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  • The brakes on my 2007 Prius seems grabby. Is that normal?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,770
    Brakes can get grabby if you have contamination like oil, grease, or brake fluid on the linings. But sometimes brakes will get grabby in wet weather too. Are you experiencing chronic grabiness, or might it just be the changing fall weather?

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  • You might be feeling the regenerative braking especially if the grabbing is subtle and when you first touch the pedal. I noticed it on my 2004 but I was happy the energy was going back into the battery. Very slight on my Prius. I couldn't ever complain to the service department and I'm generally pretty picky.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Yes it's normal and it's just a matter of adjusting to the new feel. It takes about a week. I notice sometimes that when it's wet and damp and humid that the Prius brakes are 'grabbier' on the first braking.
  • Most answers are pretty much on track but I'd like to emphasize one paramount thing. The brakes do have unique issues. They do feel grabby from time to time and especially when conditions are wet. I'm not sure that this feel of the brakes is without serious consideration. Sometimes it's worse than other times. I wonder if Toyota has ever addressed this issue? I have over 93K miles and have delt with this quirk for 5 years but do find it annoying.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter from a national magazine would like to speak with Toyota Prius owners who have bought the Hymotion kit to convert their car into plug-in hybrid. If you own or drive one of these converted vehicles, please respond to with your daytime contact information no later than Monday, November 17th.

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  • oldsargoldsarg Posts: 21
    I recently received an insurance quote from Allstate and full coverage on a Prius is $240 a year more than a Lexus RX330. I called the agent and he stated that a Prius sustains more damage in a collision is the reason for the higher rate. If it sustains more damage, logic is that it puts the passengers in more danger.
  • akollerakoller Posts: 15
    Maybe, but not always. Sometimes damage occurs because the safety processes built into the car provide extra protection for the occupants by sacrificing elements of the car such as crushing posts and shearing engine mounts to reduce shock to the cockpit. I'll take my Prius and pay the extra money.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    I answered your other post on the other thread with this same answer...

    "Safety and damage repair are two completely different issues with the insurance companies. Yes both concern accidents but vehicles are intentionally designed to collapse around the passenger cabin deflecting the effects of a crash around the occupants in order to keep them safe.

    Your Lexus is several years old also. How old/new is the Prius?"
  • When I transitioned from a ten-year old General Motors van to a Prius, my rates only rose $4 per month on insurance, but my maintenance and fuel costs dropped about $400. I was happy to apply the $400 in monthly savings toward the $4 increase on insurance.

    Last weekend, I parked my Prius at Denver International Airport for five days. When I returned, I could not start the Prius. No problem, I always carry a spare battery pack in the back of my vehicles and a quick jump got the Prius back on-line. However, I think that I remember reading something about this kind of problem in a stored Prius. Please explain the phenomenon as well as any remedy. As an alternative, I would be happy to never fly in a commercial aircraft again and drive my Prius across country instead. When I reached Seattle, I was glad to find a rental company that had a Prius to lend me for the weekend tour.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    There is a relatively small 12v battery in the Prius because it's only needed for keeping a few low-draw electronics 'on line'. Since the hybrid battery supplies the 'cranking power' to the ICE via MG1 the 12v battery is only about half the size of a normal car battery.

    Two conditions can run down the 12v.
    1) A light on over night will likely run it down.
    2) Your case. The five SKS antennas in the Prius are 'on alert' 24/7. These do draw on the 12v battery. That's likely what ran down your small battery.

    To avoid this look under your steering wheel. There are two buttons there. 'KEY' and 'SET'. If you push in the KEY button you will deactivate the five SKS proximity sensors. This will keep them from drawing down the small 12v battery. However your Smart Key will not work at that point so you'll have to lock the doors manually or via the fob as a normal keyless remote ( redundant backup ). When you come back to your Prius sitting in the parking garage you'll have to use the remote to unlock the door so that you can release the KEY button to reactivate the five sensors.

    Clear? Any questions ask away.
  • jweaver39jweaver39 Posts: 15
    just purchased new 09 prius, just had first fill-up after 500 miles on 1st tankful with 8.6 gallons,for 58mpg, love it!!!, my driving is 90%city, 10%highway, have not made a long road trip yet.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I stop the pump at $xx.52, since I was born in 1952. When I look at my VISA bill, I can pick out fuel purchases in an instant (since they all end in .52).

    That's brilliant Chazzzman - wish I'd been doing that all these years (I keep track of every tank and I too was born in '52).

    I test drove a 2010 Prius II yesterday. Very nice ride. I could see myself in one except the ground clearance is a concern. It has the same ground clearance as my minivan (~5.5"), but there are just a couple of dangly parts on my minivan that hang down that low. Most of the undercarraige on it approaches 8 inches, not much different than my Outback.

    We like to cruise and camp on forest service roads around here, and I've whacked the van's oil pan and other stuff now and then, even though I'm pretty careful with it.

    Anyone driving a lot of gravel with their Prius? Snowboarder4?

    Steve, visiting host
  • i just change my own oil on a 2009 prius & my question is, how to you turn off the "maint. req'd" light that comes on and stay on at 4700 miles for sched. oil changes.
  • Your question is timely, since my light is on and my Prius requires an oil change this week. My instructions to myself:

    1] Press POWER - ON
    2] Press ODO
    3] Press POWER - OFF
    4] Press and hold ODO
    5] Press POWER - ON
    6] Continue to hold ODO until ODO flash and reset
    7] Release ODO
    8] Press POWER - OFF

    Enjoy your Prius! :)
  • thanks for the timely reply!! going to turn the light off tonight!!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    If you are a parent and drive a new Prius, please email to be interviewed.


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  • sl168sl168 Posts: 7
    I just bought a 2010 Prius. Being the 1st time hybrid owner, the drive is much better than what I expected. However, my wife just scratched the bottom of the front end on a friend's driveway after 100 miles or so. The reason is Toyota has lowered the front of the Prius body to reduce the drag on the car, just like that of a sports car. As such, the new Prius has to be driven like a Ferrari when you are not on the speedway. You have to watch out for every bump and pot hole everywhere you go. And I expect more scratches and pains to come in the coming months before my wife gets used to this driving style.
  • I manage to make it up most Forest Service roads to trailheads, being careful in the way that I carve the potholes. My mother always taught us to take risks and purchase things to use, not just admire. My father was obsessive over keeping his possessions in perfect conditions, not enjoying the adventures of life. Most of his stuff was thrown-out when he died and the only remorse was that the family did not get to use more of the stuff for enjoyment. That is why I climb mountains now, even though I destroy a lot of equipment.
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    So far am regretting the purchase.Will have some more comments later.I'm too tired right now. :sick:
  • After years of wanting of and begging, I finally wore my husband down. Today he bought me a 2007 Generations II Prius. I am in love. Although I must admit, I am a little over whelmed. The owners manual is not very clear so it is going to be a lot of trial and error . I hope the car and I can live through it as well as my
    For an example, the salesman told us it showed you how many miles to empty. That is a feature we both like in a vehickle. We spent a lot of time trying to find that particular feature in the book, finally calling Toyota. After talking to 2 techs and 20 minutes later being told this model did not have it.... we did not feel too stupid, only
    I would love this car no matter what. I have waited a long time to own one. Any tips would be appreciated!
    Carol B :P
  • stevegoldstevegold Posts: 185
    My suggestion is to simply drive and enjoy the car. It is great and very easy to drive.
    Forget about the book. You will only torment yourself unnessicarily. After a month or two, you can read the book but it won't be necessary or it will be fun.
  • I cannot imagine anyone not being thrilled to own a Prius. If anyone regrets a purchase of a Prius, I am sure that there are long lines of buyers drooling over those who are lucky enough to be cruising down the road in a very efficient, intelligently-designed vehicle. I find the most roomy efficiency vehicle that I have ever owned in thirty-five years of operating vehicles. I have never been concerned over running out of fuel, since I usually fill-up at 100, 200, or 300 miles on the odometer and the little boxes on the dash display drop a square for about every two gallons of fuel expended. I cannot imagine why anyone would challenge the Prius by testing whether it ran out of gas after 400 miles or more. Of course, I almost never go through a tank of fuel in a month.

    Last year, I averaged 48 MPG in mountain driving conditions. This year, I reduced mileage almost 10% by purchasing a set of heavy, sticky, all-season tires. Traction was good with the original tires, but is admittedly stronger in snow with the new tires. The only problems that I have encountered during the past two years: 1] I could not find the spare tire because it is hidden beneath a plastic compartment under the carpeting when you open the hatch; 2] I made use of the extra battery with clamps that I always carry in my vehicle after a passenger left a light on inside the car while it was parked at the airport for a week; 3] I soaked one of the electronic keys in a rainstorm, causing it to not function, causing me to spend $250 on a replacement key that was not required since the original key resumed operation after it dried-out; 4] I was pulled-over by a young police officer for accelerating too fast within municipal limits with my muscle car. :shades:
  • So I may be biased since I drove a 1999 Honda Civic Sedan for 10 years, but I absolutely love my Prius. Period.
  • I do love the car.I find it exciting.I decided to take your advice and just enjoy it.BTW I'm not listening to all the BS the media is putting out about Toyota..thanks for taking time to get back to me.. :)
  • mbros2kmbros2k Posts: 71
    edited February 2010
    The car is 6 months old now with 3000 miles. Our Prius performs as advertized with mileage at 50/hw, 46 /city, with normal driving. It is comfortable to drive, smooth riding with a few rattles from the console area. All features perform nicely, especially the air conditioning, stereo and nav. Totally love the keyless entry and adaptive cruise control. When it comes to pure driving pleasure though, I'll take my 2006 Acura TSX. The Prius is a fine car (very cool, high tech, and eco-friendly), just don't expect it to perform like a BMW just because it can cost as much as one.
  • Still learning about the car which we bought on the same day the San Diego loon was loose on the freeway. Probably could have done better a few days after that incident and yesterday's woman crashing into a wall, but ... Love my 99 Forester but now that I don't have to be anywhere in snowy weather, I am ready for the Prius. The manual(s) could be clearer, but we will get through them to the fun part.
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    Hmmmmmmmm......I wish I felt that way :(
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