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GMC Yukon AC and Heat Questions



  • Has anyone changed an aspirator in a 2002 Yukon XL? If so how was it done? Where would
    I look for the part?
  • gmpartsdirect. com
  • Hi just wanted to post that I have a 2009 Yukon with this problem. I live in South Florida and setting the temp to 78 degrees in any configuration 80% of the time causes warm/hot air to blow out the driver side vents.

    I can get cold air to blow out of the driver side if I switch to dual mode and adjust the drivers side temp below 65 degrees. Which results in too cold air.

    Paid 45K for my truck and not happy that I cannot just set the temp and hit auto like I can on my 2002 Buick Regal.

    Have been to the dealer three times, they say they cannot recreate it and say drivers side regulating the temperature is normal. I am going to try the remedy you posted and I'll post my results. Sounds like a painful process though.

    Please anyone with this problem of hot air blowing on the drivers side while cold air comes out passenger side please post in this forum.
  • 213jg213jg Posts: 2
    Low coolant will cause this problem. Make sure you have enough!
  • Anybody tell me how to install or a site to go to. I have no blowing heat. I have rear blower working however not front. I just vehicle off and get a screeching sound-i deducted it was the front blower motor so I just stopped and picked up one. Now how to install? Do I take dash off or can I access it from under?
  • Ok, looks like I got and aftermarket blower. I tried to install and hooked it up, it is a fairly easy thing to do. It didn't work! I turned the fan to high and nothing! Is there some other thing that I could look for? Its only like -2 today!
  • Dude,

    Start by telling us what make, model and year your car is. Then we might have a clue what your dealing with.

  • golfer29golfer29 Posts: 3
    the front ac works fine but the rear does not. the rear unit fan, dampers, and hot water coil works like they are supposed to. when i turn the control knob to cold i get no cold air. the air is blowing out of the ceiling vents but not cold. when i turn the control knob to hot the air comes out of the floor outlet and is warm/hot. if the front air is on and the cabin is cool the fan slows down as it is supposed to. can u help
  • golfer29golfer29 Posts: 3
    sorry, 2003 chevy tahoe with automatic climate control front and rear.
  • yukaladeyukalade Posts: 1
    I have been addressing similar problem with the "blend and placement of the airflow in my truck. I have the xl with rear air and I don't know if you have the Aux unit in th erear but the front is similar. The blowers create the air flow over the heating core or over the evap coils for heat or a/c. A door regulates the amount and is controlled by an "actuator" and they fail. One is for temp termed "mode" and another is for placement termed "blend". Most likely if you have an issue with one of these. The other possibility if temperature regulation is an issue is the sensor in the duct itself which can be detected by a scan tool. Not a difficult fix when it is determined which it is. You problem sounds more like a temp regulation issue. Good luck.... Try Just Answer and request "BlueGorilla" for illustrations and specific fixes. If you prefer to go th edealer route at least they won't j--k you around n ow that you have a sense of the issue.
  • bewagnerbewagner Posts: 1
    The AC in my 2007 Yukon is freezing after about 20 minutes of use. We have changed a couple of switches that did not fix the problem. Mechanic says that the coolant is fine because it is blowing cold air. Does anyone out there have any ideas? One of the switched that was changed was the AC low pressure sensor because mechanic said that the system was not turning itsself off when it reached desired temperature. Next step is to take the unit down and check the oriface tubing screen filter.
  • dolfanpetedolfanpete Posts: 2
    The air works great in the back. But in front the a/c only works when I start driving. Is my blower broken? I hope this is not an expensive fix. When I drive for a while it blows ice cold but at whatever speed it wants to. Ay ideas what the causeof this is? Thanks in advance
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    Were you planning on taking your vehicle in to be looked at? Please keep us posted when the issue has been taken care of.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • dolfanpetedolfanpete Posts: 2
    Eventually I will. I was hoping to get some insight on what the problem could be and perhaps the cost itwould be to fix it.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    I understand. Please keep me posted when everything has been taken care of. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us directly.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Try Edmunds Answers - there are some techs who hang out over there and they may have an idea of what's wrong with your rear AC and how to fix it without having to pay the dealer diagnosis fee.
  • rob262rob262 Posts: 1
    edited May 2011
    Trying to locate a leak in my AC system. I have tried dyes, UV, ears and eyes to no avail. All started with AC blowing warm on a trip back home from south FL. Figured the system needed a little extra charge...when I unscrewed the plastic cap from the low port to take pressure reading, and assuming to add 134a, the cap blew off along with almost all the 134a. Bad valve stem on the low port. Replaced the stem and thought this was the problem...pulled a vacumn and filled the system and AC worked well for a couple days then system lost all its charge. Since this time...I have vac'd again and refilled with the same result...Compressor is working. I cannot find the leak even after trying UV and dye, and no oily residue can be found anywhere. I pulled another vac and I noticed the low side pressure gauge was loosing all vac..from below zero to zero in a matter of minutes while the high side stayed below 0. My thought is I have a leak in the evaporator in the dash...have not looked there yet...hate working under the there an easy way to check or any other suggestions? Thanks...Rob
  • I have searched for a few days and finally your post is what saved me hundreds. I called the GMC dealership which quoted me 700.00 to repair the so called reset door, etc. However, thanks again to the worldwide wide and your post, the dealership will not be enjoying my hard earn money for a fix I was able to do in less than an hour. :)
  • pkuchpkuch Posts: 2
    edited June 2011
    I have a 2003 Yukon with manual dual A/C and rear A/C. The problem is with the front A/C fan. The lowest speed on the fan stopped working 6 months ago with the top four speeds (#2 to #5) still working. Last weekend, the #2 to #4 speed on the fan stopped working. The highest speed still works. The front A/C also cools on lower fan setting when driving fast with internal recirculation button not activated. No fan when stopped or driving slow. No problem with rear A/C.

    Saw from posts that problem could be blower resistor or the climate control system needs to reset(from SNEREM post). My question on the reset. SNEREM states to pull the A/C and HVAC fuses.
    How many fuses need to be pulled and where?
    The drivers side fuse box has one heater A/C fuse and one HVAC fuse.
    The engine fuse box has two fuses for the A/C compressors - do these need to be pulled?

    The best part is that I got the extended warranty to 7 years/70K miles. The truck now has 70,500 miles and is 6 months out of warranty.

  • coreamscoreams Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 yukon, the a/c and heat work great, the problem is when I turn off the power the rear blower still runs at a low speed, running down the battery overnight. Do I need to replace the blower motor resistor.
  • testdepthtestdepth Posts: 3
    edited July 2011
    I had previous battery problems a month ago that were resolved with cleaning and replacing the + lug. Now my wife said the driver side blew hot and pass blew cold and the radio reset itself. I bought and installed a new battery. I first installed a computer memory saver. The last time I swapped the battery out the Memory Seat Module lost its software and it cost $80 for the dealer to reload it.

    Now the only thing not working is the A/C and Heat control unit in the dash. The buttons and dials are back lit but no functions and no display. Nothing comes on when you press any of the buttons. I checked all fuses under hood and on driver side and nothing is blown.

    Any help?

    The electrical engineer that designed this system should be a crash test dummy!
  • pkuchpkuch Posts: 2
    Took the car to the dealer. Problem was the blower resistor. Dealer fixed for $200.
  • cmhubercmhuber Posts: 1
    behind the dash on the passengers side there is a blower motor resistor that controls the fan speed it could possibly be burned out
  • dayubdayub Posts: 1
    Hi coreams. Did you ever figure out what the problem was? I just bought an 03 Tahoe and the previous owner had the fuse pulled out for this reason. I thought it was just broke. I replaces the fuse and the rear blower would NEVER shut off. I couldn't adjust fanspeed either.
  • copcntrlrcopcntrlr Posts: 2
    Hey Testdepth. I also am having the exact same problem. Drivers side blowing heat, passenger side blowing cold. I tried two 'recalibration' remedies, including disconnecting the battery for a half hour. Now I am just getting backlit buttons for the front control unit. Back works and blows fine.
    Did you happen to get a fix?
  • copcntrlrcopcntrlr Posts: 2
    I hope you have fixed this problem by now. I got frustrated after I wrote the last post to you, went out and disconnected the negative to the battery. Let it sit for about an hour, reconnected it, and now everything is working fine.

    Good luck, let me know if it helps. :confuse:
  • Thanks for the info fix as i still have the problem and am very willing to try this as drivers side heat likes to go on intermittently during 110 degree weather. Frustraighted
  • tsittontsitton Posts: 1
    2004 Gmc Yukon Denali XL Blowing out Cold Air just not out of Front upper vents and when it Rains the Passenger side carpet is wet...2 Problems 1 Denali
  • mark278mark278 Posts: 4
    if you will look under the hood on the passenger side where there is a silver can that the ac tubes run into i think its called a dryer if you will unplug the wire and clean it with electric comp cleaner from the parts store and let it dry good and plug it back up and then wrap it with metal tape like they use for air ducts in a house to keep moister out of it, the ac leaks water down on that plug and causes alot of problems. i hope this works it did for me.
  • coach17coach17 Posts: 10
    I have a 2002 GMC yukon XL. Yesterday a/c blows cold. Today a/c is blowing cool/warm air in the front and back of truck. Any suggestions??
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