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Toyota Prius Dash & Instrumentation Questions



  • bbb99bbb99 Posts: 58
    Is it the battery? What else could it be?
  • My reverse camera stopped working. The screen is mostly white with a rainbow pattern in it when I put it into reverse. No other problems with the display. I have a 2006. Anyone else had their cameras do this? Please don't respond about cleaning the camera lens, this is not the problem. I can't find anyone else who has had a camera go out. the dealer said it's about $1000.00 to replace it.
  • Aparently this is a major problem that toyota has with all of their digital displays that are in cars from 2004-2009. I have also been having the same problem for some time and it is really inconvenient and should be resolved by toyota. I have researched and found this website to have some very important and needed information. e/
  • Hello
    I just read your posting about your 2005 Prius. BRAKE, ABS & VSC lights on dash -
    I have a 2005 with the same problem.'It has been to the dealer twice in 7 days. They say they can't figure out the problem.
    When this happens i can not power down the vehicle. After a long wait (hours) i can power down but it will not power up.
    what was your solution?
    It is at the dealer now, any help you an give iw greatly appreciated.
    Thank You Very much
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