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Honda Accord Navigation



  • gerallgerall Posts: 4
    OK, I think I have found the answer, kind of. You can't change the trip computer to mpg to litres/100k because the odometer, being canada, is in kms, and that is where the trip computer gets its distance feed from. Seems like it wouldn't take programming miracles to do the conversion from km to miles and liters to gallons, but thats just me. So in order to get what I want I would have to find out how to convert the car from km to miles on the odometer, which is another probably feat of equal proportion.
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    So do you live in the US but bought the car in Canada?

    I don't think it is odd that you can't change it on the Navi. There isn't any way to change the car's regular odometer either, right?
  • fm1381fm1381 Posts: 5
    I just recently bought a CPO 2007 Honda Accord with navigation, the navigation and radio work fine, but the previous owner set a "go home" personal pin and unless I know that pin I can't set my address as the "go home" address--I can't even access the "go home" menu! According to the navigation manual it says that if you forget your personal pin you must go to the dealer so they can reset it. Is there anyway to reset it myself?
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    I don't think disconnecting the battery will help but you can try it. I know you'll need the navi code for that but I'm not sure it resets everything. I can't remember a way to reset the PIN yourself so you may have to take it to the dealer, especially if the manual says to do that. (I'm too lazy to go out to the garage and check mine... I trust you.) :)

    If it was a CPO car, the dealer should have reset it already. IIRC, not only is the "Go Home" feature not available, neither is the address book. I'd have them fix it. And there should not be a charge.
  • nircdoc1nircdoc1 Posts: 7
    Hey all,

    Just got an 2010 Accord with Nav. When the Navigation is speaking and the radio is on the volume of the radio decreases. Does anyone know if there any way to disable that? I want the radio volume to stay the same!


  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    I always thought the voice came through the front speakers but the rear still sounded normal. Maybe not.

    I know that I can control the volume of the voice (and turn it off all together) in my 06 Accord but not sure about what you want to do. Does your navi manual list anything?
  • nircdoc1nircdoc1 Posts: 7
    Yes, now that you mention it the front speakers will turn the radio off and then the Nav on, I didnt see anything about this in the manual and the adjustment doesnt change how that works. Guess I will have to get used to it.

  • jliang14jliang14 Posts: 1
    I recently sent in my 2005 Accord Navi Unit (DVD Drive) back to Alpine for repairs to the "constant reboot" issue. They replaced a few parts for $158 and shipped it back to me within 2 weeks. Painless procedure.

    My concern now is that my unit still thinks it's in California! I am in Washington state. I've driven around for about 2 hours now and the GPS has still not recalibrated itself.

    Is there a way to manually force GPS recalibration? Or do I simply have to wait for clearer weather for the unit to grab more satellites?
  • Someone found that on a 2006, doing the below got into the maint menu and they could reset the system (they had used a new disc, then needed to go back to an older one).
    copied from: 55/

    I figured it out. Pressing Map, Menu, and Cancel buttons for 5 seconds brings up the hidden menu. I tapped on Version and then Download. My system downloaded the system from the original DVD... and the problem is fixed.
  • donut433donut433 Posts: 3
    edited October 2011
    Just bought a new Accord EX-L, suddenly realized it has an aftermarket navigator lol... Not a very good one, in fact, strongly believe it's simply dangerous to use while driving... But anyway. Having that it was never mentioned to me that it's an aftermarket navigator/audio, - and the manual provided is for the factory one - what are my chances to... I dunno... negotiate some money back at dealership? Negotiate at least something lol. Anything that could be done at all?
  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Posts: 823
    edited October 2011
    What does your paperwork show and/or the window sticker? Did they charge the same $$ as the factory model? If so, I would be raising holy he@# If they are passing off inferior aftermarket navigation units as factory ones, not only are they playing dirty, but I wonder if that's legal?

  • donut433donut433 Posts: 3
    edited October 2011
    so what do you think is it that could be asked/done? Like I said, it was never mentioned either verbally or in the paperwork that it's not a factory one, and there is no separate amount for navi anywhere, just a gross total for the whole thing... therefore I assume it was charged as for a factory one. And "raising holy he@#" is excatly what I am asking about)))) But how and what exactly should be said to those guys? They are professionals after all, if you see what I mean, and there is a paper (signed of course at the buy) stating some like "aftermarket items are non-cancelable"... Looking for a magic spell here i guess)))))
  • you mentioned the manual for the navi is the factory one? I would think if you actually got an aftermarket one, there will be some differences. I'm sure they can't copy a true Honda navi without copyright issues. I would start by pointing out that the manual doesn't match. I would also look at the purchase contract. The MSRP amount should be there, you can verify online that the MSRP matches the MSRP for a Accord Navi auto. If it does, then you should have recieved a car with the factory Navi. You paid for it, you should get it.

  • Well, it's getting more interesting)))) MSRP was about 28K which matches the one for Accord Navi, then (I just found that piece of paper) they threw in Navi for 2.3K additionally... Just found that paper, like I said. Stupid of me, no question about it, but again they never mentioned Navi being non-factory... So the only card I have is a non-matching manual. Ok, will see what happens))) Thanks!
  • aaronstevenaaronsteven Posts: 1
    edited January 2012
    My accord'4 is annoying me as it automatically resets itself after every 5 mins. It's just enough time for me to adjust a setting before I lose control. I've tried to do the diagnostic and was able to for a few minutes to see that everything seemed to check out, at least on "system" etc. But it resets quickly. I am looking for an replacement on car detail equipment.
  • Before you replace the nav system, check its DVD for scratches, clean it, and try another one in the drive.
  • In the 08 Accord Sedan EXL-V6 Navi, mine seems to update as soon as it bluetooth connects to the iphone the first time after a time change. My guess is that it pulls the time from the phone.
  • Can anyone provide me with contact information for sending my 2005 Accord Alpine Navi dvdrom in for repair.
  • kellyann62kellyann62 Posts: 2
    edited March 2012
    BEWARE of the navi system. Every single functionally of the touchscreen is booted up by the navi unit. If the navi unit goes bad (like mine did) - you cannot check your trip computer....climate (you must use the knob - no presets etc). It's awful. A total design flaw and I cannot get anyone at honda to help. They want me to pay thousands of dollars for a new unit. CRAZY. I bought a brand new car (now granted it is old 2003) with certain functionalities that should NOT be connected to the NAVI unit.

    Anyone have suggestions...please let me know. THANKs.
  • cmc12cmc12 Posts: 1
    I have had the same problem and just sent my system to Alpine for repair because my heat won't work, the navigation system doesn't work, everything is connected to the system. It cost me $223 to have a mechanic take it out, $358 for Alpine to (hopefully) fix it and another $223 for reinstallation. Honda dealership wanted to charge me 2K!

    Just beware, if you go this route send your system via UPS or FEDEX not US Postal Service. Apparently the Alpine office has a receiving office in the back of the building and the UPS and FEDEX guys know this the Postal Service does not.

    Also, Alpine has a contract with the Postal service to pick up items but they rarely do. I spent 3 hours on the phone yesterday trying to have my unit delivered to Alpine (I sent it last Tuesday express shipping for $76) but no one from Alpine picked up their mail so it sat there for about a week.

    Given the fact that I need the unit back soon because I have to drive to another state for surgery soon, this has been a very frustrating experience. Luckily for me the supervisor at the local post office agreed to personnally drive it over to Alpine so they could begin work on it.

    I called today and I was told it takes 24 hours to log something in their system ugggh. I hate this system, its a rip off to begin with but since it controls everything in my car I have to get it fixed!
  • Thanks for the info! Nice to know. I am so surprised that we don't hear more about this issue. For me - it is a BIG deal because the functionally of the vehicle should NOT depend on a navi unit. Honda should take responsibility for this design flaw and of course they don't.

    Good luck to you with your surgery!
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