    I am still confused on this because MONROE makes the strut and shock so aren't the bushings and bearings MONROE'S? Shouldn't Monroe be replacing these defective parts? I saw one of the comments is that MONROE says the GTO suspension is toast by 50k. Is that their admission or does it simply point the finger at GM for selecting the wrong suspension to use for the car, in essence, an engineering flaw?

    There are plenty of hi-po shops around here who would love to change out the suspension on this car but it's all about money and I had hped I was buying a car with only normal problems that I could enjoy driving without turning into a bank account. (I coulda had a hemi ha)

    So what is the best long term fix? PEDDERS mounting PARTS for the existing
    struts and coils (what kind) ? And if I got GM to "fix" this, how long should I expect their stuff to last without a problem, do you think? Becuase if I could get GM to fix it and have that fix last for 50k I would probably be ready to sell the car by then anyway. i don't keep cars for more than 50k.

    What do you think?
  • Interesting. Just found this out. Called Sears about tires I was supposed to put on the car today and told them i was canceling until I got this strut problem rectified. They were very helpful and told me that they would do some research for me and try to fix the problem. I told them everything I knew that I had learned mostly from your comments on this board.

    They said that Monroe currently lists absolutely no replacement strut or shock for the 04-05 GTO for front - only rear BUT in the Sears catelog, they show a replacement strut and shock which she is going to confirm as either active or obsolete bu she believes tat since MONROE has no current listing, it is just old info that Sears never deleted.

    SO..what from here? What parts do I get to restablize these struts..or do i totally replace the struts and coils with.....?? what make? Pedders? Only one shop in Houston is an authorized dealer for them and they are 50 miles from here!
  • Sears needs to get their catalog upgraded. A far superior set of struts would be Pedders comfort gas struts. They are a gas strut with comfort first and performance second in mind. The are seriously better than Monroe!. The strut bushings from GM are in fact made by Opel and are actually designed for small 4 and 6 cylinder vehicles. they are made out of 2 levels of rubber, and are seriously inferior to the Pedders strut bushings. The OE front radius rod bushings are a another matter. the OE bushings are probably 2x more expensive, and 25% effective as the Pedders units. There are plunty of Pedders systems that can exceed your driving needs and stabilize your front end
  • I don't really know how many vendors Sears deals with and I haven;t ever paid too much attention to it but see Monroe sales all the time on shocks and struts so maybe that is the only one for those products. I was there for tires but explained my dilemma with the struts because they really were interested and acted like they wanted to help.. Between the time I had called them and got there, they had actually gone on line and had a running knowledge of the problem and even the full replacement Pedders springs and struts. Monroe wasn't open so they couldn't call them to ask why their catalog was void of anything for the 04-05 and 06 GTO while the Sears parts book did show Monroe struts for it.

    Like me, the people at Sears are curious to know is this all really just a huge GM FUBAR engineering and design thing. The Monroe struts that are on the car were designed for the GTO, right? It's just the bushings that are crap that is the whole problem, right? So, if I order the Pedders bushings, I am cool., right? BUT if I want to be rid of the entire issue, PEDDERS GAS STRUTS are the way to go. Any idea how much they get for them?
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    the basic answer to the sears guys is yes, it's just one of those gm things. there are much more fubar things, really.
    i understand the the nonoptimal suspension implementation and ancient radius-rod design are factors along with others .
    My GTO has almost 80k miles on factory suspension and could use some new parts but is avoiding abnormal tire-wear. already had some tierods swapped.
    this winter i'm planning to have nearby shop fully Pedderize the car if i decide keep it for 100k & beyond (seems likely).
  • I had four new tires put on my car today. Eagle GTs and are they quiet compared to those noise amplifier TAs.

    The manager at discount tire knew the strut problem right away and told me his best friend took his 04 GTO to a hi-po suspension shop in Dallas and had everything replaced. He couldn’t tell me with what but it was 2 grand!

    Before mounting the tires, the mechanic called me out to show me a rubber spacer in the front passenger side coil. This was ironically the side with the only tire that was cupped and down to zero tread almost. Now was the spacer put in the spring because it was weak and it was intended to keep the tire from wearing or did the tire wear because of the spacer?

    It would be hard to understand why that tire would have been on the car for 16k miles without being rotated. I had them leave the spacer in the coil. There wasn’t one in the driver side. Neither one of us knew quite what to do or what that meant. Does anyone else??

    I’ve been busy today. I contacted the svc dept of the dealership where my GTO was originally bought. I purchased it used from a Chevy dealership up the road. But I presented my case with my story and embedded links to the picture sites of worn parts, testimonials of owners of message boards who had experienced the problem, the wording of the class action suit, the NHSTA report *albeit dead end with no demand to GM), GM’s answer to the problem – an alignment (WHICH THIS DEALERSHIP DID ON MY CAR AT 389 MILES but still denies knowing of the problem)

    I won’t bore you with my emails to the dealership but I will give you the svc manager’s replies below.

    What he did say on the phone to me, that rings so truthfully in these serious matters (like exploding tires, gas tanks and sticking gas pedals) is that the NHSTA will not require a car maker to do a recall until the complaints equal a substantial ratio of the number of cars produced and on the road. Which always returns to the question in these cases, “HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE TO BE INJURED OR DIE BEFORE IT’S IMPORTANT ENOUGH?”


    ==reply one
    Wow that’s impressive, can I get your VIN it will allow me to look into the GM information?
    ==reply two
    Which store did you purchase it from?
    ==reply three
    Our history only goes back 3 years in my system and that VIN does not pull for anything in service history. I pulled a GM inquiry and it does not have any recalls from GM and candidly very few repair made while it was under warranty. I will add that to this for your records. GM does allow me to do some Good Will but I have time and mileage constraints within that criteria, this vehicle is too old for my empowerment. Tires they draw the line at one year and 19,000.
    With no recalls and no open campaigns and the age it is outside of anything I can do. I will give you GM customer relations and see if they can help. PONTIAC 1/800/762/3743
    == reply four
    Man I hear what you’re saying but my front end guy who is good by the way knows nothing about that issue. Let him go on line with GM that will take a day or so and we will get back to you ASAP

    **So how about that for a bunch of nothing? and in no email did I ask for TIRES.

    I feel like a CSI without a clue. I mean nobody recommends anybody for suspension work in Houston! Ha bizarre. So who do I trust to even look at the car to assess the condition and where to go from there? The dealer doesn’t even offer to take a look. They are brushing up on their history right now … but probably to figure out how they are going to give a thoughtful answer that sounds a lot like Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes . I KNOW NUTTTTING.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    hey there CSI xtranat,
    no amount of info is too much for me. Bring It ! And thanks for including so much detail already.
    sounds like the delivery-dealer forgot to remove ONE of the spring-spacers that is installed for the long ocean journey! i have heard of other cases where dealer didn't know to remove them and left all 4 in place - but this is the first time i've heard of only one being left. Wow would that screw up the suspension - and especially one tire - exactly as you described.
    I think we have solved some if not all of the mystery here sir! Do you concur?
    CSI Grissom
  • What i sent this dealership svc manager was a collection of things he;d have to go and spend a week at the Library of Congress looking for and now after all that, his latest reply tells me that since GM reorganized and shed Pontiac, they are over with this Pontiac strut thing and have no intention of even offering to look at my car and assess the condition of my car's suspension. As usual, his only offer was, "here is the GM rep's name. Maybe they can help." Excuse me, but screw that. He should make the call for me and make a case. Simply, they are acting like the problem never existed. Here is his last email to me and my reply:

    From: Mark Ellison
    Sent: Tue, October 20, 2009 8:13:42 AM

    There is not one PI or TSB in the system on this issue, it does not add up

    (SORRY FOLKS BUT WHAT DOESN'T AD UP? That GM won't take any responsbility and can make issues vanish if they want to??

    my reply:

    This car was brought back into Carter (DEALERSHIP) on a letter from GM/PONTIAC to the ORIGINAL OWNER to correct the negative camber which they believed to be the answer for GTOs being tied down excessively during shipment. The problem turned out to be a much bigger one.

    Isn't it tragically evident that a whole internet full of owners with problems, a class action suit, a suspension manufacturers address to the fix to a rampant problem, and a statement of investigative status from the NHSTA, all prove that a critical and rather dangerous issue exists with 04-06 GTOs, yet the manufacturer can make it disappear?

    Again, just so you know that no one just made this up:

    Does anyone wonder why a country that used to be able to boast of being best in the world, is in the toilet? Business and government -- too much greed, not enough quality and no respect - no eye on true technological advances that make real differences - and then when they fail, who bails them out? The same people who still can't get any satisfaction from the blunders they make in the blueprint of the products we purchase.

    This isn't the first time I have gone through such an ordeal and for all the GM products I have owned, I should be in some VIP club getting my feet kissed everytime I walk into a dealership.

    Of what worth is this GM cerification I have if I can't even get a dealership to honor it by checking out my suspension in the interest of having me alive and back as a customer, if for nothing else? I mean, I think I gave you more than you would take a week to find at the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS on the subject. What does it take? The problem didn't go away because GM reorganized and Pontiac was divested. It didn't go away because NHSTA didn't mandate a recall.

    So I think now that I have to notify the consumers affairs people, my Congressmen, every lemon watchdog organization, automotive journalists and anyone who will listen.Since you didn't offer to call the GM rep. for me, I am assuming that you guys want to distance yourselves from this and act like it never existed.

    I know that it doesn't matter to you, but I have lost my job and my wife has cancer and I bought this car because it had low miles and had been well taken care of and showed no adverse service history so I considered it a safe bet not to have to spend any serious repair money right out of the gate. I guess the first owner felt relieved that she got 16k miles out of it and could trade it in, not having spent a dime but seeing the beginning of the end coming. I can't get a pencil between my strut and my tire. That is where I am.

    Put yourself in my place and take yourself out from behind your desk and job. What if this was the treatment you were being given on the kind of issue that threatened the safety of you and your family, wouldn't you be a little upset?

    How about that new GM motto -- GM. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. No more American cars for me.

    Feel free to pass this on to Carter corporate, the Manager, GM district...whoever. I will.

    +++ Now the good news. I found a Pedders certified shop on the other side of Houston who is going to check my car out FOR FREE tomorrow at 1pm and tell me what I need to fix the problem.

    Since the Pontiac Dealership wanted to charge me $100 just to look at it (and probaby not know what they were looking for or at) I am very relieved.

    I noted that after I put new tires on, I had not enough room to slip a pencil between by strut and my tire so I guess I am right on time with this..I just hope it doesn't cost me a mortgage payment!
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    Good that you found a pedders shop nearby. The nearest one for me is 35 miles away, tough to arrange car dropoff, but I will do it!
    i never did see any reason for a recall or a lawsuit. but anyone can sue for any reason in this country, of course. I think the TSB-approach taken by GM is adequate for a problem like alignment/strut-rub.
    there is no safety issue unless the driver doesn't inspect the cars tires. it's the drivers responsibility to ensure proper equipment and to avoid driving on underinflated or dangerously worn tires. Should GM sue the driver for failing to inspect the tires often enough? ! :|
  • I think I have above average awareness of car safety and maintenance. Most people don't even change their oil or rotate their tire every 3000-6000 miles. much less take the time to slide under the car to check the inside of their tires.

    So, I believe it is unreasonable to expect anyone to have to check their car often for an impending disaster. That would be as stupid as knowingly purchasing a car that had a time bomb in it so every once and awhile the driver has to check it to see if the readout is getting closer to the bomb detonating! What is your only other option, remove the bomb at your own risk. Don't hold the people who put it there accountable.

    That is what we do in government and business in America. No accountability.

    I think that for a huge company like general Motors to get a 32k premium for a car, they should correct any design flaw problems before they put the car on the market. That bulletin didn't nearly touch the problem. If the parts that hold the strut in, disintegrate somewhere between purchase and 50k (like Monroe said they did) then, no alignment is going to save you from an eventual mishap. Then, will it be YOUR fault?

    The class action suit was filed (no dropped after GM bankruptcy) because the NHSTA wouldn't demand a recall of GM. As usual, they needed more injuries, dead bodies, and pissed off owners to justify that.

    For as many people who are just finding out about, or now know, that there even IS a suspension problem, there are three times as many who don't know and think everything is fine. GM and their dealers will let these people drive on down the road without saying anything.

    Now, even when I present my thorough research on the situation, all that the dealer can tell me is that GM doesn't know anything about anything and no recall .. further (as you saw) NO BULLETIN is a matter of record Funny, the only people NOT talking about this issue is GM

    Do I think GM did the best tat they could...especially when I have to go an spend near 2 grand to fix their design blunders on a vehicle their dealers wouldn't give me 13k for? No. I think they border on criminally negligent ... depending on how many more people with GTOs are injured or killed as the result them doing nothing.
  • To all fellow 04-06 GTO owners,

    I have been watching this board from the begining, and have posted a few comments since purchasing my 06 gto new in march, 06. I live in South Florida, and the car is babied. It has 11,600 miles, on it.

    Now I have the dreaded tire wear problem. passenger side, inner tread. We can all complain about this problem, but this is really a low tech problem. A little expensive to repair, but at least it can be repaired. Check other mesasge boards, there are honda transmissions which are being torn apart due to a design problem, toyotas that hesistate (many highlanders) or vibrate (many 4 runners). So, on balance, give me a low tech solveable problem, over the others.

    In any event, I will be doing the work myself. So I would really appreciate it if someone has a pdf of the shope procedures for rr of the front struts and radius arm front bushings, with the torque value for the nuts. Even if you don't have the shot manual, any torque values or other tips would be appreciated, and proabaly others would gain from this info.

    Any tips to make the rr go better would also be very worthwhile.

    I am planning on replacing the upper strut bushings and bearings and the front radius arm bushings, all with pedders parts. I am considering replacing the struts as well, but I would like to hear from someone who did this.

    The reason for keeping the original struts, is both cost as well as ability to keep current alignment, at least until i get a new set of tires, which will be after the job is done.

    NOTE To mike at dms, you asked that people e mail you, but you didn't provide your e mail address. Also, I called you and left a phone message on your cell.

    Thanks to all GTO owners who are putting up with this problem.
  • Your front inner tire wear is a function of excess movement, and weak and collapsed strut bushings. Pedders Suspension pioneered the repairs for this.

    The primary problem is a collapsing and migrating upper strut bushing problem. The upper strut shaft is migrating towards the engine compartment, adding negative camber, but worse of all, allowing the strut shaft to move all over the place, thus increasing camber and toe change, which are both disasters for tire wear.

    The front radius rod bushings will allow upward of 2 inches of fore/aft movement, thus again creating excess toe change and increasing tire wear issues as well.

    Do not be underestimate the need to get a alignment after the parts are replaced!! Pedders has special alignment numbers are are very specific. Maintaining stock coils and dampers, and good tire wear, changes to the factory specs are required
  • I just had the job done. The car rides rougher with a lot more noise at higher speeds. I have brand new Eagle GTs in the car too. I had to replace the front struts with Monroe Selec-Tracks. I didn't have the money to do the Pedders but the OEM shocks were total gone.

    I still have weak springs on the back and I guess they are next. But the biggest concern is that, after the pedders strut rub bushing install and front struts, my tire is still sitting less than a pencil thickness from the bottom of the now the strut will not move around but if I bottom out or hit a pot hole, the tire is still going to connect with the strut.

    I am on to wheel spacers in front to get the tire out of the way.

    To be sure, the problem isn't ever totally fixed unless you have about 3k (installed price) to get at least the Street Kit with new struts, shocks and springs all the way around.

    I hope the fat lady starts singing soon. I am running out of fun money.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    xtranaut, thanks for posting all the followup/details. rougher with lots more noise at higher speeds sounds like the wrong answer for my daily-driver use of the car.
    i too was shocked to have had to discover "tire-shredding" on my new car at 15,000 miles.
    somehow my ongoing tire wear is not bad - i am getting 25k per set of tires - yet my strut-towers/bushings must be trashed/squished/failed as bad as anyone's.
  • My car is a daily, driver also although I am without employment so driving has been cut to a minimum. The noise is something i didn't expect and I bought quieter tires too but it comes with (I am told by Mike of Pedders) the new bushings because they are not rubber but polyurethane. It makes the ride a little stiffer (which is characteristic of the car anyway) but as the result, puts a lot more road contact feel to the body of the car.

    STILL..even with the fix, the bottom of the strut (now the selec track Monroe) is less than a pencil space from the top inside of the tire.

    I am gathering that the design of the pedders coilover is the ONLY ONE that doesn't have that spring cup at the bottom. The coil is also smaller than the OEM and any replacement. THIS IS THE REALLY UNDERSTATED VITAL PART TO THIS WHOLE FIX. Not only securing the strut and under-suspension parts with the new bushings but trashing those old shocks and getting the PEDDERS.

    So here I sit with a poor man's fix. i have the bushings, etc and have thus kept my cheap new Monroes from moving around but I have done nothing to get the strut out of the way of the tire. THAT will cost me about 1600. for the kit and just as much to have installed.

    I have abandoned the idea of spacers. I read too much bad stuff. GM just plain stiffed everyone on the engineering (or lack of it) of this car. The LS engines are the only thing they did right.

    And- look how many cars make it over from foreign countries that have to be tied down in transport where the suspension doesn't get totally trashed. The fact that GM admitted nothing and never even issued a bulletin to warn people is inexcusable andm in my view, criminally negligent, in the case of those who have been killed and injured as the result.

    It is an outrage to see the former GM CEO idiot doing the GTO introduction and talk about how much planning went into this car, earning his millions a year to ruin an auto empire, when this car is only a Commodore with a GTO badge. The decision on the wider wheels (said to be one of American preference) is BS..that decision was made to carry the excessive weight of the car in relation to the power under the hood... but they KNEW the crummy Monroe struts and Opel parts was an obvious dangerous combination before they ever released the car to be sold.

    I'd like to locate some of the newer versions of the Pedders coilovers (extreme), rear springs and shocks that somebody wants to sell at a right price. I am "on hold" doing the best I could have done so far but the PEDDERS struts are the only real fix.
  • thanks for your tips. since I am doing the work myself, I was also looking for someone with a pdf of the r and r for the struts with the torque specs.
    extranaut, how many miles do you have on your gto.

    also, yours is the first person to say that there was more noise on the highway with the new strut bushings and the front radius bushings. did you do any other upgrades?
    thanks, rr70
  • I have no other upgrades on my 04. I just have a K&N CAI and a throttle body spacer.
    If the suspension deal hadn't have happened and need for new tires, I would have liked to have put a blower on it but that is the future.

    I bought the car with 16k on has about 18.5k now. Sorry I can not help you with the numbers but it is certainly worth a specific post to solicit them. I am sure there are lots of goat owners who have done self installs on the rub kit who can give you this info.

    Good luck and let me know how it turns out for you! X
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    My 05 has not turned out to be expensive for me to own so far..

    By 100k miles I do expect a grand or two of suspension work would be required for this sort of car, so pedderization anywhere near 100k seems reasonable to me.

    I knew the poly bushings will have some noise/roughness but I'm hoping the overall ride will remain excellent. Highway driving is my top use of the car, so I am thinking twice but still leaning towards full pedderization.

    Somehow things are holding together ok at 70k miles on factory parts.
    tire wear is OK (i only rotate once every 10k, if that!)
  • You are extremely lucky! With normal driving, it is common for the tire wear to pop up in the 20k miles range. With aggressive driving, 10K to 15k miles.

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