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Nissan Versa Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • swooshbugswooshbug Posts: 5
    So, no car.

    Here is what they offered me:

    car price before incentives: 17073.00
    dealer fee: 115.00
    incentives: 3000.00

    So, car would have been $14188 plus taxes, tags, title. I walked, I'll see if they call me or not. Can I get it for cheaper? My last offer was for 16800-3000 incentives,so would have been 13915 plus taxes, tags, title.
  • jinsongjinsong Posts: 1
    I am looking for a Versa 1.8S hatchback automatic with power pakage. Anybody can share his price break down?
  • kool_chickkool_chick Posts: 3
    Hi All:

    I am looking at a Hatchback Nissan Versa SL, CVT , power package, floor mat with cargo compartment. The price I got quote is $14000 with rebate(1250 + 750( finance thru Nissan)) , need to add tax, tag and dealer fee.

    Can someone give me an idea if this is a good price? You think I can get it around $13600 or $13800 (to seal deal). Please help if you bought a similar car like this. I am in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.

    Thanks in advance,

  • You should be able to get a Versa H/B W/ ABS for $13800 after the rebates. (I also asked for window tint and received that as well. Never hurts to ask ;) Since it's the end of the month, you may be able to get an even lower OTD price.... :)
  • Give you my information
    I got the quote for a hatchback versa 1.8S with ABS, power package and mat.
    The selling price is 13110 before the tax.
    The out the door price would be around 14500~14600.

    I am in southern california.

    If there is anyone want to buy a new versa near southern CA, we should go together!!!
  • kool_chickkool_chick Posts: 3
    Thanks everyone for your reply. I decided to get a Honda Fit instead. See my post to see if it is a good price.
  • Have a great Versa day! :o)
  • iowa70iowa70 Posts: 4

    I just bought my 2009 Nissan Versa 1.8S hatchback automatic, with power package & cruise for $12988 OTD. Breakdown as follows

    14050 dealer price
    938 tax, tag transfer and doc fee
    2000 incentives
    $12988 total

    I didn't think that was too bad of a deal. Also, this was purchased in NC.
  • sdedmundssdedmunds Posts: 13
    iowa70 thanks for sharing. Would you mind telling us the APR? If it's the 2.9% APR from nissan, that would make you car payments at $233. I think that sounds like a reasonable price. However, you are in NC and the cost of living is much lower than in Miami, FL. So I don't know if I could get that same deal.

    Anyhow, as I mentioned in earlier posts, I am only three weeks away from going to the dealerships to haggle for a deal. Does anyone know of a no haggle nissan dealership near Miami, FL? I want to start the negotiations with that price. I guess it would be the same thing as starting with carmax, but nonetheless I'd like to talk to a physical dealership.
  • Im in the market for a new '09 versa but all i want is automatic and air condition. i don't need power windows, locks, or even a radio. Doesn't matter whether it's a sedan or hatch, whichever I can get for a lower price. what should i expect to pay. does anyone know the dealer invoice on these btw? :shades:
  • This forum is quite helpful... I figured I'd throw some numbers at you, perhaps it helps someone else. Just purchased a Versa HB SL w/CVT.

    I started by emailing four dealerships in my (central California) area. I gave them my OTD wishes, and three dropped me immediately, while the last one kept emailing back and forth and I ended up buying there. Initially I wanted the cheapest Hatchback available (no power and options and such) but ended up buying the high-end-ish model, because I felt I got more value for the money ($3000 rebate). I financed most of it with NMAC @ 7.24% which is required for part of the rebate. I plan to do a BT to a 0% CC very soon ;)

    Anyway, throwing some numbers at you:

    MSRP 17,310 (incl Floor Mats, Kickplate, Destination, excl. TTL) LOL

    My cash price was 16,402 - 3000 = 13,402
    Plus doc, tax, license, title 18,266 -3000 = 15266 OTD

    Basically I negotiated a OTD price before coming into the dealership.

    As for the car... My wife loves it. For being advertised as Americas cheapest car, it feels very solid. CVT is smoooooth. Extremely roomy in the back seat, much better than my Jetta, of course at the cost of trunk size. Almost no negatives... no ABS included, and I am not 100% comfortable in it even though it has arm rests and such. The seating position is very high, which isn't bad, but I don't find a way to relax my arms while grabbing the steering wheel, and the right foot doesn't have a way to rest while on the accelerator. Maintenance intervals are kinda short... On my Jetta I have to change oil every 10000mi, this one recommends 3750mi.
  • fatjohnbbfatjohnbb Posts: 1
    Thanks fflintstone1 for the post.
  • You are very welcome, any questions let me know...

    Another negative, I find it is a bit sensitive to windy conditions. Probably perfectly normal for a tall and light car.
  • I am looking at a 2009 Nissan Versa 1.8 S used with 10K miles on it. It is a year old and the warranty is the same for a new Versa, just minus a year. Specs:

    4-speed Transmission Auto
    Splash Guards
    Cruise Control
    1.8 S Power Package
    Floor and Trunk Mats.

    They are asking for $13,120 and with everything added (tax, destination charge etc) they are asking for $14,100 OTD. I want someone to tell me if this is a good deal. I am a college student and this is my first car that is over $3000. I want to be happy with my purchase. Also paying in full if that even matters.

    EDIT* It is also is Nissan Certified from a Toyota Dealership. NO ABS. Just thought I should add this.


    Flippy Hopkins
  • Does anyone know what the rebates/cash allowances have been over the last couple of months? I didn't want to jump on the July 4th cash allowance since I hadn't done enough research yet.

    I'm looking for a hatchback with automatic in Socal- no other real requirements.
  • As I know, there is 750 cash rebate for the versa HB ended on June 30. I am not sure the 500 cash rebate for the college graduate student has finish or not. I were not financing through Nissan, so I don't really understand the rebate related to NMAC cash. But as I know, there are not too much difference between these months.
  • For the SL hatchback that I bought end of June, there were $3000 rebates and incentives. I don't know the exact breakdown, but I believe it was a $750 cash incentive, $1250 for financing with NMAC, and there must have been another $1000 for something else. I am not college grad/military/loyal etc, so not sure... There was a big sticker about the $3000 rebate advertised on the car window.
  • rancher5rancher5 Posts: 1
    I just bought a '09 Versa using a '91 Ford Ranger with just under 250,000 miles on it and was darn glad it made it to the dealer, out the door cost was 7,250$ including everything; tax dealer handling out the door. I would of never bought a car if this wasn't possible . Thank You all for the help in buying my car, you all helped pay for it. Its a 1.6 5 speed manual no extras and I just love it for its comfort and fuel economy sense the other vehicles here our all big trucks. Write your congressman and senators as we are going down a slippery slope.
  • psgame2kpsgame2k Posts: 36
    Hi fflintstone1,

    What other options does your Versa SL have? I got my very own SL at end of June. My OTD price was $16000, after $3k cash rebate. It sounds like you got a better deal than me. Please share more of your buying experience at this forum. Thanks.
  • NEW VERSA S, INVOICE ~$12600, MSRP (with Destination Fee and Mats) $13910, Light Exterior, Dark Interior, Manual Trans:

    Dealer 1 $12,264 Out the Door-taxes, fees, transfer (OTD) - (in person)
    Dealer 2: $12.460 OTD (internet) - Had to 'locate' - believe it was a 'tactic'
    Dealer 3: $13,110 OTD (internet)
    Dealer 4: $13,200 OTD (in person)
    Dealer 5: $13,597.26 OTD (internet)
    Dealer 6: $14,567.42 OTD (internet)

    Range: ~2300
    Median: $13,155 OTD
    Mean: $13200 OTD

    Conclusion: 1. Most dealer's INVOICE really is or slightly below the OTD price.
    2. Higher volume dealers offer better prices.
    3. Dealer's make money on:
    A. Difference in INVOICE minus MSRP
    B. Points on financing the vehicle 2% spread equals $311 or $250-$350 flat incentive (I think this is ALOT MORE)
    C. Holdback: 2-3% or $360 on $12K
    D. Dealer Volume incentives (manufacturer to dealer incentives) $300-1000/per car.
    E. is an invaluable source of information
    F. August Rebates are the highest ($1250)
    4. Figure out the highest volume dealer in the area, go to each; if each do not deal, play one against the other.
    5. I did not 'do my deal' over the internet, but learned alot of information.

    Research Complete on August 8, 2009.
    SOLD! $12,264. NEW VERSA S, RED, Manual Trans, AC, RADIO/CD, No Power Package/Cruise Control.
  • There seems to be a LOT of Versa Sedans in each of the Nissan Dealer's Inventory. If you are looking for one - wait...I smell a fire sale ahead.
  • Hi psgame,

    I might have gotten a slightly better deal. I contacted four dealerships via email, and three basically dropped me right away after I told them what I wanted.

    I asked for the cheapest SL. I am not sure about the various packages, but I got floormats (which I thought I wouldn't, they might have just missed to remove them). There is a 6 CD changer with a aux port, cruise control on the steering wheel, and all power stuff. (Edit - it does not have ABS).

    Basically I shared my buying experience at my earlier reply. Let me know what specifics you would like to know.
  • A while ago I saw Versa sedans advertised for $7800.

    They were pretty basic, no AC, no radio, etc. Still great price for a decent new vehicle with factory warranty.
  • psgame2kpsgame2k Posts: 36
    Hi fflintstone1,

    thanks for the quick reply. Cruise control and power everything are standard on the SL model. Mine does have few upgrades. I got the convenience package, ABS package and splash guard.

    Convenience package adds Bluetooth phone call and starting the car without a key. However I don't think the added "convenience" is worth the $700 additional cost. Plus CA just raise sales tax fee months ago. MSRP was $18190; dealer price $17300; tax + all other fee is almost $2000; minus $3000 cash back, OTD actually $16300.

    What is the manufacture date of your SL?

    What color did you get? I really wanted a blue one
  • psgame2kpsgame2k Posts: 36
    Back in June, the hatchback S model had $750 cash rebate + $1250 rebate if you finance thru NMAC. As for hatchback SL model, cash back was $1750 + $1250 rebate if financing thru NMAC. I believe the $750 / $1750 still available for hatchback models; but the $1250 financing rebate is gone. just google "Nissan Regional Offers", put in your zip code, then you can see what rebate is available.
  • Hi psgame,

    ABS is probably worth something... wasn't a big deal for me since here in Central Cali it is usually dry. If you get into wet or snowy conditions I'd think I'd gladly pay more to get it.

    I didn't want the "convenience package"...

    So my "dealer price" was lower (16400). It's just a made up number anyway, resulting from what I told them I was willing to pay, minus fees, plus any incentives. I am not too concerned with the sales tax (1500 I think) since we should be able to write that off or get a credit next tax year.

    Dunno manufacturing date. I think they just made it in Mexi recently. I got the silver one. Was kinda in between the silver, platinum/gray, and light blue. Don't like the red and dark blue and black ones. White is kinda bleh, looks like a refrigerator. Decided on silver since it hides dirt very well, and doesn't heat up as much as a darker color. I still like it most after seeing more other colors on the road.
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,134
    My kid got this color on her SL H/B with ABS and she just loves it. We had the windows tinted with the lightest tint and it looks really sharp. Don't personally care for the slowness of the CVT to get up to speed, a little longish if you ask me, but I just love the ability to just slide right over to get into the front seat and with my spinal issue, that's a great advantage. Getting into all our other cars, I kinds drop down into the seats which is very uncomfortable bordering on the painful. Nissan sure got the Versa drivers seat right.
    Otherwise, great car for the price and it just looks so much better than the Fit, inside & out.

    The Sandman :sick: :shades: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • psgame2kpsgame2k Posts: 36
    Hi fflintstone1,

    It is easy to locate manufacturing date. Open driver side door, bend down slightly to the right, on the side panel, you will see a label with manufacture info on it. Manufacturing date shows the month and year.

    The choices I had were black or gray. I chose the gray. But it is actually light gray; it looks good when sunlight shines on it.
  • psgame2kpsgame2k Posts: 36
    Hi sandman_6472,

    congrats on getting a arctic blue SL. I like that color ver much. Will you mind sharing your out the door price breakdown? Thanks
  • Hello
    first of all, thanks for everyone sharing their versa purchase experience. i am in the market for 09 versa 1.8 SL HB with ABS/Conv Pkg, i believe the MSRP+dest is 18190.

    what's a good price to start negotiate with Boston area nissan dealers?
    and what are people paying for this model?

    please let me know

    many many thanks in advance
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