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Lexus IS Squeaks and Rattles



  • dannyromodannyromo Posts: 3
    Hey I got a 2006 IS350 (certified pre-owned) and took it to the dealer a couple of months ago. They told me the warranty would cover this fix however they need to replicate it. The thing is that I live in southern California and since it's hot outside the rattle isn't as loud as when it is cold outside since plastic expands at heat. Now I'm just gonna wait till it gets a little colder and hopefully the rattle will be there. I asked my mechanic who is specialized in Lexus if he knows what I'm talking about and he told me that he just fixed one rattle like that a couple of days before I took my car in for service and he charged $600 for it. (trust me when I tell you he's an honest guy and I really do trust him) If your car is out of warranty I'm guessing you're out of luck for me I hope they'll replicate the noise because every time I took my car in for service they always tried to deny they hear anything ... Let me know how it goes
  • gary118gary118 Posts: 1
    edited September 2010
    I do not normally write reviews but I feel like I need to in this case. I purchased a new Lexus IS 250 back in October 2009. I would like to state for the record that there are a number of cars that I was considering but decided to go with the Lexus because of the great reputation for quality.

    After owning the car for a couple of weeks, I noticed a rattle in the back right hand side of the interior. At first, it was somewhat quiet and infrequent. But as time went on, the rattle became louder and more regular. Now every time I drive over a small bump, uneven pavement, or any other unsmooth surface, the rattle is very pronounced. I never did anything that would have caused this issue, and do not have the time to deal with this crap.

    Anyway, the dealer said it is not going to be a simple fix and I would need to bring it back another day to have them “tear apart” the entire back interior of the car to find and fix the issue. Needless to say, it turns my stomach to imagine the interior of my new car will be completely disassembled. And I know when they tear apart the car that the leather seats and plastic panels will get cracked and never look new again. I am considering not having them fix it and just selling it outright as the car still looks new (less then 4,000 miles on it). I'm planning on getting a BMW 3 series which is what I should have done in the first place.

    This leads me to ask how could this problem have occurred on a new $40,000 car in the first place? What happened to quality control? If Lexus wants to compete, they will need to address this type of quality control issue and live up to their promises.
  • My IS 250 AWD started rattling after about 5000 miles. I have decided to live with it since the biggest rattle is in the dash and I believe if they take the entire dash apart to repair it, I may end up having more rattles after they put it back to gether. It is a wonderful driving car, however do not believe that i would ever buy another one.
  • I have the same car and it had all the same problems. First there is a service bulletin out on the dash rattle. That was taken care of under warranty. I hear a rattle every once in awhile but for the most part it's gone. Right after that was fixed the car developed another rattle that I thought was under the far left side of the dash. The dealer replaced a part of the seat belt assembly and that went away. Again, it was taken care of under warranty. There are still little squeaks and rattles but for the most part the car is quiet. I couldn't live with the noise and had to do something about it.

    Selling the car for a BMW is trading a headache for an upset stomach. I did just the reverse and sold my new 2003 325xi after the gas gauge wouldn't work and then the fix caused it to not start on demand. At least my Lexus has not let me down. Ironically after a couple of frustrating days with the IS rattles I wrote the corporate offices of Lexus and stated that as frustrating as the BMW was at least the maintenance was free. I'm still getting free oil changes... Good luck.
  • I have rattling noise that come from the left driver seat air vent. The air vent kind a loose, when I push in and hold tight the noise goes away.
    Anyone know if they can fix this ?? and how much ??
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