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Toyota 4Runner Transmission Problems



  • dougsupradougsupra Posts: 2
    I have the same problem with my 2000 limited if you found an answer please tell me
  • fox_bfox_b Posts: 8
    On this same thread, maybe about a year ago you will find a reply of mine that explains what I did that solves the problem. The first thing I would do is possibly replace your battery if it is old or no longer good - have it checked out.

    I hope you get it resolved. Let me know.
  • pking67pking67 Posts: 4
    Just had 2000 4runner into the trans shop. Great guy, hooked up the scanner, checked for error codes in both engine and trans, nothing showed up. Then went on test drive with scanner, he could feel the engine hesitating but nothing on the scanner, said was most likely not the trans but a low engine rpm cutout (no charge for about 20min of out of shop work). Suggested new battery, plugs and wires. Trying to get it in the shop this week, will reply if prob solved or not. Thx for assist!
  • pking67pking67 Posts: 4
    New plugs and new wires has fixed the low rpm cutout that feels like a bad transmission. Tested 2000 4runner (170k miles) towing boat about 2 hrs of flats and hills, never slipped or chugged along, tight the entire trip. Would really like to see this get to all the people having similiar issue, it is such an easy fix for such a horrible feeling trans problem.
    Try it first if you haven't had your plugs and wires done lately!
  • I have a 97 4runner I love. It has 275,000 miles. Recently, it started acting strangely when I drive between 60-70mph. The engine revs up 200rpms and then goes back down. When that happens, the car seems to buck a sec and then it is fine. It has just been inspected. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  • The 4Runner will go good in reverse an in low 2 but in drive & drive 1 it moves but just bairly. Can anyone help.
  • Ive had the truck a little over two years didnt have any problems exept a small oil leak under the motor area until about a year ago i noticed it not having power from a stop on a hill i had to manually shift the auto from low to drive also around that time i. Noticed the o/d light randomly appearing along with the emergency brake light. The light issues didnt last too long maybe a week tops the brake light will still randomly appear and go off yet the issue with power never went away i just got it out of the toyota dealership today they had it for 15 days ran all diagnostic checks and found there was no problems with anything they saw and told me no leaks or anything. Driving home everything seemed to be working fine until i park turn off the truck to get gas and there is the truck leaking a few drops of oil on the ground so i drive home (not a mile away) and the truck again has issues pulling o n hills! PLEASE SOMEONE GIVE ME ADVICE i am tired of dealing with this problem it needs to be fixed
  • This summer after towing boat for 2000 miles, my 2000 4-Runner ( 150K miles) developed a pronounced whine louder at low speeds. I had the transmission oil changed but whine remains. I have had regular maint for all of the 150K miles. Any ideas to root cause here? I also saw previous posts about a bad battery for some folks. My battery was dead after the car sat for 3 months. I recharged it and it appears okay.
  • My husband has a 2000 4runner SR5 with the same problem: engine check light it is on, the reverse light is on regardless what gear it is in, and it will down shift whenever the brights are on (and sometimes it will randomly downshift while we're driving on the highway). One auto shop told us that the code is for a the neutral safety switch but a toyota dealership told us they need to replace the ECA and wiring harness.
    fox_b, you say that you explained how you solved the problem but I couldn't find that post. We replaced the battery a couple months ago. Has anyone experienced this and if so, what is the fix?
  • i have same problem how can fix it and were are the parts on the trans
  • t4r07t4r07 Posts: 1
    edited March 2013
    2007 4Runner Sport (automatic) here with 136K miles - love the car. Neglected to change the transmission fluid. And for the past few months I’ve been surveying various mechanics and I got varying answers from:
    - don't touch it now - you could do more harm than good
    - sell the vehicle
    - check the fluid and if there's no shavings it will be okay
    I Procrastinated. But then 2 weeks ago I started getting a rumble while accelerating through 30mph. Like I was going over a rumble strip, but it wasn't in the steering or front wheels.
    I brought it into the shop where I get my oil changes. (They had told me two months ago, they wouldn’t recommend changing the transmission fluid.)
    They looked at the U joints, the rear differential, but nothing. They noticed that it didn’t happen when the car was in the 4 or 3 position. They decided on changing the transmission fluid. He told me the fluid was black but no shavings and he didn’t have the concerns he had before.
    The rumble lessened a bit, but not eliminated. He said he was certain it was in the transmission and recommended taking it to a transmission specialist.
    Any thoughts?
  • I also have a 2007 Toyota 4 Runner with the same problem. I have been told it was my tires (Bridgestone Revo 2), so I changed them to Brigestone Revo's HT which have less meat. Same size tire, just not an all terrain. Still no difference. I'm interested in what you find. Starting to think it's the transmission myself, but I'm no mechanic.
  • fasanifasani Posts: 3
    Hi! I have an incredible nice 2004 SR5 4X4 4 speed auto and I love it. The thing is that when I go from reverse to drive or to drive to reverse, it sounds like a crank noise and you can feel how the transmission connects the rear axle. During driving I have not a single problem or noise. It works really good. Any comments? Thanks in advance!!!! :shades:
  • fasanifasani Posts: 3
  • gnollygnolly Posts: 1
    New to this forum. My 2001 4-Runner (automatic - 145K miles) felt like it was running rough on the way home from work tonight (midnight!). When I exited the highway and came to a stop light, the engine died. It started right up again, but as soon as I tried to drive it, the engine quit again. Happened 4 times, and I finally gunned the engine a little and shifted from Neutral to Drive and it ran okay, but a bit rough. A few minutes later, the Check Engine light came on. As I pulled into the garage, the engine quit again as soon as I came to a stop.

    Any thoughts?


  • pking67pking67 Posts: 4
    2000 4runner had similar rough idle issue. Pulled MAF and cleaned up sensors, idles smooth now. Look up mass air flow sensor removal, super easy, carb cleaner and finish the job, air dry and replace. Again, look it up, easy try and rules out MAF issue.
  • javazoomjavazoom Posts: 6
    edited July 2013
    Hi - I chased this very same issue for quite a while. Long story short what I found was a broken solder trace on the printed circuit board behind the gauge cluster. The gauge cluster can be removed easily to allow access to the circuit board. I was then able to jump the broken trace section with a small piece of wire to correct the issue. Basically, what happens is the trace was broken where the lighting circuit needs to ground. Since it cannot ground properly the voltage feeds back into the lighting circuit and causes the weird issues you have experienced. Replacing the NSSwitch will not fix anything if it is the same issue I had. You can also replace the printed circuit board for about 150.00 if you are technically inclined as it requires removing the old printed board and re-installing the new.
    Hope this helps – Cheers CJ
  • We have a nice 4runner 4wheel drive and is an automatic with about 150,000 miles on it. We drove it down Baja and now are driving it around here. There is a howling noise and when I step on the gas it becomes louder. The howling is most audible in the car. Also, when I it the car into park there is a clear clunk. Any ideas? We located north of San Jose Del Cabo about 50 miles.
    Thank you everyone...
  • schovaschova Posts: 1

    I just started noticing my 2003 4Runner SR5 started having some issues and did a google search and landed here.
    I had a 90K service about 6 months ago where I replaced the tranny fluid.

    Lately I have been noticing that if I accelerate a bit more aggressively the tranny will not catch when shifting from 1st to 2nd. Is that normal? am I just giving it too much gas? or is this bad? I feel like that is really bad? have not experienced this before with this car.

    Just this morning the tranny slipped again and this time while in second it started making a spinning whining / rubbing type of noise. It goes away when I am back in first gear.

    Am I totally screwed?
    This 4Runner had been babied by my father, always dealer serviced, and never even towed anything! barely has over 100k on it now... I feel like the tranny shouldnt be going dead already with virtually no work put on it (as far as towing and stuff)

    Thank you for any advice in advance!

  • I have a 1999 4 Runner automatic V-6 2WD it has 221600 miles I've never had any problems with it I have always keep up with maintenance. I've changed timing belt 2 times with water pump & all hoses & belts and new radiator changed 3 years ago. All fluids & filters changed as needed. I'm having a slight problem with transmission when cold it takes for ever to get it to shift from 1st to 2nd once it's warmed up it will shift just fine could this be fixed by fluid and filter change?

  • shagi_87shagi_87 Posts: 1
    Each time I come close to a stop, boom. I feel a bang as the car downshifts. Sometimes this happens after I come to a full stop. Othertimes it doesn't happen. Then when I take off again, boom, a release or something. please please tell me what to do
  • seibenkoseibenko Posts: 2
    Hi everyone good to join this forum 
  • seibenkoseibenko Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 4runner, last week it developed a problem around the auto transmission, when I step on their brakes to standstill while on drive position the vehicle jecks and engine goes off. And on a standstill while they engine is on and I engage the drive the engine goes off. I have taken the car to their workshop, and then gearbox removed and checked and appears ok, then the convertor has been replaced and still having ttheir same problem, the mechanic is now assuming the connecting shaft from there gearbox to the convertor is worn. Please I need an advice on what next to do and get my ride back in shape.
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