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Dodge Ram Climate Control



  • :confuse: I have a 2004 Ram 3500 that will only blow out the vents. When I change to defog it will change to ac but not blow out the top, nor will it blow out the floor. Any ideas on a fix? I'm taking my dash apart this weekend. To expensive to take to a dealership...Or I'm just to cheap!
  • I have a 2004 3500 turbo diesel. Does the A/C run off a motor or vacuum system? Sorry if I worded this wrong.
  • corkscrewcorkscrew Posts: 254
    This link has a video that will help you open the dash as well as diagnose your problem: Hope this helps
  • So it's winter and I've been running the heater. Sometimes the heater never gets hot and gauge never gets above 130. If I start down the highway and go 65 the gauge spikes to 245 and idiot light comes on and then heat immediately comes out heater and gauge come back to normal, about 195. Then it will cycle back to cold air out vents, overheat then heat out vents. WTF. I checked antifreeze and it was low. Very low. I put jug in and it brought it up half way between add and full. Is my thermostat stuck shut. Water pump problem. I never flushed coolant. Just added as needed. Got 67000 miles on truck. Any ideas? Thanks for your time. J
  • slyhogslyhog Posts: 2
    Sounds like you have an air pocket in the cooling system. if this is a diesel there is a tube on the passenger side head with a hose that runs through the firewall, remove the hose from the tube and add coolant into the radiator until it runs out the tube Do this with the engine off. Go slow and when you get the coolant out of it reconnect the hose and start the truck with heat on and idling any remaining air should work its way out thru the filler cap. then put the cap on and keep a check on it for a few days it will use some of the water in the overflow tank but not all, if it goes dry again you have a leak somewhere inthe system or other problems.
    If it is a gasoline motor add coolant into the radiator cap opening with the engine running and heater on at idle, give it some time as it takes a while for the air bubble to work its way thru the engine and into the radiator. Then just follow the same as above filling until it isnt bubbling anymore. Take your time it isnt easy to get out the air bubbles. Adding coolant to the tank does nothing to help if your coolant has dropped below the thermostat.
  • It is a diese.l I will give that a try and see what happens. Thanks for the post.
  • We have the same problem on my dad's truck. We have tested all the motors, they are working. We have even drilled holes into the heater box so we could get a sneak peak at the doors to make sure they were working in conjunction with the motors. We flushed the system first. Both heater hoses are the same temp. What next?
  • corkscrewcorkscrew Posts: 254
    Open the link on message #399, there is a video there that will help diagnose hvac problems. Also, read message #326, there may be a problem with the heater core.
  • i have a 98 ram 1500 with 5.9 the air coming out of the heater is warm wile driving but cools at idl new thermostat what could it be :confuse:
  • I am a new member, read all post on Air Conditioning problems and didn't see a match to my problem. Problem: AC goes down to about 56F with ambient outside at 84F while driving and won't go any cooler. System outputting 61F with truck parked at 84F ambient outside temperature.
    Checked system refrigerant charge and it is Normal at 43 pounds.
    About 1 hour later while driving AC cooling output gets warm and stays there. I also noticed when the AC air gets warm the dual climate control gets hot to the touch on the up right face of module.

    Could the climate control module be the problem?

    I checked all the fuses when AC gets warm and all are SAT.

    All HVAC doors work blowing air in all switch positions.

    Any one seen this problem? If so please advise. Thanks'
  • I have 2003 Dodge Ram 2500. The A/C blower will not turn on it has a new blower, and everthing. It was working and cold now it wont even blow any air. Ive checked all the fuses and
  • tmrealestatetmrealestate Posts: 1
    edited July 2011
    Hello everyone, I was hoping someone would know how I can fix my ac. I have a 2006 Ram 3500 Mega Cab, the AC has never blown very hard since the day I bought the truck new at Carson City Dodge, this past week I had the AC totally stop, I should say the fan stopped. When I turn on the fan/AC controllers nothing comes on and no air comes out. The lights on the ac button when pushed come on, the recirculate button light comes on, and the defrost light comes on, but no noise, no air, no blowing, nothing.

    I really can't afford to go to the dealer to fix this, I still have big payments on the truck and I have a 3 year old daughter so the 100+ weather is a problem. If anyone has had this problem and knows what it is please let me know.

    I thank you all in advance, I appreciate those who can help.
  • We have an 08 that just did the same thing,put it on the computer and nothing comes up that anything is wrong.Talked to a couple guys at work and they had the same problem with their Ram's.Suck's because it is hotter than he#$ here also and now we will have to take it to a dealer to see what is wrong.If I find out I will let you know,hoping it's not the compressor.
  • I was having problems with the vents changing to defrost mode when i accelerated and air would stop blowing until i let off the gas. well i decided to try to disable the vent system all-together. under the steering wheel section of the dash i located a silver vacuum canister (size of a small inline fuel filter) with a flat "rod style setup connected to a rotating valve (almost like a throttle body would open close). the vacuum cannister pushes the rod up to switch from dash to defrost ..I simply removed the 2 screws-moved the silver vacuum device from its mounted place and reinserted screws (to make sure i dont misplace them for later use).got a small peice of wire and held the valve to the rotated down position (to the dashboard vent position).connected the wire to the top valve peice and then to one of the screws i had reinserted.then doin your basic tie wire move tightened it so it wont have slack.basicly holding it in the open position. now when it tries to change by itself the vacuum cannister peice just moves (because its not mounted) up or down. long quick fix story short my air no longer changes to defrost and cuts off when im driving. obviously if u live ina place where you will need a defroster you will have to out it back when that time comes, but until then CHILL out and enjoy the REFRESHING cool air. btw this disables the control to switch to any other position. its a dash only air condition fix.

    Hope this helps. enjoy if it does. post if u have the real fix lol. Robert A.
  • I also have the same type of problem and was wondering if you have had a solution to your problem. When i'm sitting there without the truck in motion it will start to blow warm air but on the interstate the cold comes back.
  • jocko - pretty safe bet your cooling fan on your AC radiator isn't working. When you're moving, air moves through the radiator and makes the fan irrelevant. When you're stopped, the fan should be turning to keep air moving.
  • My airconditioning just started acting up. While the truck is not in motion it will blow warm air but once the truck starts moving it seems to cool off and work correctly
  • what would be the best way to check this? should the fan be working at all times or only when the aircondition is turned on
  • michaels_dadmichaels_dad Posts: 8
    edited August 2011

    Check to see if you have voltage to the fan when the AC is turned on. If so, bad fan. If not, could be a bad relay (to the left of the fan under the passenger dash). See if you have voltage TO the relay. If not, you either have a bad switch or, more likely, a bad ignition module. This happened to me...a $30.00 part, and a couple hours labor to replace. Have you had any other problems with any dash components working intermittantly? That's what clued me in to the ignition module.
  • Start it up, turn on the AC to cold, and let it idle. If the AC cooling fan (under the hood to the right when facing the truck) isn't spinning, then that's likely your problem. I think it was in the neighborhood of $100.00 plus labor.
  • I know I already have a problem with the switch that attaches to the key on the colume. Is this what your referring to?
  • Yep. Not the lock cylinder itself, but the switch it connects to. It's a flat odd shaped black box, if I recall about an inch thick and a few inches across. If you're already having issues with that, I'll bet that's your problem.
  • Sorry, getting you mixed up with the guy whose interior fan won't blow. Your problem is almost surely the AC cooler fan under the hood. Mine wen't started running slower and slower until finally it didn't run at all.
  • I'll have to check it for 12 volts while the a/c is running I assume. Should this be running anytime the a/c is turned on?
  • I,ve got it all taken care off. replaced the motor today for $85.00 and a little bit of my time about a hour. The manuals says you have to remove the condenser but i was able to loosen it from the fan shroad and gentley work behind it with out disconnecting the lines. just be careful not to damage the slip ring that secures the fan to the shaft and you should be able to reuse the ring. I'm sure I saved about $150 if i had taken it to the dealer. Thank you Michaels dad
  • FYI. If your ac blows warm when idling and cold when in motion, check your electric fan on the a/c heat exchanger under the hood next to the radiator. If its not moving with the a/c on, turn the a/c off, remove the wiring harness to the fan motor, turn the a/c on with the truck running and check for voltage (12- 14 volts d/c). If you have voltage then your fan motor has probly gone bad. You can also use your meter to check continuety of the motor if you have a ohm setting . You should see continuety and if not the motor is bad and needs to be replaced. Hope this helps and good luck.
  • Hi, I'm having the exact same problem. If you wouldn't mind, where exactly do I look for the small .1 dia hose? Thanks.
  • Good for you I am not sure I will ever purchased another Chrysler product after this 2011 Ram. It has been issues from the purchase til now three months later and RAM's Case Managers stink they are all full of it as they all will tell you what they can't do for you and does not seem to have any power to make anything happen no matter if it's their problem or not. Just as an example there was an error on the window sticker for my new Ram and it was supposed to be a $750.00 "Customer Preferred" discount for the Big Horn package I believe but it was listed under the options and instead of it being deducted it was added to the price so the truck was actually $1,500.00 more then what it should had been and the dealership was demanding it was Chrysler and of course Chrysler was saying it was in the hands of the dealership but it took several calls back and forth and about 3 to 4 weeks later the General Manager of the Dealership finally came to a realization the fact that I was not giving up and so he contacted his Chrysler representative and they finally agreed there was a mistake and paid the difference but the invoice price which came to about $1,300.00 all said and done. My wife and I have purchased quite a few new Chrysler products but never have been so disgusted with Chrysler until now. So now we will be looking to another manufacturer next time.... oh well sorry about their luck!!!
  • jfun1jfun1 Posts: 2
    My A/C Works But It Isnt Blowing As Hard As I Should When I Have The Controls To Full Blast It Gets Cold But Doesnt Blow Can Somebody Help A Brotha Out Im In Texas Cooking Lol Please And Thanks
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