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Nissan Maxima vs. Toyota Camry



  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Your experience with Nissan only indicates your personal dissatisfaction and if you wanted to make it a more pleseant experience then you could have. Your issues do not indicate Nissan to be a bad or worse vehicle. The only thing they indicate is bad service at dealerships. That is part of a buying experience of course...

    Sorry for the late response. I judge a car by the way the factory builds it. Me having to install non-OEM parts to make it an acceptable car, is not acceptable, especially when the car is still on warranty. Of course my experience with the 350Z uncorrectable alignment issues and eating tires in 6000 miles has indeed hampered my open-mindedness about Nissan quality.
  • Since I bought my 04 Maxima when it first came out I have loved it. Yes, I have had the front struts replaced, recalls and new rotors etc. But, I love my car. I have tweeked the engine also. Put on graffic's and a bigger spoiler. Well, I guess someone else loved my Maxima also. They tried to steal it! My door lock on my drivers door stop working. Took it into my dealership and found out someone tried to break into it using a slim Jim. It messed up the locking mechanism but I guess they couldn't get in. I still have my car! Now I have been racking my brains out where all I have been where someone could do this. It is garaged parked at home. I have to wait now four days for service to get my new locking mechanism in!
  • Hi,

    I have a 1996 Nissan Maxima that has 107,000 miles and was running great! Love this car. I was hit in January on the left front fender and both air bags went off and the insurance company totalled it. I had just put $3900. to keep it running great. I purchased the car back from the insurance company and would like your recommendations on how I should sell it. NJ does not require a salvage title for this car. It needs left front fender, grill and 2 air bags. Started right up from the accident.

    Any expertise you can contribute will be appreciated.
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