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Ford Freestyle CVT Transmissions



  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    edited June 2011
    The transmission AND rear end went out within 2,000 miles. Coincidence?

    Maybe not, at least on the transmission. If you had it power flushed (and maybe even "engine" flushed), gunk could have gotten stirred up.

    I only do a simple drain and fill, and only rarely.

    Good post about the issue:

    amigo_john, "Isuzu Trooper" #8070, 30 Jun 2003 7:46 am

    Another aside, seems like a lot of Nissan Murano owners have also had CVT problems. Caulk it up to newer technology?
  • We bought an 06 model of this car, and I personally along with the rest of my family hate it. I was against it from the start because, I'm a big chevy/ GMC guy. But my opinion didn't count because my parents were buying the car. After 99,000 miles the cars Torque Converter went out. This was a 2200$ fix. Then 6 months later at 114,000 miles the cars CVT transmission went out. This is a 5800$ fix. Now Ford couldn't give a rats [non-permissible content removed] about us. Neither do the dealers. The car is only worth 8100$ I would not buy this car.
  • chelley35chelley35 Posts: 1
    I purchased a 06 Ford Freestyle back in January 2011, and just recently started having trouble with the throttle/transmission. In drive it will lunge forward and in reverse it lunges and sometimes the "wrench" light will come on and it will cut off and then when I start it back up it runs fine and then it will repeat itself not often but it's beginning to become bothersome, so have an official recall been issued?
  • gajedigajedi Posts: 4
    I had those same symptoms with our 2007 FS at about 75,000 miles. Turned out to be a bad throttle body... Open and check the air filter housing for any deris... Luckily, the EasyCare covered the repair. Wish it were so for the tranny that just started to fail at 102K... Just 2000 past the end of the term, and only 9K after the dealer did the CVT service (supposedly!)... :mad:
  • I have a used 2007 i just bought. Had for a few months and it was been great. Tonight I was waiting in a drive thru line and had it ideling with the brake on and i noticed it started to surge a little. I got out of kine and parked. I noticed the wrench light was on. I turned off the car for a couple of minutes and the light never came back on and it hasn't surged again yet. Is the start of horrible things? Can I prevent it from getting worse? What is my next best move?
  • debbiew75debbiew75 Posts: 19
    well... i just got rid of mine. it had 97,000 miles on it. it was a 2007. it had 2 new throttle bodies, a new transmission, and the rear brakes had been replaced 3 times. good luck to all who own these pieces of junk. they are not worth anything when you trade them in. and, i had to before something else went wrong with it. 1st recall replacement on the brakes at 30,000. 1st throttle body at 50,000. rear brakes again at 70,000. brand new transmission which turned out to be rebuilt because ford doesn't make them anymore at 75,019... yeah barely missed the extended warranty. 2nd throttle body at 80,000. 3rd rear brakes at 92,000. and the car had started making some strange noises when i traded it in.
  • cabhoneycabhoney Posts: 8
    Oh my gosh! Mind did the exact same thing! I noticed the last few weeks it was lunging every once and awhile, but dismissed it as me being paranoid. Then the other day, that wrench light came on. I also bought mine used and have had it 8 months. It has 50k miles. Drove it to the dealer and they lifted the hood and said, "Ma'am, you've really got something bad wrong with your car." That was Thursday and so tommorow I might hear what is wrong. I loved my car up to this point, but after reading this forum, it's very sad.
  • sindersinder Posts: 37
    Oh NO !! I hope it is not your transmission. And if it is, I sure hope you are still under warranty.

    ftr....I received a message Friday from an attorney that has a class action suit against Ford for another issue. He wants to discuss THIS transmission issue. I be calling him tomorrow and will post any information.

    I would LOVE to see FORD be held accountable.
  • cabhoneycabhoney Posts: 8
    My local dealer won't give me a break and wants to charge between 5-6k to fix. I also contacted Ford headquarters and they say they are talking to the dealer. Also reported it to the NHSTA for the lunging. I am going to let it sit at the dealer as long as I can, as they will hardly give me anything for a trade in.
  • mmisch1mmisch1 Posts: 1
    I just sent my info for the class action; we'll see how it goes. Thank you for posting the info.
    The surging was a frightening and dangerous event, and I am pretty unhappy about hearing others have had the same problem. If I had not been searching the net for info on how my xmission works, I would have never found out that this problem is not limited to my vehicle (except for anecdotal evidence from local mechanics), as I'm sure Ford will not willingly confess it.
  • sindersinder Posts: 37
    I faxed in all my documentation and hopefully they will be able to move forward with the suit.

    I was scared to death, as I was crossing a busy intersection when my transmission started to go. The car stopped for no reason, and I pushed the gas pedal more and more....steering at oncoming traffic. NOTHING ! :confuse: I turned it off, I restarted the car, and it SURGED forward, with no control from me. The wrench light came on and the rest as they terrible customer service from FORD :lemon:

    If you know anyone else that has had this problem, please let them know about the attornies. I wish I had time to go through this entire forum, but I can't right now.

  • sindersinder Posts: 37
    A class action lawsuit was filed in May against Ford regarding the throttle body issues on the Freestyle...hoping they also tack on transmission issues...both have caused accidents. You can go to for more information.

    Let them hear from ALL of us !!
  • sindersinder Posts: 37
    A class action lawsuit was filed in May against Ford regarding the throttle body issues on the Freestyle...hoping they also tack on transmission issues...both have caused accidents. You can go to for more information.

    The more the attorney hears from us the better the chance they will add the transmissions issues to the suit. They are expensive to repair and parts makers are no...
  • 1lessford1lessford Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Ford Freestyle that is currently in the shop. I am being told that it needs a new transmission even though it was drivable when dropped of at the dealer. They are say its $5,800.00 fix. Unbelievable. I would welcome a class action suit.
  • sindersinder Posts: 37
    Well please be certain to contact the attorney. The more people that scream about this dangerous problem, the better.

  • sindersinder Posts: 37
    Oh, and btw........... you will NOT be getting a "new" transmisssion because they don't make them anymore.

    You will be getting a remanned/rebuilt one. Isn't that some crap ???
  • Posted last week about my transmission, that is supposedly fixed now. Had started lunging but my local dealer couldn't get it to lunge, so they couldn't fix it. Today, at my dad's funeral, it had two episodes of revving, lunging, then dying. Was able to drive it home 50 miles and straight back to the dealer. Thank God we didn't hit anyone at Starbucks drive thru, but this couldn't have happened on a worse day.
  • Mine has been doing the lunging, sometimes it would die etc etc etc. Before that the transmission started making a little noise. Mechanic said it was a bearing and would probably last for awhile, but eventually would need to be fixed (this was before 50K miles). After the transmission noise is when the lunging started (mainly on really hot days) Today the RPM's started being weird while I was driving on the highway. I pulled in the driveway and the small noise was a loud constant noise. I tried to drive it again and the RPM's will not shift they just keep going up when I accelerate. I contacted the attorneys and let them know the situation. There is no reason for a car that has been maintained with 55K miles to break down. Bunch of Crap!
  • teacher21teacher21 Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    first,i took it to a transmission shop,been told its a bearing noise and i have to take it to the dealer coz they dont fix cvt,so i went to dealer and the funny thing is that after they made me pay $200 to diagnose it,they said its the input shaft bearing and they dont carry parts for that type of transmission so the whole transmission has to be replaced at a cost around $7000.what kind of crap is this? no parts! why they diagnose it at first place and made me lose $200?it was obvious that the noise was coming from the transmission.And is it acceptable that ford motor company dont provide parts for transmission,why they sell this kind of junk? and why do we have to be responsible? it looks like am not the only one to complain about that issue,what should be done ? its not fair.
  • Hey I'm with you ours has 62k and the same thing happened to us. Did Ford provide any assitance? We can't belie it went out at 2k over the warranty. Not sure if we should let the dealer fix it.
  • I got lucky because I was at 56K miles. They told me I was within the Fords powertrain warranty which is 60K miles or 5 years. I was at 56K and my 5 years will end next April. The dealership traded it in as nothing was wrong since Ford will fix it and I got a Navigator. I could have gotten it fixed myself, but this seems to be an ongoing problem and would probably just happen again so I got rid of it before I reached my 60K and was stuck with it. I hope they figure someone out soon for those of you over 60K miles.
  • I've gone ahead and filed a complaint with the NHTSA and the class action suit. Everybody needs to do the same. There is only about 250 complaints on the NHTSA; we need to have a lot more to get anything done.

    My vehicle "lurches" when it is hot; and you go from 'park' to any drive gear. Even with the brake pedal depressed; it'll 'jump' or 'lurch' while the engine revs up. Then the wrench light comes on.
  • snoop3snoop3 Posts: 2
    edited August 2011
    My car is doing the same thing and this is the 4th transmission issues I have had since 2008 (3 just since dec 2010). The first in 2008 which ford replaced under warranty (not sure if it was replaced with a new one). The second was replaced in Dec 2010 but with a used one which only lasted for 28 days and then the business that supplied this transmission replaced it because it was less than 30 days purchased (under their business warranty). I am now having problems with it again. The lundging fwd and now the wrench sign is on. I am taking it to a dealer on monday but I already know that it is transmission issues again. This car is making me sick from stress. I have tried to trade it in but the book value of the vehicle is low (max is $6000) due to ford no longer making the vehicle. Parts are hard to find for it. I would never advise anyone to buy a ford as they would not assist me at all during any of my transmission problems.
  • We are having the lurching issue as well on super hot days, the dealer claims there is nothing wrong.

    We had to have our transmission replaced at 78,000 miles, we had purchased the extended warranty, but it was only good until 75,000 miles. Ford was very unhelpful through this process, kept saying that his was an issue that they were shocked by, like we were the only ones experiencing this problem.

    I did file a complaint with the NHTSA. Hoping they can do something regarding both issues.
  • I'm having the whine problem with my 06 freestyle awd to the extent that I've traded on a new Subaru Forester. Ford service said no parts are available and a new tranny would would be $7K plus. What gets me is that I had the lurch and rev problem as well as the falling into 'failsafe' mode issues last year, along with the same whine. I paid about $700 Canadian for a new throttle control module and everything was fine. I even went to Florida and back. Now the whine has returned with a vengance. I had the same service dept run the computer check on my car and it comes back clean. However, why did changing the module fix the whining before? I'm thinking there is some sort of feedback issue with the computer programming for the throttle control module that may be causing the transmission wear. Pure speculation on my part but, while I realize correlation is not necessarily causation, the parallel issue and fix the first time is bothersome. Not to mention that my wife is in full-flight conspiracy mode regarding Ford on this issue. (Notice we didn't buy another Ford.) FYI I have 190 thousand kilometres on the car and have loved it dearly and hate to part with it. The potential safety issue is such though, that I won't keep it to give to my sons to drive.
  • I forgot to mention I found the problem to be temperature sensitive too, hotter the day, louder the whine.
  • So regarding my last post the transmission has gone again while on holidays. Sad and so stressful. so now i have a car without a transmission, a car loan on that care and Ford Motors Canada is telling me that they no longer make the CVT transmission so I cant get one and that they are sorry that such a thing has happened to me but they cannot help me. We have tried every where (incl ebay) for a used one with no luck and that might be because of all the other people having the same transmission problems. I have asked W5 (Canada's largest private broadcaster) to investigative this issue for me. No company should have the ability to build something that cannot be fixed. Ford should have had to recall when they knew there was a problem instead of discontinuing the car and the parts. I feel robbed!
  • So sorry for you! All of us on here can relate. There are no new transmissions out there, they only rebuild them somehow and then charge a butt load of money for it. Getting your broadcaster involved may really be a good thing! Hope you have some more positive results.
  • We are also having issues with our 2005 Freestyle "CVT" transmission. Made sevaral calls and visits to Ford, They say theres nothing they can do for us, we have tried getting the trans fixed, but most parts are hard to find and very expensive, Why would Ford make this kind of trans, then not have the parts to fix it? And why are their parts so expensive ? Im VERY disappointed with Ford, and will never purchase another car from them ! Now what are we suppose to do with the Freestyle that sits in our garage, the body and inside are in perfect shape, hate to have to junk the car. With the economy the way it is, we all cant just go out and buy new cars. i believe that Ford needs to recall the freestyles and fix them!
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