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Volvo C70 Fuel and Mileage Questions



  • rogert1rogert1 Posts: 5
    Latest on the engine light;
    C70 went in for its MOT today.They tested it with the engine light on for the emmissions and it passed no problem at all.The diagnostic code was PO172.and it said "System too rich" Bank 1 (2). I,ll phone the main dealer tomorrow with that code to see what they say.I drove for 80 miles over the weekend and the engine light had been reset (off).We had to stop to open a gate, and on it came! Ive got some volvo original plugs now which after ive spoken to the guy at volvo re the code ,ill fit if he thinks it will do the trick. Watch this space
  • rogert1rogert1 Posts: 5
    Just to let you know , my Engine light on has been cured following the fitting of a new MAF sensor, at the cost of £200 and 50p!+ labour and V.A.T.
  • I have a 2006 C70 that gets 25 to 26 mpg using regular fuel on combo highway and local driving.
  • jecklesjeckles Posts: 87

    We finally got our C70 delivered just before July 4th via OSD.

    We are still collecting mileage data (and still going through break-in). The first few tanks were a bit depressing, until break-in when we started seeing 27-28 combined driving and 29+ on highway using premium (93). Some of the fuels are oxygenated (10% ethanol), which likely accounts for the variability in milage (along with traffic).

    I accidentally put regular (87) in the tank a few weeks ago and dropped the gas mileage down to 24-25 combined (city/hwy). So for us in the midwest, where premium is only $0.20/gal more, it is slightly cheaper to use premium gas because we get better fuel economy {driving 350 mi costs $37.90 for 87 octane and $37.62 for 93 octane with regular costing $2.65 and premium $0.20 more}.

    Pretty cool huh :P
  • oak7oak7 Posts: 7

    @cricket4 said:
    Did a Google search and found a good article at USA Today online. There is a lot of debate about Premium vs. Mid-Grade vs. Regular. I like the quote from the 45-year veteran engineer with Chevron Oil who also sits on the SAE committee regarding his wife's use of low octane. This article has helped me make up my mind. Here it is

  • oak7oak7 Posts: 7

    Excellent comments on premium vs. regular fuel. I have always wondered about it.

  • oak7oak7 Posts: 7

    Is there any way to increase the fuel mileage? Has anyone experiemented with one of the "performance chips?"

  • oak7oak7 Posts: 7
    Mine gets anywhere from 28-30 mpg on the highway and 25 while driving in and around rural towns. I am interested in the chip, too, though.
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