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Ford Freestyle Transmission Failure



  • …of owners of a Ford Freestyle that had a complete transmission failure. I was barely able to nurse mine home at 1:00 a.m. 92,000 miles and that's all folks? Unbelievable. The dealership politely told me that I wouldn't want to pay them to fix the car… it would cost more than the car is worth.

    Meanwhile, the other car is a 2013 Toyota Camry with 155,000 miles and still going strong.

    Guess which dealership I'm going for my next car? :mad:
  • My parent's have a 2006 Freestyle. Bought it new and it's paid off. Regularly serviced at the dealership it was purchased at. Just before turning over at 76k miles the tranny fails. After two weeks at Ford service they finally get it back ($6000). Drove it 300 miles on a trip the next day through the Arizona desert and the new tranny fails. Well, that's what we figured but when the dealership finally got back to us after checking it out, they informed us that the throttle body sensor failed, and they won't be able to check the tranny until they replace the throttle body and sensor ($900). Low and behold, the tranny HAD failed - slow leak of fluid and it got so hot that parts fused together and they ordered ANOTHER tranny. Two trannies in one month! Oh, then they get the car back again, and the next morning there's a puddle of fluid under it in the driveway. Seems as though someone didn't notice the pan was warped and didn't seal right - why wouldn't they have replaced that? The one saving grace was that Ford picked up the tab for the rental car for a month. But had they known the troubles and costs up front, they would have used the $7k on a down payment on a new car.

    My parents have written a letter and are ready to present their complaint to Ford. What phone # is the best one to call and complain? Is it 800-392-FORD? Does anyone know what happened with the class action suit that was filed?
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    " ...Meanwhile, the other car is a 2013 Toyota Camry with 155,000 miles and still going strong. ..."

    How did you manage to get that many miles on a 2013 Camry?
  • cls2007cls2007 Posts: 1
    My story is the same as the rest. I have had my 2007 for 3ys and has 133, miles on it. I love this vehicle! I had the surge problems as well, but my brother was able to fix it for me. The transmission has been going now for over a month... I'm just waiting for it to go completely. It started with the making noise in park and neutral and now has escalated to wondering when it is going to just drop out! I am a single mom and cannot afford this $6,000 "fix" that we shouldn't have to deal with anyway! I got stranded yesterday. The wrench and engine lights came on and it would not go out of a low gear, but after letting it sit a while, it decided to go again. While I was waiting though, I called Ford. Of course there is no warranty, no recall for this "special" transmission of ours. I had a supervisor call me back today. She said the only way to get a recall is if they have enough complaints on the issue.... It is very disturbing to me that nothing has been done about this known and legitimate problem.... I encourage everyone to CALL Ford! and as often as you can. I used this # 1-800-392-3673 and then asked for someone higher after I gave all my info, including my VIN #. They did call me back and said they sent my complaint on to the Engineer Dept. I told her I would call as often as it takes for Ford to hear our "voice"!
  • In January 2005, my husband and I purchased a brand spanking new 2005 Ford Freestyle, right off the showroom floor. This was my first brand new vehicle (usually buy used). We were thrilled because it was just what we needed for our expanding family. Well, during the test drive, the brakes squeaked and we thought well it has been sitting on the showroom floor and they changed them before we made the purchase. So that was that. A few weeks later the catalytic converter went out and had to completely repair (covered under warranty) and they provided a rental for a few weeks. We were told that the replacement parts were in the making and that it may take a while to receive and repair vehicle. Of course, we had them check the vehicle completely and told them to repair any and everything that seemed suspicious. Maybe a year or so later the throttle had to be checked. Fast forward. A few years ago (2010), my a/c went on the fritz. It only blows cool air when traveling at 50+ mph, other than that, it blows air equal to the outside temperature. In other words, if it is cool outside it will blow cool air and the same if it hot. Yes, it was serviced and was told to add freon, and that was no help at all. So now my climate control is out of control. In 2011, freestyle began surging. It surges while driving, while at rest and when in park it gives out a big surge/revs up tremendously. It still surges today. In 2012, for a few months, I began to hear a popping noise under the hood when I turn on/off the a/c (mind you the a/c is still on the fritz--will cost $$$$ to change compressor--was told that it COULD BE the compressor) as well as when I turn the engine off. In 2013, for a few months the popping noise came back and then disappeared, and the a/c could only be turned off after I turn the engine off (then I press the a/c off button then turn engine back on and discover it is off). Today, I can't turn the a/c off at all--it just doesn't shut off. A little over a week ago when I went to get my inspection, the service technician puts my vehicle in reverse and the engine shuts off completely (never did that before). So he started the engine and proceeds to place the vehicle in reverse and it did it again. Of course, I am shocked but not shocked. So they performed a quick service check on it and could not determine the reason and it didn't/haven't done that since that day. The engine light goes on and off leaving us unsure of if/when there is a problem. My husband and I do our best to not drive the vehicle unless it is a dire need. We have been the only owners and can't believe we are having major problems with what we thought was a reliable brand vehicle. I have been reading and trying to stay abreast as to what other problems Freestyle drivers are having and have decided to post something because this is just utterly ridiculous of Ford.
  • Thank you for the number I will call. I paid 32,000 5 years ago for my
    freestyle now its only worth 1,000 because of the transmission this is really sad.
  • I am sad to read how many other people are going through the same thing! It seems the USA there is a class action suit against FORD, but not yet in Canada. I have contacted a lawyer about this. We all need to come together and hold FORD accountable for this. Please everyone comment so we can gather the info we need.
  • I traded my WrenchLight in on a new vehicle and was completely upfront with the dealer (not Ford) about it's problems. The dealer actually asked me about it first, if I had the tranny problem. I got $1200 on trade in which I thought was decent, considering I was able to sell the new tires I had just put on it separately and put the old ones back on.

    However, buying this car as a one year old low mileage dealer vehicle, and paying $22,000, to have it be worth $1200 less than six years later is a disgrace. I have a ten year old Sunfire that's worth more than $1200.

    And critics can't say that Oh, that was dealer trade in value, because there is zero value on the private market. It is an untouchable vehicle.
  • I purchased a 2005 ford freestyle with a slight noise took to get fixed 3500 then 6000 for cvttransmission replacement basically the car not worth I was able to drive for 2 months and a half the transmission failed wen parked on a hill car would not come out park wrench light came on turned car off and as hubby pushed to get offf hill drove home haven't drove since.I waist 2000 on This vehicle couldn't afford to waist no money. We bought it For a second car But didn't work got what I paid For I don't know but we did Love the vehicle
  • I suggest all of you with problems with the freestyle to got to the fords customer service and file a complaint. It will take large numbers for them to fix this problem. I have been chatting with them on facebook @ ford service. Please take your complaints there and demand a recall
  • I am heartbroken.

    Three months ago, we sold my wife's 2001 Ford Explorer and purchased a 2007 Ford Freestyle for my wife. My wife has had Multiple Sclerosis for 17 years. There are very few vehicles that she can actually get in and out of to drive...the Ford Freestyle was an ideal choice for her.

    The Freestyle we purchased has only 43,000 and a clean Carfax report. She's only put 800 miles on it since we bought it. Last week, the transmission gave out. We were quoted anywhere from $1,200 to $5,000 from our local Ford dealer to take care of it...something we simply cannot afford because we are a one-income family, and we still owe on the vehicle.

    I opened a case with Ford to beg for some financial assistance to get it taken care of. Today, we found out that they are unable to provide any. My wife no longer has a vehicle to drive, and I have to use mine to get to work. We don't have a third vehicle.

    This is a horrible blow to my family. I have had many Ford vehicles in my life, and I have never heard of a problem like this. I am at a total loss as to what to do. I would certainly like to hear some sort of response from Ford other than "we have nothing to offer you to help get it taken care of."

    I have owned many Fords, and have never had any problems like this...especially with a vehicle with only 43,000 miles on it. I've been loyal to the brand (and by the way, I work for a Chevrolet dealership). It's not an isolated incident. There are many, many Ford Freestyles out there with this problem.

    Trying to figure out what to do next....
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