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Toyota Echo Real World MPG



  • echothatechothat Posts: 8
    I've noticed this too about the mileage that I get at different re-fill points. If I fill up at 3/4 tank, I get about 44 per gallon. At the half way point, I'm getting about 35. When I go down to fumes, I'm back up to the 44 per gallon range. Nothing changes with my driving habits. Weirdness.

    I have found that if I drive with my windows down consistently that my mileage is about the same as if I ran the AC consistently too. It was 91 today and will be that way for about the next four months. I have to have the AC going, so my stellar 44 mpg is going to be on hiatus for a bit. 95 degrees with the windows down at 60 mph feels like I'm standing behind a bus.
  • As far as the AC goes, supposedly with modern cars AC is more efficient than driving with the windows down, which causes incredible drag. That makes a fair amount of sense to me.

    The issue of half filled tanks makes less sense to me (though I'm not disputing what you say). I always go from empty to full, so I have no personal experience on this. But my very best tanks (those of 50mpg or above) have all come on roadtrips when the car was very heavily loaded. And five gallons of gas I would think does not weigh enough to make a big difference.
  • ctgriffictgriffi Posts: 3
    Guess it doesn't matter (to me!) anymore...the car was wrecked last week; other driver pulled out from the right—straight into oncoming traffic—and my wife had nowhere to go. Our 03 Echo's been totaled, and we're dealing with the guy's insurance company, Travelers, to get a settlement.

    As an aside, I've given up on trying to find another similar Echo. You just can't find them, and the few that are for sale, are WAY above book value. Basically, it apears the car is way undervalued by KBB, NADA, not to mention the groups that provide valuation data to the insurance adjusters (CCC and ADP, primarily).

    Darn it.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    Wow major bummer! The tough little ECHOs were one of the best cars ever built and hearing about one biting the dust is sad.

    We motorcyclists "fly and drive" all over the country to get the bikes we want/can afford. Use Craigslist a lot. I would think in the case of replacing an ECHO that would be justified if you can find one a reasonable distance/good tactical situation ie a relative or friend lives in the city and can check it out for you.

    If there is no ECHO what will you get?
  • mnmanmnman Posts: 34
    That's what I would do, do a nation-wide search and buy a one way ticket to get one, especially now since i am not working and am not going to get unemployment due to a power tripping boss I had. 22 years out the window, oh well... My Echo has been technically totalled two times now, but it still drives straight down the long road! It is now a three door as one door is bashed in pretty far!! But I am only half way to the 300k miles I want to get out of it. I will be taking it cross country this winter to escape the winter up here and put some miles on her, later
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    Dot let that ECHO die. It might be worth $$$$$ in the years to come with rising gas prices...
  • mnmanmnman Posts: 34
    I just had a new donut gasket put in (the pesky one on the ECHO's, new shocks and struts. A new CV boot, to boot! She still runs like when I bought 'er with 25k miles on it. I set the Rostra at 55 today and made the 75 mile round trip to Walmart- 52mpg!! Ya gotta love 'em if not for sex appeal, a fat wallet never hurts hu?
  • marcia46marcia46 Posts: 2
    So sorry to hear about your accident. I will be selling my 2000 ECHO, 2dr, manual, am/fm soon (next 1-3 months) to buy a used luxury car as a treat for my 65th bday. I don't drive much, except to and from work, grocery, wine shop(lol). I just turned over the 100k mark. Most likely will buy tires soon. I posted it on Craigslist for $4500 to test the waters, but not a single bite!!!! Let me know if you may be interested.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    Wow. ECHOs are getting big bux now that gas is so high. Dont settle for less $$$$. Where do you live that theres no interest? Personally to my way of thinking an ECHO IS a treat to drive better than anything else.

    Just interested. What are you thinking of getting?
  • marcia46marcia46 Posts: 2
    I'm in the Orlando, FL area. I'd certainly LOVE to get $4500 but realistically I probably can't get more than $3k, if that! I may put some new tires on it and drive it a couple of months longer and start car-shopping in the fall. You interested?
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    I will ask friends who might be interested. But for me. no, I have my yaris.
  • Recently returned from 11000mi roadtrip. I did not calculate every tank as I was often refilling at unusual points and also because I didnt always feel like doing the liters to gallon conversion while in Canada. However, every tank I did measure was between 44 and 46, which is actually a hair below what I used to get highway driving. Still, I couldn't afford to go on this trip in most other cars...
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