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Pontiac Grand Am Electrical/Lighting Problems



  • vovikvovik Posts: 2
    I have a pontiac grand am 1999 and sometimes whenever i start the car the dash lights don't turn on the a/c doesn't work and the power windows don't work. However if you you hit the dashboard on top with your hard hard enough everything starts to work again.

    I have replaced the ignition switch and checked the fuses, but the problem still occurs and each time you have to hit the dashboard harder and harder for it work again.
  • Did you find the problem?Having the same issues with my 2001
  • 05 grand am and the lights, windows and air stopped working
  • I have a 95 Grand Am GT V6 3.1

    Last few weeks I have had a odd list of electric issues, I think I have a short, but don't know where to look or start.
    My door locks don't lock or unlock with the door control, they do lock after I get up to speed, but do not unlock when I turn off the engine, only unlocks and locks perfectly with my keyfob.
    My cigarette lighter doesn't power my phone charger, tried a few.
    I believe it is starting to effect my gauges.
    Last, my electronic controls for my mirrors, doesn't work at all, only way to control them.

    I just need help locating where to start looking.
    Battery isn't new, will be replacing soon.
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