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Nissan Versa Real World MPG



  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    Nissan may very well have met its sales goals with the Versa.

    That cannot be. When you plan and build a plant like one at Aguascalientes, you do not plan to have it idle at any time. You have to amortize the investment just as soon as possible, and you cannot do that by idling the plant. What idling a line does is to raise the manufacturing cost of each unit to roll off the plant, and that happens literally every minute the line is not moving, without any exaggeration. Therefore, when a line has to be idled, the earlier sales goal no longer does any good, since you now have to build and sell more to recoupe the same amount of capital invested in the facility (unless, of course, you can raise the price of vehicle, but that would kill you too, only in a different way). The sales goal, then, becomes a moving target.

    It's a vicious cycle - you idle the plant because you are not selling well, but if you do that, you now have to sell more than ever to amortize the investment made. This problem is, needless to say, not unique to Nissan, as we all know in this day and age.
  • I've been interested in getting a versa for gas mileage reasons, however some of you are scaring the hell out of me. I realize that driving habits,temperature,tires, etc. have an affect on the performance. However, what I don't hear/read is the terrain of the land. For those of you who are getting poor mileage, are you in an area that's a high altitude? Hilly or mountain area, going up steep inclines? how about those of you who live on a fairly level or flat area? or along the coast where there are no hills, just basically at sea level? Is your mileage what you thought it would be? I would like see some responses on this.
    Thank you.
  • winkie733winkie733 Posts: 14
    hi bookiebob
    I've gotten poor mileage in my 07 Versa sedan with auto CVT transmission. I live in Philadelphia, Pa., at sea level and do moslty highway driving. I have yet to crack 26 mpg. Yesterday i filled up and got a whopping 23.5 mpg. I now have @ 7500 miles on the car, enough for post-break-in to have happened.
  • Hey winkie, sorry to hear that you haven't cracked 26 mpg yet. What does the dealership say about that?. Just out of curiosity, what speeds are you driving at?
  • Bookiebob,
    S. Texas flat terrain, mild winter, 20 of 75 miles to and from work are city miles. I usually pick it up a little in the morning but do 60 mph on my way home to (psychologically) compensate. = 32-33 mpg
    Driving the white mountains of N. Arizona both in cold weather (snow) and spring weather =.28-30 mpg
  • g35johng35john Posts: 12
    This past weekend my wife and I took a road trip to Las Vegas. It was about 300 Miles from home. Driving about 75 mph on the way there, and doing lots of stop and go driving over the weekend we averaged 32.5mpg. I think that is pretty good. It will easily top the 33 mpg hwy advertised. Normal 50/50 driving I still only get about 28mpg though.
  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    The Versa is a really comfortable small car that offers a lot of room and nice equipment for the price. However, it is not known to be a high mileage getter, and if your focus is to get a good MPG, it probably isn't the right car for you. Yes, the Versa can get a good mileage here and there, but it does not get the best mileage if compared with other cars such as the Yaris and Fit.

    But if you are balancing comfort and mileage, the Versa, in my opinion, is not bad. However, be sure to look also at the Corolla, Civic, and maybe Elantra as well, as the Versa is actually in this segment. And these other cars tend to get good MPGs.
  • Just get a tank of 17mpg with all way "laid back" driving, keep the engine rev between 3000 to 6000rpm, lol~ But the best tank I can get is around 36mpg with all highway.
  • p.s. bought my Versa December 21, 2007 already have 12, 000 miles ! :blush:
  • bobmc2bobmc2 Posts: 1
    Versa base HB with Power Pkg and 6spd manual.
    2000 miles on my 2008 and I get 36mpg HWY and 34 overall. Suburban driving; not alot of close city driving.
    Average terrain: some flat, some hills.
    I drive carefully, anticipate areas where I can coast, do not generally drive above 2,000rpm, except for a burst to get on the highway and the 2,800+ rpm to drive 60-65mph.
    I do not downshift to brake often, but I do enjoy the advantages of a manual tranny.
    I am not a hypermiler; I drive carefully with the flow of traffic.
    Hope this helps for info.
  • patrevopatrevo Posts: 4
    Versa SL 6sp hb 2008, 2500 miles

    377.17 miles for 10.57 gallons 35.68 mpg
    Mostly highway 60 mph. I work 30 miles from home.
    I accelerate without passing 2200 rpm.
  • Your idiot light doesn't come on 'till you hit about 415 miles?? That's got to be the best mpg of any Versa out there.

    Can you remind me which Versa you have?

    I've got a 07 HB with CVT (about 7000 miles on it) and I thought I was doing good with my best numbers being 29mpg town and 37mpg hwy (all flat terrain, near sea level (East Coast)). To see how driving style might change the mpg, I drove a lot more aggressively on my last tank (mostly town, some very short hwy)... quick take-offs from lights, getting up to speed faster, punching it more... etc... basically having a lot more fun. :-) I managed 28.4 doing that. So not much less than when I drive conservatively.

    FWIW, I always wait until the light goes on before I fill up. I also let the pump run full speed until I hit about 9 gallons. Then I stop it and run it real slow. Then at the first click, I remove the nozzle.
  • wxwatcherwxwatcher Posts: 1
    You guys think you got hosed, I bought the car in August 2006. The sticker mileage then was 37MPG highway. By the time 2007 rolled around that number was hanged to 33 MPG. Talk about false advertising. I was getting about 27 miles per gallon until recently. I moved down to Florida and for some reason I am getting between 32-33 miles a gallon down here. I had the dealer run multiple diagnostic and everytime they said the engine was fine. Needless to say the dealer has also said essentially "sorry the sticker was that then now its this and tough luck". Over all I like the car but feel that they still owe me something.
  • winkie733winkie733 Posts: 14
    Do you have a HB or sedan? I get the feeling from reading the blogs that HB Versas get better mileage due to their more aerodynamic design and lower drag coefficient. I have a sedan and can't break the 26 mpg barrier regardless of the type of driving I do. And, I've had the dealer run diagnostic tests and check for leaks. The good news is that I will eventually move from Philadephia to Florida in retirement, so maybe, like you, I'll start getting better mileage. Here's hoping.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    If you are going to complain to someone, it should be the EPA. They are the ones who run the FE tests that are posted on the window stickers (which Nissan and every other automaker is required by law to do in the U.S.), and they are the ones who changed the way they calculate the estimated FE numbers starting with the 2008 MY. They did it to make their estimates closer to what people get in the real world.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I second that, backy.

    It isn't just Nissan... look at the EPA website to see that all vehicles were affected; some by larger margins than the Versa.
  • patrevopatrevo Posts: 4
    366 miles for 9.97 gallons on supreme gas.
    I average 35 mpg with regular.
    I do like to try supreme gas on my cars. With my Ford Focus 2002, i save at least 10% of gas on supreme gas. In the winter though there is no difference.
    62 mph on highway.
    I work on evenings, no traffic.
    I do some city driving maybe 10% of my driving.
    I love the car more and more, confortable for a small car.
  • I am sorry, but would Nissan not mandate Supreme if the reward is getting 10% higher mileage?

    Why don't you try to drive the same stretch of highway twice, the first time using Supreme and the second time using Regular. Make sure the weather, traffic, time of the day and speed are the same. But wait, that is not possible, isn't it?
    It is very hard to duplicate driving conditions in order to isolate the cause of better mileage.

    I could swear that every time I put new synthetic oil in my car I save at least 10%, if not more. Reality is that for some reason I tend to be a little easier on the gas and that is all it takes to get better mileage.
  • jkev2jkev2 Posts: 2
    I have read some of the hypermileage techniques including putting the car into neutral when going down hill. Does this put additional stress on a CVT to say shift into drive from neutral at say 40 - 50 mph. Sounds like an easy way to squeeze a litle more MPG out of the car but I don't want to damage the trannie. Thanks for the help.
  • winkie733winkie733 Posts: 14
    I've complained in this forum about not getting advertised mileage (26-33mpg) in my 97 Versa auto with CVT. However, at last fill-up, I put in 89 octane and, this is probably more important, I controlled the nozzle by putting the gas in SLOWLY. I've heard that when you put gas in quickly, it evaporates and gets sucked back out of your car, which means you are paying for gas you are not getting. So far, i've driven @ 90 miles and the gauge is hardly off the full mark. Ordinarily it would be down to the 3/4 full mark. The care seems to run smoother on 89 octane too. Here's hoping my final mpg improves. I'll keep you all posted at next fill-up.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,770
    I've heard about this technique before and still think it's one of the more dangerous things I've ever heard of anyone doing. Doesn't exactly sound like a smart thing to do to remove your abilty to be able to accelerate if you need to.

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  • jkev2jkev2 Posts: 2
    Yes, I agree that at the wrong place and time its a dangerous thng t do. But what are the mechanical drawbacks to coasting with a CVT
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Plus coasting downhill in neutral is illegal in at least some states... probably because it is so dangerous.
  • pixel1pixel1 Posts: 14
    Just completed an 1838-mile trip through Idaho, parts of Montana, and Oregon in our '07 Versa SL w/CVT and used 50.85 gallons for an overall 36.1 MPG. Most driving was on 2-lane rural roads averaging 50-60 mph, with around 25% interstate at 60-70 mph. Only used AC for maybe 100 miles. We're really pleased with the mileage and performance, and now have over 19,000 miles on the car.
  • patrevopatrevo Posts: 4
    428.7 miles
    12.35 gallons
    I was trying to get 700 kms (435) with a tank. I was a little to close to a empty tank. I got into the traffic for one trip ( 1/2 hour of traffic ).
    A lot of highway ( 62 mph ).
  • patrevopatrevo Posts: 4
    402.6 miles
    11.05 gallons
    30% City and stop and go.
    The gaz light wasn't on before i filled.
  • rcosrcos Posts: 4
    I drive at sea level, in 60-ish temps, and fill with 87 regular. I saw no difference using premium, so save the 50c per gallon for more important things. Since I received this 4sp auto 2008 hatchback six months ago, I have gotten the following mileage (Canadian car):

    liters km's l/100km mpg

    43.0 430 10.0 28.2
    45.4 367 12.4 22.8
    44.0 440 10.0 28.2
    44.6 422 10.6 26.7
    45.3 415 10.9 25.9
    46.4 435 10.7 26.5
    43.2 425 10.2 27.8
    19.9 241 8.3 34.2

    The last figure is the only pure highway rating, but driven twice over a 7500ft mountain pass during the trip. The rest are 20% highway numbers.
    I measure tank to tank, and always fill to the second click, so these should be accurate. I would peg this car at 25/36 under my local conditions.
    I have to admit I too was disappointed at the ratings compared to the misleading sticker of 33/45. But, as was pointed out before, the room, power and comfort of this small car are very pleasing. Compared to the 2.5s 4sp auto 2005 Altima we also own, this car feels much less heavy (duh:) and gets 4 mpg better overall. (and 20 better than the 77 mustang :)
  • g35johng35john Posts: 12
    I just achieved 35 mpg on my 08 SL CVT hatchback. Thats including 30% stop and go traffic in Los Angeles.
  • winkie733winkie733 Posts: 14
    Hello all. Well, it's only taken me 9300 miles in my 07 Versa SL sedan with CVT to finally get decent mileage. Today I got 29.3 mpg! And, no changes in driving habits were involved. I have even been running the AC. Up to now, my best mpg was just under 26. If I can keep it at 29 or even push it to 30 I'll be a happy Versa owner. Hopefully this is not a fluke.
  • 206 miles
    5.4 gallons

    I have a 2008 SL hatchback with CVT. I drove it off the lot yesterday with 12 miles on the odometer and a "full tank" to stay with family overnight (I got a really good price buying out of state) about 15 miles away. Today I drove the odometer to 218 miles from NH to Maine over a heavily rolling landscape with very heavy rain for about 40 miles (thus 206 since leaving the lot). I refilled the tank (with a top-off) at 5.4 gallons near Bangor. I ran the air conditioner off and on during the rainy period to help defog the windows (about 20 min). Outside air temperature was about 71F. About 15-20% of my mileage was in-town driving and the rest would be reasonably classified as highway. My mileage, assuming the tank was similarly topped-off by the dealership - which is probably a conservative estimate) was thus 38.14 mpg without any break-in period! As a late season 2008 my car had the EPA mileage estimate of 2/33 mpg highway so I am extremely pleased with my actual mileage.

    Keep in mind that I set the cruise control to 60 mph because I didn't want to be too rough on the car during the break-in phase. I've heard a lot of rumors that the key to sucking the most mileage out of the CVT is to use cruise control and I have to say it works.

    Am I wildly optimistic to think that with a break-in period I could reach 40 mpg? I have to say that I am more than willing to drive a 60mph if that is some sort of sweet spot for mileage (my rpms held just below 2k for almost all of the highway time).

    Awesome car for the money!
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