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  • Interesting... I have the same tires and no complaints in the snow or any other condition
  • nmknmk Posts: 111
    "My wife and I, we are always getting in and out of our cars through the open front windows. Years back a salesman told us this will save wear and tear on the door locks and the latch mechanism. The only problem is that as we are approaching retirement age, the task is becoming increasingly difficult."

    Well the difficulty may arise due to one or both conditions:
    1-Weight distribution - you haven't gained, just re distributed the weight to a central area of the anatomy forcing an adjustment in belt size.
    2-Limb stiffening. Not considered dangerous for certain parts of a male anatomy, but for other parts of the anatomy, there is Pilatus.

    So says an Old Stiff!! :blush:

    Darth Vader Grey, etc. etc.
  • budhbudh Posts: 109
    There seems to be some conflicting information on automatic shifting characteristics.

    If I have the cruise control on, and I am driving in the Appalachians where there are several long moderate grade hills to climb, would I expect a downshift from 6 to 5? Would it likely avoid having to go from 5 to 4 unless very steep?

    Bud H
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    I haven't encountered frequent shifting like that. In cruise, the tranny seems to only downshift when encountering grades and the steeper the grade, the lower gear is selected.

    What I have encountered however, and this is neat, is when going downhill, I step on the brakes a bit, the tranny downshifts to the next lower gear on it's own and stays there during the entire descent down the hill. It won't upshift unless I step on the accelerator or if the descent levels out. If I need additional assist from the tranny, I apply the brakes again to slow down and it downshifts once again.

  • zoom08zoom08 NYCPosts: 75
    I love my car, I changed the oil every 4K miles, I buy my own filters.
    I have changed the 1st set of tires @33K miles.
    Had to change all my wipers.
    I rotate tires and I do wheel alignment every year.
    I drive about 15Kmiles a year and I have yet to change my brakes, currently my car has 55K miles. The only thing I did was to swap out the factory radio and speakers because the GT did not have a aux plug for my mp3 player. With that said, I damaged my emergency hazzard light switch and I dont know how to fix that myself.
    Anybody has any ideas?
  • We purchased our CX7 GTs in brilliant black in August 2011. The CX7 is an additional vehicle and now only has 1,500 miles on it. Basicly I enjoy the CX7, for the price one gets a lot of toys. The back up camera and navigation system are toys in that the screen is very small. The sound system is Ok, but does not have intergreation for my iPod. The bluetooth will sometimes recognize my iPhone, but frequently does not.

    The CX7 uses premium fuel and with the break in period the gas mileage is very poor. Immediately upon getting the CX7 I installed synthetic motor oil and I believe this enhances the performance, gives me slightly better gas mileage and may help avoid turbo problems later.

    My CX7 brilliant black paint job is sub average. From my experience with my purchasing dealer I will not use them except for warranty work.

    What does uplift me about my CX7 is its styling and performance. It will move out well and quickly.

    If Mazda were to design the CX7 with AWD, Turbo, better navigation system and back up camera screen and improve fuel mileage they would have an excellent vehicle. Sadly every time I use the navigation system and back up camera I curse the designer. iPod intergreation would also be welcome.
  • nmknmk Posts: 111
    "If Mazda were to design the CX7 with AWD, Turbo, better navigation system and back up camera screen and improve fuel mileage they would have an excellent vehicle. Sadly every time I use the navigation system and back up camera I curse the designer. iPod intergreation would also be welcome."

    Well, I'm back, but only because i received an email about the above comment.
    When we lived in the states, we owned a 2007 CX-7, and loved it for all its good features, save for poor gas mileage, terrible tire mileage, and carpeting made out of shedded cat's fur pressed into felt. Never had the I-pod but we loved it so much that we bought as close to that CX-7 in white here in New Zealand. Still a great car, but not for this country where the city streets are too narrow.

    Darth Varder in white
  • I have a 2011 CX-7 Grand Touring in Brilliant Black. My car was purchased in August 2011 and only has 2,800 miles. The styling of the CX-7 I think is beautiful. The paint job I believe has tremendous room for improvement. My CX-7 is detailed monthly and has on more carbona wax then I have hair. I have the CX-7 looking brilliant, but it requires considerable waxing and polishing to achieve this. I have several other cars and they do not require the special care of the paint to look spectular. As soon as I took delivery of my CX-7 I installed synthetic motor oil. It is my belief that any vehicle runs better with synthetic oil. We had one light snow in Philadelphia and I was dismayed to find snow on my black leather seats when I got in the CX-7. I checked my windows and they were closed. When the weather improved I hosed down the CX-7 and no water came in. Perplexed by how the snow got in.
    Overall I am enjoying my CX-7. I am considering replacing a Toyota Highlander and may consider a CX-9. I do not use the purchase dealer for service, I found them to be sloppy returning a dirty CX-7. I have a excellent mechanic who now services my CX-7 and am completely satisfied with service performed.
  • zoom08zoom08 NYCPosts: 75
    I have 77k miles on my car, this car was purcahsed 12/7/2007 and it is a 2008 model.
    I have done basic maintenance, replaced 1 set of tires, new brakes, the 3.5K mile oil change, 2 engine mounts broke and were replaced and I have just completed a tune up as the check engine light came on. Over all I am satisfied with the maintenance. I use regular gas and 5w-20 oil.
    I like the driving ergonomics, brakes and the drving position.
    As for the Turbo well, it lags pretty bad and I think Mazda knew that as a pretty good amoiunt of people have already replace or rebuilt their turbos. I knock on wood my turbo remains original from the factory and I do drive my car hard as I put about 17K miles a year.
    I keep fingers cross that I go another 40K miles with just basic maintenance. If I can get 120K I am happy. I wish Mazda had not discontinued the car... :cry:
  • zoom08zoom08 NYCPosts: 75
    You should make sure your mechanic checks your car thorughly.
    I just got rid of my cx7 (2008CX-7-GT-AWD) engine and turbo went bad.
    Mazda failed to extend my warranty car turned out to be a real lemon.
    I had to take a loss and I willnever buy another Mazda EVER again.
  • zoom08zoom08 NYCPosts: 75
    Owners, be aware!
    the CX-7 is plagued with problems.
    I gave my car proper car, regular oil changes, and my car was immaculate in and out.
    Mazda knew the car had electrical and engine design problems. I have never owned a car that needed an engine rebuilt at 77K miles....Dealer blame it on lack of oil changes cause I did the oil changes myself. They couldnt trouble shoot the actual problem so dealer recomends engine rebuild about $4,000 dollars to do with no real warranty. They also told me that eventually the turbo would go out. I contacted Mazda but my car is not a car that falls under the recalls.
    As per Mazda only the 2007 have full recalls, the 2008 have no real problems. MAzda thinks is ok to have fuel injector, timing chain, VVT cam shaft, and all seals and gaskets replaced in engine at 77K miles from wear and tear. LI own Hondas that require that type off work at 150K miles not 77K miles. I wrote to the NHTSA and they could not help either.
    Sad day but I will never buy Mazda again.
    I am now driving a Honda Accord, at least I know its reliable!
  • zoom08zoom08 NYCPosts: 75
    In what area of the milky way did they conduct this research?
    Because I USED to own a 2008 CX7 that was plagued with problems and mazda did nothing to resolve any of my problems.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    edited September 2015
    A couple of weeks ago I bought a 2012 CX-7 i SV for my wife. Her 2013 Sonata was going off lease and she needed a vehicle with a higher seating position, so enter our first-ever SUV. It's Crystal White Pearl Mica with tan/black interior, and standard equipment (2.5L FWD, 5AT, 17" alloys). 40k miles, nearly new tires and a lifetime powertrain warranty tossed in from the dealer chain, price $13.6k + TTL, $14.9k out the door.

    Why did I buy it? My wife needed a small SUV for mostly schlepping around our suburban area. She only puts about 7k miles on per year. Any vehicle she drives (except maybe a hybrid) will get lousy FE--even the Sonata in her hands (and lead foot) barely broke 20 mpg. So I wanted something safe, comfortable, not too big, low miles, low price, nice looking, and preferably with a warranty. I looked at all the smaller SUVs, new and used. My favorite was the brand new HR-V, but that would have been $24k out the door for a base model (AWD)--no discounts on those. Then after a lot of research and test drives I thought it had come down to a 2013+ Escape or 2012+ Equinox. But a low-miles, non-salvage-title car would have been at least $18k out the door. I found a great lease deal on a new 2015 Rogue Select AWD and a good deal on a new Outlander Sport FWD, but I didn't like them all that much. Then I remembered the CX-7, and found a couple low-miles 2012s at reasonable prices at nearby dealerships. Drove a silver one with 53k miles, liked it ok but it had quite a few touch-ups and I really didn't want yet another silver-with-black-interior vehicle. Then I saw the white one for sale at my local Mazda dealership, so my wife and I went over that night to drive it and we bought it right then. It's extremely clean, just a couple very small paint chip touch-ups that took me a week to find. My wife loves it, especially its curvy sheet metal. She's named it Christina after Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. :)

    I haven't driven it a lot yet, but I like the handling and the comfortable driving position. I also like the styling, inside and out--the dash reminds me of a Mercedes for some reason. And I always liked pearl white mica paint but never owned a car in that color. I noticed that on the highway at 65 mph it gets mid-30s mpg, and so far in almost all in-town driving by my wife it's at 20 mpg, which it just a bit under what she got on the Sonata. Oh, and it has remote start--might come in handy on real cold days.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Sounds nice, congrats! Ditto on the paint.
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