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Ford F-Series Fuel Pump/Fuel System



  • georgesrungeorgesrun Posts: 4
    Check the fuel pump. Turn on the key, how long does the pump run? Should be just seconds. then check for a collaped fuel line, i had that on one Ford Pickup I had and it ran similar. Of course they mad be all metal on yours.
  • rgroomrgroom Posts: 1
    I have a 89 F150 w/4.9L. It had a fuel pump issue fixed that now it has a real bad miss when warm and under load. Any ideas?
  • tlkarschtlkarsch Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 F150 with a 4.6 L engine and I drive it a couple times a week. I live in Maryland and about a month ago after a normal drive on a semi hot day...I shut the engine off and when I tried to restart it a little wouldn't start. The engine would crank over but it would fire up. After letting it set for about an started and appeared to run fine. The problem has happen 3 times so far and appear to be linked to outside temperature because if it's cool (in my judgement) it starts with no problems...on days above 80 deg it won't start after driving till warm up. Everything else seems to be OK...engine temperature...driveability. Have had it to the dealership and they have no clue to it's problem. Any thoughts and/or ideas as to the problem would be appreciated.
  • sounds like a coil
  • georgesrungeorgesrun Posts: 4
    I agree with the idea that it sounds like an open in the coil when it gets hot.
  • 95fordf15095fordf150 Posts: 11
    I'd try plugwires if you haven't
  • ken28669ken28669 Posts: 2
    hello im new here. beating my head against a wall. Ive got a 1990 f150 4.9l dual tanks. i havent used rear tank in 4 years. replaced front fuel pump about 3 years ago. truck starts and stalls out will not idle. i ran trouble codes im getting a 87. ive changed fuel relay, fuel filter, fuse, inertia switch, i even changed the idle air control valve. any ideas would be appreciated. thankyou
  • I don`t know if your has a fuel control modgel, but that just happened to me, all of a sudden would not start, it was the control modgel, the other thing I`d consider would be a cam shaft sensor
  • codysweet1codysweet1 Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    i have a 1991 ford f150. inline 6. Resently my truck started spit and sputter after driving it and geting the engine worm. after leting it sit for a night, it started to run agean, but i had little power apone taking off. i have changed my spark plugs, put a quort of oil in, and changed my fuel filter. i have no idea whats wrong. any help would be apresiated.
  • ken28669ken28669 Posts: 2
    thanx bmarshall57 i think i located my problem i droped my fuel tank this afternoon to pull the fuel pump and found that the elec. harness plug had partially disinigrated.
  • 1990 F-150. I've got a small gouge in fuel line about 6 inches from rear tank. Easily accesible but recognize this is a double jacketed line. Is there any way to repair at the gouge rather than having to replace entire line?
  • I have a 1991 F-150 the truck will not run on the front tank at all and i can not hear the fuel pump pressure up. The rear tank is fine and the truck runs great. Help :)
  • mike9408mike9408 Posts: 74
    Check to make sure that you have power leaving your fuel selector switch to the front tank. If you do then check to see that you are getting power to the forward tank PUMP. Now remember, The pump will only run for a few seconds (will not continue running till the engine begins to turn over) so you must be ready when you turn the ignition switch on. If at this point you are getting power to the pump then it is most likely the pump that is at fault. If this is the case, you will have to remove the tank and then remove the pump for replacement. A new pump costs around $80.00 in most parts stores.
  • hope someone here can help me . i have a 94 f 150 with straight 6 in it just put new head on it put it in time and the thing will not run. it runs fine on starting fluid. i hear the feul pump pressurize the feul rail so i know it is getting fuel to the rail just not sure if the injectures are firring. on the same topic the fuel gauge stoped workking all at the same time are they related am i just missing something ? any help would be greatly appreciated
  • stan58stan58 Posts: 9
    I have not fixed mine YET but all others like mine when one tank quit within a year the other quit. wish I could help but have a spare ride
  • stan58stan58 Posts: 9
    I have not fixed mine YET but all others like mine when one tank quit within a year the other quit. wish I could help but have a spare ride
  • How do you replace the "Y" plastic fitting . How do you soften the line to insert the new fitting?
  • Place the tubing into HOT WATER (Boiling) until soft enough to push over fitting. (Aprox. 10 minutes).
  • 1996 f150 runs fine when u get eng. warm & trie to restart it only hit on about 3 cyl when it start runs fine all day till i tried to restart replaced 02 sen. map sen. plug & wires fuel filter 4.9 eng one gas tank fuel pump 38 pd press.
  • 96 F150 4.9L six 147,000 miles. Most times starting the truck in the forward tank takes several attempts engine fires off but mis fires bad until it stops. Then next try it seems to start ok most of the time. With rear tank selected unable to start the truck almost all the time. However I can switch from front to back but there is a long delay between the time you switch and the engine responds. Check engine light has been on for years and local shops keep telling me it continues to display multiple system codes and they cant seem to solve my starting problem also. Once the engine starts it runs great. Last shop told me my rear fuel pump is not pumping at a constant pressure and the engine just might stop when you are sitting at a traffic light. He was correct it does, the engine just shuts off. Next week I might not have any problems. Dont know what to do. I replaced the fuel filter it was very dirty, I am running high test gas and try to keep the gas as fresh as possible. I heard maybe it could be the EGR, heck Ill try anything now. Do I have a fuel pump problem or is the ccheck engine lite thats always on the problem. Im thinking also about taken the truck to Ford, I have spent that much and still have the same problem.
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