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Nissan Versa Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Bought a 11 sedan 1.6 automatic last weekend. 12,070+tax/dmv in california.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • Nalley Nissan Decatur, GA
    1.8S Hatchback, Auto
    Power Plus Pkg, Splash Guards, Aluminum Kickplates
    Sticker - 16,645
    OTD - 13,432.21 all inclusive @ 7%
    No other Nissan dealer in Atlanta came close.
    Hopefully nothing goes wrong with it, I think they're struggling to compete with all the new cars coming out like the focus, fit, etc.

  • natureboy3natureboy3 Posts: 5
    edited March 2011
    Bought in Minneapolis
    New 2011 Versa 1.8S HB
    4sp auto
    splash guards
    5 piece floor/trunk set
    power plus pkg
    VDC pkg

    I was in and out of dealer in an hour and a half - no trade, cash.

    $14248 OTD
  • jmarieljmariel Posts: 5
    gmjdosb & natureboy3,

    I am in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area.
    I am in the market for this same setup, same sticker price of 16,645.

    How did you get it down so low?

    So far, I have

    16,645 MSRP
    15,933 Internet Price
    -1,000 Trade
    14,933 + T,T,F (8%), which would put me at around 16,208
  • jmarieljmariel Posts: 5
    One more question:

    My dealer is offering 0% for 60 months or $1,500 cashback. I will most likely go with the low apr.

    Does this OTD price include a cashback offer like the above?
  • natureboy3natureboy3 Posts: 5
    edited March 2011
    "How did you get it down so low?"

    I bought this car from a dealer more than 100 miles away so I dealt only with their internet sales dept by email.

    They gave me a firm itemized quote and even the VIN number of the car so I could look it up in their inventory through the internet. By the time I got up there the car was all prepped with a full tank of gas. All that was left was a short test drive and paper work.

    I think the real question is not how did I get the price down but how did the dealer get the price down.

    Here's the numbers taken off of my purchase agreement - the only legal binding agreement between the dealer and the buyer in my state:

    MSRP ("STICKER PRICE") 16885
    REBATE -1500
    SALES TAX 861.12
    DOCUMENT FEE 75.00

    If you can make sense of the these numbers you are a better man than me.

    This OTD price was $1440 less than the best I could negotiate with my local Nissan dealer so it does pay to look around.

    A few thoughts:
    This was the largest Nissan dealer in my state. They had about 18 Versas on the lot and for them it was a clean cash-no trade deal and maybe they had a cash flow problem.

    Also better buy quick they are closing down the plants in Japan and that can't mean anything other than higher prices.

    Good Luck
  • Bought it last Sunday in Sunnyvale CA, it has what they call the plus package, a nice car with all power windows, keyless entry, MP3 player and all.

    Paid 13700 OTD. down payment 3700 and got remaining financed @ 3.75%

    in CA the ttl is about 1300-1400 dollar for this price so dealer actually got close to 12400 dollars, I am sure it is a very good deal but still please do let me know if someone else was able to get a similar deal in bay area?
  • jmarieljmariel Posts: 5
    Thanks so much! This forum really helped me to get an amazing deal for a 2011 hatchback with power package!

    I dealt with a few Nissan dealers in the PA/NJ area, and tried to get the best deal. I ended up with:

    $16,645 MSRP
    $13,299 OOD (including 8%). No money down and 0.9%

    Free lifetime Pa State Inspection
    Free 1 Year of Maintance
  • Man you can not get a 2011 1.8s Versa hatchback for the price you have quoted, probably you got what the dealers use as a loaner car or a repo one, get it checked before you drive it too much...or this 13,299 is before the TTL?
  • jmarieljmariel Posts: 5
    13,299 after TTL. Seems like I only paid about $400 less than you. What's not believable about that?
  • because I know how low a dealer can go on a 2011 1.8s versa hatchback, anyways if you really got it at that price its good for you and bad for the dealer as he took a loss.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    Incentives can vary from one geographical area to another.
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    Last October I bought a new 2011 Versa Hatch, manual shift with power package,sill plates, and mud flaps for 13K OTD. I was very pleased with that price.
  • Hi Jmariel, I am looking for the save vehicle in PA/NJ area. Can you let me know which dealership did you get the good deal?
  • i am looking to buy a 2011 Nissan Versa Hatch or sedan. I am in NY/NJ/PA area. Can anyone suggest a good dealer?
  • myml1myml1 Posts: 3
    HI Can I get the dealer name, that you visited. Can I have your name for reference
  • jmarieljmariel Posts: 5
    Please email me and I will give you my name for reference as well as the info, thanks!
  • drbaddrbad Posts: 3
    Which dealer did you get it from? And was this a automatic? Thanks in advance.
  • cj_ccj_c Posts: 1
    Which dealer in Sunnyvale, CA? Thanks
  • Appreciate if you can suggest a good dealer and price for Nissan Versa. Just want "a" car to drive from home to work on 405. Live 10 miles from the office. So Just want to get a car.

    Appreciate you feedback and suggestion.

  • hi Sam,

    Can you please tell which dealer you got in Sunnyvale ? So essentiall 12500 (1.8S + Plus Package) + TTL seems like a good deal.

    I will check with the few dealers over here if they can get it to this close..

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • I went to a dealership over the weekend to inquire the VPP price (plan A) for the 2011 Nissan Versa Hatchback 1.8s automatic with the power package. I was quoted 17K out the door. ($500 incentive if I were to finance with them). Why so high?
  • vikramsvikrams Posts: 2
    Hi ,

    I am looking for this car. Is this manual ? Can you please tell me the dealer name and the sales person contact ?

    Please Reply , I need to buy the car ASAP.

  • I bought this car end of March 2011 and paid 14k OTD. Dealer was Falore Nissan, car is 1.8s hatchback, plus package automatic.

    This Saturday I again went to the same dealer with my friend who wants to buy the same Versa, dealership has changed and so are all the people who worked there when I had bought it. My friend couldn't get the same deal, the final price offered to him was $15400 OTD.

  • I have already posted my reply but the 14k deal is not there anymore, I had bought an automatic only. Dealer offered 15.4k OTD for the car.
  • yes it was around 12.5k + TTL, automatic 1.8s hatchback 2011 with power plus package. I got it from Falore Nissan in Sunnyvale.
  • 930331930331 Posts: 1
    can you tell me where in CA even though it has been a long time ago
    Thank you
  • ctxctx Posts: 50
    Bought a 1.6 s sedan with AC and automatic - 2012 for $12.5k + ttl for walk out of 13.5k. Austin, tx. Good or bad deal? Only one dealer offered this price. The others told me they couldn't touch it.
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