stabilitrack on 06 trailblazer just came on, why?

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I just had to replace my ignition key and the FOB. The FOB programed just as instructed on GM site and the key works just fine, no chip in key. Now when I got in it and headed down the road the stabilitrack light comes on. The only thing done was the program of the new FOB and new key so I am thinking something to do with that but just what I don't know because the manual is very vague on the issue. Could it be the steering wheel sensor with the new key? Any guidance is appreciated, thanks in advance. Greywolfe57


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    Could be the ignition key change, but you'll probably need to get the codes read to find out what's going on. It may just be a coincidence that the problem came up after the key change. Poking around online, I'm seeing chatter about the steering wheel sensor being a common cause.
  • greywolfe57greywolfe57 Member Posts: 2
    thanks for the feedback. I did check with the local dealer and was informed that this could happen and was just a temporary issue when reprograming a new FOB and KEY. the system could take up to 24 hours to recognize the new components which evidently is what happened as the next day the light was off and has not illuminated since. thanks again for responding.

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