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Honda Accord I4 vs V6



  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,140
    sloquark....years ago I had a TL. I liked it. Had some issues with the transmission (slow to engage, jerky on takeoff). But, the dealer took very good care of me and addressed my issues promptly. Still, my biggest issue was the handling of a front driver.

    Then, I drove an '08 TL-S. Much improved over my old TL.....actually, it was pretty dramatic. I almost pulled the trigger on it....particularly since my dealer was making a heck of a deal on them at the time (could have picked one up for $33K and change).

    Then, I drove the Accord. Again, for a front driver, very impressive. I certainly enjoyed it more more than it's more expensive cousin...the TSX. Throw in the price differential (about $4K less for the Accord vs the TSX and $7K less than the TL-S), I decided I would be just as happy with the Accord EX-L w/Navi. Pocketed the money. Bought the Accord.

    Been extremely pleased. It's actually exceeded my expectations....especially for the price.

    Haven't looked back.

    Still, your TL-S is sweet. It was a very close 2nd for me. Two different cars, however.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • I do think the line between the two cars is shrinking. . . The Accord I drive now (08 EX-L coupe 4cyl) is much more car than the Acura Integra I bought new only a few years ago (10-12 iirc). That car was also a red coupe but somewhat smaller. Still I loved that car and put close to 100K on it during the year I owned it.

    At the time I was a traveling salesman and put around 100K on my cars each year.

    1999 I drove an SVT Contour that was great fun but my 08 Accord would be close if not stronger. In 98 I drove a Cavalier Z24 also a 4 cyl car from Chevrolet no less. That said that Z24 was a great car and provided me with over 80K miles that year.

    Each of these 4 cyl cars (except the V6 Contour) gave me over 30mpg, cost less than their performance would lead you to believe. My new Accord reminds me of the good parts of each of those cars. All red by the way. . . just so happened, wasn't planned.

    Anyway my 4 cyl Accord reminds me of the Integra I had with it's 7000+ redline and her power band not to mention her road holding manners. . . I'm sure I will love this Honda just as much or more than the others I've owned. . .
  • Looking to purchase my first vehicle, and would like input on whether to get the V6 or the I4 Accord Coupe? Would like the manual transmission, for sure.

    Would the 5 speed manual I4 be that much different than the 6 speed V6? I would test drive both and compare but unfortunately, I am only starting to learn stick shift!

    Obviously the V6 will require more fuel per 100km but is it excessive?

    I expect to get at least 10 years out of this car, and will be commuting to work about 130km each day (about 80 miles). Currently drive an automatic Civic and passing on the highway is brutal!

  • I applaud you for desiring a manual tranny. The 4 with the manual may be a better choice just from a maintenance standpoint. Using a 50 week work year you'll be putting on 20,000 miles a year just commuting. Add another 5,000 miles annually for normal vacation trips and just running around and your up to 25,000 miles annually. In approximately 4 years you'll have an expensive timing belt/water pump preventative maintenance job to do on the six that you won't have to do on the 4 as it uses a timing chain. If most of your miles are hwy then the 4 will provide you with better economy and enough zip to pass. If none of these points concern you and you want more than just "enough" zip, the 6 will thrill you come passing time, particularly as you will have the only 6 cyl available in a gen 8 Accord without VCM. The fact of the matter is both are great cars with the manual tranny. Judging from what I've seen posted in these forums, the 6 will provide you with better straight line acceleration, but due to all around lighter weight and a better balance in weight distribution, the 4 will handle the curves better. No real wrong choice here, you'll have to decide which one matches you driving style.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Well, since you want to keep the car for 10 years or so, makes sure you are happy. Its that simple. Really they are both great cars.Drive them both. This is something you'll have to live with.
  • Considering you're coming from a Civic automatic, the 4-cylinder (190 hp) will feel like a rocket ship in comparison to your current car, and likely have all the power you want!
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Who knows what gas could cost in 10 years. Go with the I4.

    Don't forget you will also save a fair amount on the purchase price - would you prefer the V-6 or the I4 AND a really nice huge flat screen TV. :)

    This might be more of a choice if you wanted the automatic, but the stick makes the 4 quite quick.
  • Thanks for the replies guys.

    I agree, I most likely won't know the difference between the I4 and V6 coming from an auto Civic. The distance commuting to work will be driven mostly highway as well... but it seems quite reassuring from the posts above that the I4 would be able to handle anything thrown at me.

    5 speed transmission versus 6 speed transmission - is there much difference?

    The chrome accents/fogs which come with the V6 are quite tempting though. Like I said previously, I wish I was an expert at driving manual as I could test drive both and figure out which one is best but unfortunately I plan to do most of my learning on this vehicle!
  • I wish I was an expert at driving manual as I could test drive both and figure out which one is best but unfortunately I plan to do most of my learning on this vehicle!

    It would seem to me that if I was fixing to spend 30 grand on an automobile I'd know how to drive it first. Not trying to be a butt. . . but. . . find a way to learn how then drive them both first.

    I bought a red coupe 4 cyl EX-L automatic. On the surface you would think I made a huge mistake as I would have prefered the V6 6MT. I like power, the more the better so why did I buy the 4/AT and why do I like it as much as I do?

    The fact is I learned long ago that what I think I want isn't always what I really want. The 4 cyl car with an automatic would appear to be a million miles from what I really wanted or thought I wanted. That said however I know that in the real world and at 80+% of the time I'm in a car I'm on the way to work and bogged down in traffic. The other 20% of the time the cruise is on and I'm sailing down the interstate at 65-70 trying to stay awake. I opted for the leather and a few bells and wistles over the big motor. In my case it was a matter of initial cost plus what did I really need vs what I thought I wanted. Yes it would be great to have the V6. . . wonderful to be exact but don't sell the 4 banger short.

    You really need to drive them both before making your decision even if they are automatics. Drive them both first you'll be glad you did.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    I like your post! It is true, I almost consider that my downfall, as I say I want something, have it all planned out, and then when it is presented to me, I pick something completely different. Am I happy? Most of the time, yes. I think picking the 4cyl engine is perfect. The car will show a little green, and most will never know that the car is actually a 4cyl. Plus, you really are not going to feel anything different in the drivers seat. I too have been saying that when I buy my next Accord in about a year, I will get the V6, but would be just as happy in the 4? Yes. Most always get more than what they need. Just like my co-worker getting V8 Dodge Charger R/T only to drive it a few blocks from home. That poor engine is suffocating. But, she wanted a V8.

    By the way, the Red, or the Blue in the coupe is truly amazing!
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    I wish I was an expert at driving manual as I could test drive both and figure out which one is best but unfortunately I plan to do most of my learning on this vehicle!

    FWIW, I was in your position many years ago (1980 to be exact.) I had minimal experience with a stick but I knew I wanted one in my first brand new car. I test drove an automatic Datsun (now Nissan) 200SX coupe. Due to trade issues, Japanese cars weren't easy to get then so I had to wait a month or two but my 5 spd stick finally arrived in the color I wanted. I've been driving manuals ever since.

    Go ahead and drive both the I4 and V6 auto to see which you like. Then know that the manual will be that much more fun when you get it! It won't take you long to get good at driving it either.

    For the record, when I tested an I4 automatic in 06, I thought it was pretty sluggish... even when compared to my 95 EX manual. When I drove the I4 manual, it was a world apart. :)

    06 Accord EX-L I4 manual w/Navi
  • cman7cman7 Posts: 18
    Want and need. The last three posts are so timely. I purchased an I4 a few weeks ago. When I test drove it I was impressed with the amount of power that it had for a 4 cyl auto.It has only preformed better as I have driven it. It has more HP than my 1996 Accord V6 (170) vs. (190). I have enjoyed driving it.

    That aside I have had this feeling in my mind that I should purchased the Acura TL instead.I am thinking that I am missing some enjoyment that the I4 does not have The driving force has been the price drop in the 08 TL. I have even gone as far as pricing what my loss would be too exchange cars.

    Do I need a TL with my driving habits ? No. Will it cost me more to maintain the 6 cylinder engine (gas,maintenance) ? Yes a lot more, especially with gas prices sure to go back up.. Does the E-XL that I purchased have just about all of the upgrades that I would use everyday ? Yes.

    OK , then why do I think I need a TL. It is something that gets in your head too let you think that you are in NEED of that product,when the truth of the matter is that the I4 is 95% of what I need, and will use. I have made up my mind to save the $6000 difference and enjoy a few more trips with my wife in the next couple of years.
  • THANKS to everyone for keeping things in perspective. I guess when I do think about it, I don't really NEED a V6, it'd just be nice to have.

    To the poster regarding learning how to drive stick; I feel comfortable generally cruising around in a manual transmission vehicle but what I meant to say was that due to my lack of knowledge driving manual, I would not be able to tell much difference between the I4 and V6 while driving. The suggestion to drive both in automatic is a great one and I will request this once the 09 vehicles start appearing in showrooms (in Canada).

    Other than that, too bad the I4 does not come with the fogs and/or the dual exhausts. I think the dual exhausts add considerable sportiness to the rear view.
  • I researched and drove all the cars that I could that cost 2 to 3 times what my little red coupe cost then I picked the car that I could afford that reminded me of the spendy ones that I liked most or had many of the same traits and feelings I had while driving what I could not afford.

    Next I drove the entry level econo boxes and moved up to what I felt I could afford. In both cases I landed on the same red Honda coupe. . .

    I almost bought a leather loaded Kia Optima until I slept on it and realized that I could drive the Accord for not much more. I was driving to the Kia place to buy that Kia but turned into the Honda dealership and drove home in the Honda instead. . . Actually I spent several months looking hard. I kinda knew all along what it would be in the end, just wanted to make sure I was right in my thinking processes. . .
  • dolfan1dolfan1 Posts: 217
    Do take into consideration most of the posters here chose the I4, Honda sells a lot more of them compared to the 6.

    No, you probably really don't NEED the 6. Neither did I, but I bought it anyway. Because I wanted the power it provided. I would recommend you take the advice to drive both. You may find you're like me and a few others, in the minority that prefer the most powerful engine available, regardless of whether it is needed or not.

    This is especially true if you're planning on keeping it for a long time. You'll want to be certain you buy the car that will make you satisfied= in terms of performance, cost to operate, etc.

    Weigh all the angles, then make the decision. If you choose the 4, with the standard tranny, you'll probably never lack for needed power. I you go with the 6, you'll just have more fun when you decide to utilize it's power. You need to figure out which one suits YOU best, not what suits the majority of the posters here. Either way, you'll be in a Honda so you've made a wise purchase no matter what.
  • Do take into consideration most of the posters here chose the I4, Honda sells a lot more of them compared to the 6.

    Ok, mister "6 of one or a half dozen of the other."


    Honda sells more I4s than V6s. Shoppers choose the I4 more than the V6. Its the same thing read both ways! :shades:
  • dolfan1dolfan1 Posts: 217
    The point I was trying to make to the poster who was shopping for a car was since there are more 4 owners than 6, it stands to reason there will be more favorable comments towards the 4 vs the 6 in the forum, and to take that into consideration.

    The important thing is not what the majority thinks, but what the individual looking for a car thinks and feels. Hence, it's always a good idea to test drive both, then weigh all the angles before deciding.
  • Is maintenance really that much higher on the V6 compared to the I4 as one of the previous posters mentioned?? Again, looking to keep this car in the long term.
  • The timing belt/water pump change around 109,000 miles for the 6 cyl is all I'm aware of, excluding the obvious like 2 additional plugs at time of replacement. Both engines are pretty low maintenance.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Picking a car is fun, exciting, but all at the same time, it is hard, annoying, nerve racking. Especially for me, I can drive all the coolest cars, and go, wow, I like that car. But, cannot decide which car to get. I talk the talk, and say, I am going to get this, but all the options, looks, nick picks. It makes me go insane But I find myself to use this crazy method of making choices at other times in my life. Down to picking the paint color for a wall, literally hours just to pick a color. Its like, just pick one and go for it. Pick the one that you keep coming back to, of course within reason. You got the person inside you going, get what you really want, then, you later have that other person screaming practicality. Ah, well, I don't have to think about trading for about a year, thats when I will want to do it, though my lease is not up for longer than I'll do it though.
  • ljgbjgljgbjg Posts: 374
    TL uses premium fuel too
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Always buy the car you WANT,within reason. You will keep the car longer. The fewer number of cars you own over your lifetime;the more money you can accumulate.
  • cman7cman7 Posts: 18
    I guess my point was,the car I want may not be the car i need. Gas prices are returning to $4 this weekend and beyond. Do I WANT to give the oil barons the extra money per year that it takes to run the TL engine on premium gas. The I4 will give me 90% of the performance at $6000 less,plus $800 less a year on average to run. I will keep the I4 for at least 10 years.Let's do the math. A total savings of at least $14,000. Sometimes what you want is not what you need.

    I could afford a TL, but common sense tells me I probably won't use the performance as I sit in the famous Atlanta traffic parking lot each day . Believe me it was close,but the right side of my brain took over my thinking. In addition the only additional feature that the TL has that i would use is the bluetooth. I can take that $14000 and use it to travel farther in my I4.
  • ljgbjgljgbjg Posts: 374
    You would be wise to not only get the I4 but with automatic. I love cars and have had many hi performance cars. While living in VA I had to travel to DC on business regularly and deal with "rush" (now there's an oxymoron!) hour traffic on I-95 and the beltway. Stop and go - just like the opening scene from the movie "Office". I had a wonderful Acura Legend Type II 6 speed Coupe that did 0-60 in about 5.8 and topped out at 155 governed. But in that stop and go traffic??? A total headache - clutch in, clutch out, clutch in - put it in neutral, clutch out. Traffic moves a car length - repeat. Talk about burning out a clutch!!!!

    No, if possible get a beater to commute in(a Series I Legend will give you about 22-25 MPG on regular, has plenty of go, and it is still possible to find one on auto trader or e-bay for well under $10,000 with plenty of life left in it - do your autofax) and have the TL in the garage for weekend fun. Otherwise - get the EXL with the 190 HP I4. You'll be much happier. :)
  • cman7cman7 Posts: 18
    I agree with you on the beater. We have a 98 Toyota Camry 6 cyl. It gets about 25 mpg,and is still very reliable. We use it as our shopping mall dent taker. I just would not trust it for long hauls.

    I am enjoying the I4 more and more each time I drive it. It wants to cruise at around 70-75 miles per hour. It can accelerate to the highway speeds that I need to enter the expressway without a problem. It is turning into an excellent choice. I am averaging about 28 mpg, and improving. In addition, the I4's 190 hp is almost equal to the 192 hp of the 98 Camry. Like someone mentioned before. What we considered great hp a few years ago, is now not enough. We WANT more, for what reason ?
  • dolfan1dolfan1 Posts: 217
    We WANT more, for what reason ?

    I think two factors are at work.
    1. As the years go by the technology gets better and better. Today's cars provide far more power than yesterdays cars at about the same gas mpg. So, you get the best of both worlds. Couple that with:
    2.. Until recently, gas was considered reasonably priced. So automakers started making them a little bigger & heavier, and in doing so had to utilize the extra power the continually improving technology provided.

    Now you'll probably see them move to placing less emphasis on power & more on economy. If the current trends continue.
  • The size and weight of these cars has increased by a noticeable margin over the years. My 1996 Accord weighs 2,855 lbs, and has 130 horsepower. Today's Accord 4-cyl weighs nearly 3,300 lbs, and has a larger front area to push down the road.

    Something you don't need to forget is that while the new Accord EX I4 makes 60 more horses than my old 1996 Accord (130 vs. 190), the torque difference isn't nearly that big; with my old Accord making 139 lb-ft versus 162 for the new Accord.

    Don't get me wrong, I also have a newer 2006 Accord 2.4L that makes 166hp/160lb-ft and it is plenty quick (has been tested to be quicker than the 2008 Accord with the 190hp engine, actually). I love the 4-cyl, but the reasoning behind more power makes sense.

    Your I4 Accord is not as powerful as the V6 Camry you had, it lacks a lot of torque relative to your Toyota (almost 50 lb-ft!).
  • "...I also have a newer 2006 Accord 2.4L that makes 166hp/160lb-ft and it is plenty quick (has been tested to be quicker than the 2008 Accord with the 190hp engine, actually). I love the 4-cyl, but the reasoning behind more power makes sense."

    I think they may have found the "sweet spot" with the 2006 (or, more generally, the seventh generation) 4 cyl. I drive one as well, and can't imagine why I would want more power. With the larger and heavier 2008, however, I might be inclined toward the 6 cyl., from what reports I've read.

    Anyway, I intend to keep my 2006 for a good long while. All things considered, it is one heck of a fine automobile.
  • I have been reading a few articles and they state problems with the 6 speed gearbox on many Honda/Acura V6 models. Something about a grinding 2nd gear and 3rd gear pop. Is this a problem that frequent all Accord V6 MT models??? Still confused on whether to choose the I4 or V6.
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