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Caravan/Town & Country Electrical Problems



  • suzidogsuzidog Posts: 2
    Thanks for your suggestion, but our T & C does not have a security system. The chryler dealer updated some computer modules a week ago, and so far so good. The key fob seems to be a trigger, but we don't know why.
  • mom5girlsmom5girls Posts: 1
    Did you ever figure out the cause of your problem? I just bought my 05 caravan 2 months ago and it's doing exactly the same thing. Brought it to the dealership and they couldn't duplicate the problem. I feel helpless.
  • taz71098taz71098 Posts: 1
    OMG,OMG,OMG My 98 T&C does that, the key comes out. My daughter pulled the key out while I was driving, but it didnt quit working.
  • greekmom06greekmom06 Posts: 1
    I changed the BCM on my '02 chrysler town and country with no luck. I have replaced the computer and traced the wires, and checked fuses and relays. I am at a loss. :mad:
  • rpaul3rpaul3 Posts: 14
    There is a known issue battery acid can leak under the battery tray and destroy wire(s)
  • coriecorie Posts: 2
    I had the same problem. I unplugged the 6DVD changer that was connected to the radio, have not had a problem since.
  • coriecorie Posts: 2
    try unplugging 6DVD changer from radio, that fixed my problem.
  • katt55katt55 Posts: 1
    was in an accident do to the fob key. I bought my 2010 town & country the first of May in 2011. It shut off on me at least three times before we were in the accident. The first few times it happened I thought it was me, that I must of not turned it on all the way or something. Then I recieved the notice in the mail at the end of August and immetiatly called to schedule the appointment to have it fixed. I did what the notice said and made sure to take any lose keys off and make sure it is in the on postion. My children and I were making a left hand turn at a light, just got off the freeway) and as I presided to go it shut down and we went onto the medium. Took out the whole front end. my children were brused and sore from this and it really iritated my existing pain conditions. I have had it in repeatedly cuz it still is not fixed right. The key fob fix they did causes the turn signals, radio, blinkers, all the electrical not work. It broke my key and they had to replace it. It makes this banging clunking sound and it is loud. The faster I go the more it is all over the road, the transmission stalls, is shifting out of range, the tires are wearing bald fast and they were replaced cuz of the accident. It feels like the whole bottom is going to come right out from under us. The dealership the first time I had to take it back in, at least I think it was the first time I took it back in?? Had to replace the struts, do an aliment and had to reset the transmission cvi and adaptives and they have had to reset them every time now I've took it back in. I am taking it in to another shop other then the dealership. I need a second opion. They have to be incompetent cuz you can clearly hear there is something wrong with it still. I am having nightmares of having an accident on the freeway and my children being mutalated by passing cars. I am seeing a physicatrist because of this and em on atavan to help with the axiety, sleeplessness and stress from driving this van. We all need to get together and start a class action lawsuit unless there is already one going then I need information to join. I want out from under this crappy van. None of us should have to be stuck with these vehicles and I for one em tired of paying for it.

    We need to all come together and make this real. We need to start a class action lawsuit.
  • has anyone had fuel modular problems. dealer has car for ovfer week and just called today and ask if i wanted used part or new one?????
  • Oh wow, I have had this problem for four years and have had my car towed and/or abandoned multiple times. Spent hundreds of dollars but when I tried your trick it worked. You have no idea how happy I am right now! Thank you.
  • maxima8maxima8 Posts: 14
    Air bags and abs lights are on. a/c and turn signal do not work
  • brd3brd3 Posts: 6
    My 2008 TC had similar electrical issues and when the car was turned off/on they temporarily went away. Turns out it was an electrical short in the drivers side door wiring harness. Once this wiring harness was replaced the flashing dashboard lights, possessed windshield wipers, interior lighting, non- functioning door lock ect. ect issues were all fixed. The 2008 T&C had a recall to replace the side sliding door wiring harnesses and I have had those replaced. Now that I know the problem was an electrical short in the front door wire harnesses I sent a complaint to the NHTSA because I never knew if the air bag had failed or was still working. The company that made the sliding door wiring harnesses that were recalled most likely used the same wire for the front door harnesses. No wonder the front door wire harness failed too.
  • Hi,...My fathers 2003 Dodge caravan has been acting up electrically lately and i cant seem to isolate the problem....Everything works fine,.... Radio, Blower, Wipers,Windows etc,....while the engine is off,.... u start the engine, the accessories will turn off while the ignition is on start as they should but when the engine starts, they will only come on for 1 second then turn off,.... They will not work with the engine running. I have tried another fuse box,,,, another Body control Module, cleaned the ground in the passengers side door post, no change,.....The only way to get this stuff to work is to run a ground wire to each affected relay in the fuse box...If someone could please suggest something else to try, it would be greatly appreciated.... Thanks,
  • The accessories in a 2003 caravan will only work with the engine not running... With it running, there is no radio, wipers, blower etc....From what ive been hearing, the electrical system in those machines have been made unnecessarily complicated for no apparent reason and im nearly ready to rip out all Dodge's wiring and put in my own!,.. I have checked some grounds and replaced the Body Control Module,... all to no avail,... Im hoping someone out there can help me? :confuse:
  • Sounds like the Ignition switch, or the wires which run to it. Not the accessory position but while in the RUN position, could be a short, a ground fault. or simply lack of contact by the switch itself. Check your fuses as well.
  • i have 97 t&c 3.8 car starts runs fine, 15 min later quits,and has no current to coil pack, wait 15 min or so current back runs fine.i think coil pack gets current from ecm,am new here thanks for any help
  • rpaul3rpaul3 Posts: 14
    Sounds a lot like a problem I had with a Caravan. Turned out a two fold problem - fuel pump in tank was weak so killed power. check the fuel pressure if you have a gauge. also thump the fuel tank with rubber mallet while some one turns it over sometimes the fuel pump will come alive and it will start that will tell you if FP is bad. I also replaced a intermittent start/run relay that was sticking. good luck
  • Have them replace the engine compartment and the under dashboard wiring harnesses and your problem should disappear....
  • hello
    Im having a problem with my ingintion of my 2005 town and country. When i put the key in to start the car it clicks when turned to turn it on but makes a buzzing noise somewhere where the peddles are at the bottom. It will crank it you play with it and let it buzz for a sec or play with it. Took it the other day to a shop and they said its not the alternator or nothing in the engine. It has something to do when you turn the key to let the car know to turn on. Ive been looking it up and cant find anybody with the same problem. So if anybody knows what could be causing the buzzing noise and the car to have trouble turning on please let me know?????? BC if its an easy fix i would rather fix it myself then have to pay alot of money for nothing
  • I just about lost my mind trying to figure this out,....i finally cut the yellow wire going to the engine control module and everything works fine,...been ok now for a month,... guess that wire isnt very important after all
  • harp2uharp2u Posts: 1
    Hey all! I have a electrical issue with the drivers side tail light doesn't work, all bulbs have been replaced. As well as the dash board crashing while driving ( no lights, gauges etc..) never happens right after a fill up but only lasts until the vehicles next stop..... :confuse:
  • rpaul3rpaul3 Posts: 14
    search the web - repair for dash cluster - also reprogram routine for ECM
  • jims77jims77 Posts: 3
    Driver door switch will not lock all doors normally. Unlocks OK and will lock all doors if hold switch up in unlock position. Passenger door switch and remotes work normally. Tried replacing switch and removing IOD fuse.
  • jims77jims77 Posts: 3
    I should add that I have searched this and other forums and didn't find similar issue. Looking for help because I don't think a wiring issue.
  • rpaul3rpaul3 Posts: 14
    check relays and swap them if same number
  • jims77jims77 Posts: 3
    Do not see any door lock relays in fuse/relay box. Could not find location for 2004, unless none and only thru BCM. Thanks fo rhelp.
  • lacountrylacountry Posts: 1
    edited May 2013
    Hello fellow owners i am a 2007 chrysler town and country owner and it has been giving me some problems with the mph speedometer when i put the van in gear the needle will jump to 50 mph and the next is that the miles are running up on neutral while putting the vehicle in gear the tranny makes a jerking motion . I took it to my local mechanic only to change two sensors and the lower links but the check engine light is still on and is still doing the same things my mechanic assured me that the tranny is good but that it might be an electrical problem. Please help any insight will be truly appreciated thanks.
  • i ahve the same problem Ive bot a used 1998 chrysler town and country batery light comes on radio goes out dash lights goes out acts like it isnt getting any gas if i stop ehrn its doing this then i cant start it for 15 to 30 min i took it to autozone and they put it on there comp battery was fine but voltqage regulator is going bad they said but thats in the computer
  • Same problem! So thankful that we got the extended warranty. We have had wiring replaced, alternator replaced, battery replaced, and the corroded connector to the battery replaced. Problem is still happening. I suspect that the air conditioner is the culprit.
  • dale3nj8dale3nj8 Posts: 2
    Mine did exactly the same thing and it cost me over 1000 at Chrysler to replace a computer, but it worked.
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