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Toyota Yaris: Towing Questions



  • Test drove a Yaris 5 Speed yesterday and I really like it. I'm kicking around the idea of getting one, but am not certain it will tow what I need it to. I need to tow a 950lb Boat + 250?lb Trailer + 30 gallons Fuel in boat & Whatever gear is in boat. About 1300llbs. Boat launch is down the block from me so going far is not an issue. What is, however, is the hill I have to climb when I take the boat ouf of the water. I do have a running start for about a 1/2 block then climb for about 1/8 block that is steep. I can get a runnig start and think stick would be good for this since you can leave it in gear.

    Trailer does not have brakes on it. Reading what the UK has for towing on this car 2,000lbs is max braked or 850 unbraked. Of course in the US they say its not recommened. I'm sure the car will pull it, but if I have to stop to the side on the road (narrow for only 1 1/2 car to fit going by) for someone to pass in the other direction, I'm afraid that if I stall out the trailer is going to drag me down and possible accident. Thus a braking trailer would be ideal. Of course I could try this when I get the car and see how it handles. If I get the 'Oh Sh*t' feeling then trailer would need to be braked. That or I scrap the whole idea of getting a yaris to rack miles on and keep my S10 4.3 for a winter vehicle and carpool in my Wife's Scion TC. Oh yea, she refuses to install a hitch on her vehicle! :D
  • 1of6kids1of6kids Posts: 1
    I am currently living in Colorado and will be moving to Oregon. I have priced renting a Uhaul truck/trailer for my yaris vs. buying a used trailer and adding a hitch. The price is nearly the same, but I like the idea of for my money having a trailer which I can later use for storage. My question is will the yaris make it out to Oregon towing a not too heavy 5x10 box trailer?
  • Hi,
    How did that work out towing through the Rockies?
  • Hello Echo 2001,
    I have one too and just bought a trailer hitch with the hopes of towing a small dingy/sailboat. I was surprised to read at the toyota site that they recommend not to tow with this vehicle.

    I was glad to read about someone else towing. Any more thoughts or advice on towing with an Echo 2001?
  • a more specific question: how did you wire your trailer hook up system. I see online a prefab set up that supposedly plugs in somewhere. Did you find and use such a system or jury rig your own system?

    Any suggestions are well appreciated.
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