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Highlander Hybrid Accessories & Modifications



  • A note of caution. Delaer installed NAV systems do not have voice activated capability, and they do not support hands free answering Bluetooth capability. So, if you are interested in these features, know that you will not have access to them unless your system is factory installed. Apparently, Toyota doesn't have a microphone for the dealer installed system to handle the voice activation duties. This was my sad realization after I bought my 08 HH ( Base Model ) with NAV system ordered..Dealer refuses to help, Toyota won't return my calls. Buyer Beware!
  • I just bought this HH yesterday, I want the limited but it's way beyond my budget plus those "extras" are not really important to me except for the fog lights because I live in Chicago.

    Is anyone aware if we can install fog lights? thanks!
  • eagle21eagle21 Posts: 26
    Hi, I just wanted to see if anyone here did a HID installation on their Toyota Highlander Hybrid. I am curious to see if it has been done or not. And also I see that they have the daytime running lights. Is there a way to disable them? It would be great to hear any ideas.

  • monte8monte8 Posts: 75
    I purchased after market fog lights from
    They said they would fit into the "holes" for the factory fog lights, but I do not know. It has been too cold to install them myself, and I haven't had a chance to take them in to a shop to have it done.
  • Has anyone looked at if installing a higher flow exhaust system, mostly likely a higher flow muffler offers any improved gas mileage benefits for Toyota Highlander Hybrids? My hybrid is a 2006 front wheel drive.

    Regarding previous posts, for a "tachometer", the Scangauge II displays engine rpms when the ICE is running (it shows zero when in electric only mode). It is really simple to install, just plugging into the OBD-II connector.

    At a Super Walmart Center store, I found fog lights that fit into the holes on my 2006 HH. They work fine.
  • pflovepflove Posts: 2
    Does anyone know if it is possible or feasible to modify the '07 Highlander Hybrid with the EV system introduced into the HH 08? This is the feature that causes the vehicle to use the batteries instead of engine as much as possible, given the right temperature and battery charge--yielding improved mileage.
  • Can anyone tell me how well the bluetooth option works on the Highlander, in particular the Highlander Hybrid? I want to know if it is easy to hear, does the incoming call startle you? Is it easy to make calls?

    I have been driving Volvos for the last 7 years and they have all had the Volvo bluetooth unit, which I think is made by Motorola. It's fantastic. It doesn't have all features, such as I have to make a different address book for the car. It doesn't read or load the addresses from the phone. But I hear that some units startle you when a call comes in. Is this the case on the Toyota unit? In the Volvo, music fades down then a nice lady from Sweden announces the call then there is a ringing sound. And it understands my voice commands very well.

    Can anyone tell me about the Toyota unit? Or would I be better off putting a third-party stereo with bluetooth in? I saw that the Toyota unit doesn't have a full ipod compability. Most 3rd party units from folks like Pioneer do a great job of both ipod integration and bluetooth for handsfree calls.

  • I am not an owner of the Highlander but I was curious about the same question.

    Since Toyota canada offers Highlander with HID option, I would suppose that you can purchase genuine Highlander HID light assembly from Toyota Canda and install them into your car w/o too much problem (such as alignment and convergence of light, high temperature, etc..).

    I googled to see if I could find more information about Toyota Canada genuine parts (price, etc..) but could not find good sites. I am sorry about that.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    You simply would not believe how complex the task might be to install factory HIDs after the fact, unbelievability complex. Starting at the rear suspension's vehicle heighth detection and wiring, not to mention the auto-leveling ECU under the dash.

    There is little choice but to go aftermarket.
  • anyone know where i could find pieces to replace the tacky wood grain trim pieces to a piano black type trim? I cant find anything anywhere.
  • I am not yet a Highlander owner - I just really want to be!! The issue that I am dealing with is that I need to place 2 large dog crates in the cargo area, but those dang seats don't fold flat. Any ideas?
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    The third row seat does fold flat. The second row comes close to it. Nothing that a little shim (2x4) across the floor to level the crates wouldn't solve (assuming the crates are deeper than the rear cargo area. Seems like it would be easy to rig this up. I'd rather do that than buy a larger SUV I didn't need (or minivan)
  • they dont fold flat, but its pretty close. They wont slip and slide, especially if there is 2 next to each other
  • boss21boss21 Posts: 2
    Monte8 How did your install go with your fog lights from I just ordered mine for my 2008 Toyota Highlander Base model.
  • monte8monte8 Posts: 75
    They are still in the box. I haven't had the spare $ to have the installation done. :cry:
  • monte8monte8 Posts: 75
    They are still in the box. :blush: I have not had the extra $ to have them installed. :cry:
  • 2009 Highlander Hybrid, base model. Bought the 2-part fog lamps from after market shop in San Fran, came with no wiring diagram. When contacted, seller said any good shop can do it. First shop installed them in bumper beautifully, but could not figure how to connect. Local Toyo dealer says same thing, can't connect. I think it has something to do with part of the lamp is LED, probably needs voltage step-down of some kind. Anybody still out there? Any suggestions?
  • 89fj6289fj62 Posts: 20
    My son bought me a Hella light for Christmas to install on my 2009 HH. I need to attach a wire from the HH reverse lights to the Hella light. If anyone knows the color of the reverse light please speak up. I am pretty sure that I can find the information on Toyota's Technical Information System or TIS. I have never used this site but Toyota does provide access to this information for a reasonable cost.
  • bvromanbvroman Posts: 3
    Help! I am trying to find the correct accessory retractable Cargo Cover for my 2011 Highlander Hybrid base model. Unbelievably, the car does not come with one. Trying to find the correct one that fits is a challenge! My dealership ordered and attempted to install a cargo cover - but it did not fit: they said there is none that exists presently for the Hybrid. Seems odd. The cut-outs are there in the rear interior side mouldings to accomodate a cargo cover!

    When it comes to retractable Cargo Covers - apparently, there IS a difference in the fit for the gas model and the hybrid. But I am uncertain if there is a difference between the Hybrid base and liminted versions.

    Anyone encounter this problem???
  • monte8monte8 Posts: 75
    I have one in grey for the 2008 Hi-Hy. Like new, shrink wrapped, yours free if you come and pick it up (Devils Lake, ND). They are really worthless.
  • bvromanbvroman Posts: 3
    Thanks - but a bit far to drive for a worthless accessory! LOL

    My 2011 Hi-Hy base model has cut-outs in the cargo area body moulding to attach the retractable cover. The retractable cover is substantial and of good quality, approx $200 - problem: it does not fit. I actually ordered two - both were 3" short on the left side - and it is definitely the correct part # for the 2011 Hi-Hy. This appears to be a manufacturing defect. I was told by the Toyota service dept that it "fits perfectly" in the gas model. The dealers have no idea why the retractable Cargo Cover does not fit the hybrid. I reported the issue to Toyota corporate - they have "documented the problem" for future reference, no answers or solutions for me. They said they rely on customers and enough complaints to pursue a problem... :mad:

    So... Come on 2011 Highlander Hybrid base model owners - anyone out there tried to install the retractable Cargo Cover yet? :confuse:
  • monte8monte8 Posts: 75
    What do you mean "substantial"? This is the cover that rolls up, right? There is nothing there to be substantial.
  • bvromanbvroman Posts: 3
    By "substantial" I am referring to the housing that holds the retractable cover. It is solid - weighs approx 10 pounds. The quality is good. I just wish I could find one that actually fits.
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