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Caravan/Town & Country Electrical Problems



  • kai229kai229 Posts: 1
    Please help!!! My battery keeps going dead! Had battery replaced, continued to die. Had new battery checked, was told that the battery was fine. Used a gage, checked the fuses, the iod (ignition off draw fuse) was drawing off of the battery, when ignition was off! Thought that was the problem, so pulled the fuse. In the morning, put in fuse, battery was dead! Now it sounds as though battery is boiling! This is a brand new interstate battery! I am currently out of work with a back injury and need this fixed promptly and cheaply to get to my appointments! When the car is running, everything is fine, all systems work. Please advise!
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    You need to figure out which circuit (fuse) is drawing the excessive current. Once you have that narrowed down, you need to determine which module or load on that circuit is the culprit.

    You can use an ammeter or an oscilloscope with a current probe to trace the current flow. You could also measure the voltage drop across each fuse in the fuse panel when the van is supposed to be off. This last measurement can be tricky because of the low (millivolts or less) voltages involved.
  • jd495jd495 Posts: 1
    Help please its cold out side.

    I have a 1997 Chrysler town and country LXi
    3.8 motor

    My blower fan was making some noise awhile back and has now went out.
    So i replaced the motor and the fan it self. Still don't work.

    I replaced the Relay in the fuse box under the hood and still nothing.

    I replaced the resistor under the hood on fire wall passenger side.Still don't work.

    I'm out of ideas here, I keep getting told to test this or that but i haven't got a tester nor do i even know how to run one if i did.

    Here a re a few other things going wrong with my van,
    #1 My Air bag light is on and my cruise and horn don't work. I suspect the Lock Ring is shot.

    #2 My car will start and then shut off 3 seconds later. And act like it out of gas. Gauges will read nothing.

    #3 I'm driving and all the gauges will just shut off. i smack the dash and they pop back on.

    #4. My door lock will unlock and lock back up on there own. i have to pull the battery cable at night so they don't unlock and somebody steals my stuff inside while i sleep.

    I was told this stuff is because of the body control module is going bad.
    Not sure what or were this is.

  • I have a 2006 T/C with the delux enterainment system. 6 disc DVD player, and 1st round of navigation, and such. The other day the entire system will not power up. Nothing on the flat screen, nothing on the display screen, no radio, no TV and nothing.

    My family and I actually have to talk with one another now... (The iphones fix that sometimes) but any ideas on what is going on? Would love a simple fuse or relay fix.

  • Hallo outinthewoods, I got same issue engine runs radio and blower goes on and off for 1 second, Mine 2006 Caravan ECM located in the front driver side wheel well, witch wire you cut it ??? there 4 plugs going to ECM all colored , green, white,brown, and black , black has yellow wire I cut it and wouldn"t start, green has bunch of mixed yellow wires like : yellow green stripe, orange , black etc. Help me out witch one to cut , cause car sitting for a week now no use.Any body has more suggestions I will listen, I don't know why they sell these crapy cars to population, just a shame.

  • dvd4 said:

    My vehicle is a 1996 Chrysler Town and Country LXI 3.8L with 85,000 miles. My problem started three weeks ago. I was driving down the road my engine shutdown without a sputter or a cough. I put the transmission in neutral and it cranked right back up again without any trouble. Two weeks later, after driving it everyday, the same thing happens again. Then, three days after that it stalled again and has not started since but it does cranks over. I have put a tester on the fuel ejectors and they indicate they are firing during the duration of the cranking cycle. Spark plugs have fuel on them after cranking. I have pulled the new spark plugs and grounded them and only get one brief spark at the beginning of the crank cycle. Fuel pressure at the fuel rail is 49psi. I have change the crankshaft sensor and put in a new coil distributor pack without any change in spark plugs. I have check fuses and swap identical relays for Auto Shutdown Relay, but still would not start. I checked codes by turning the ignition switch: "on-off-on-off-on and leave on" doing this in 5 seconds or less I get 12 and 55. 12 is for the battery being disconnected and 55 indicates end of check. I have a camshaft sensor but believe that is more related to fuel distribution and not spark plug firing, but I am not sure. If it also could affect the firing of my spark plugs please let me know. I have also fully charged my battery. My problem seems to be in the fact that my spark plugs only fires once briefly and I do not know why. I hope it is not the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) and if it is, why does it give me codes 12 and 55. I could would appreciate anyone assistance so I do not keep throwing money at parts I do not need.
    Thanks in Advance,

    My brother changed the camshaft sensor on my 1997 van. it starts all the time now. he says the pressure on the sensor when you tighten it down is criticle. You have to have all the way down. This was two years ago. Hope you found a answer
  • itnoj said:

    I have been having a similar problem with our 97 GC SPORT.
    The instrument cluster will just go dead van continues to run okay it just has no readout speed,temp,rpm, etc. Will try your suggestion.

    Have you found an answer? I am going to try and see if the ground is alright behind the inst cluster. At the wiring connection.
  • allendie said:

    Gages sometimes act up or go dead, door locks operate themselves, in worst case car refuses to start and relays start clicking until battery finally dies (if you don't disconnect it to reset the computer)? My 1997 Caravan had this problem. Several forums discuss it, one had explicit instructions with pictures on how to fix. Remove plastic cowling from dash (Haynes manual useful). Unplug and remove gage cluster. Unscrew circuit board and flip over. Where wiring harness plugs into gage cluster, see if ground pin all the way at the end has a circular crack in the solder. If it does, resolder it. This seems to have cured my electrical problems for now.

    This has happened in the last couple days to my wifes car. (1997 caravan) I will try your suggestion.
    knute65 said:

    itnoj said:

    I have been having a similar problem with our 97 GC SPORT.
    The instrument cluster will just go dead van continues to run okay it just has no readout speed,temp,rpm, etc. Will try your suggestion.

    Have you found an answer? I am going to try and see if the ground is alright behind the inst cluster. At the wiring connection.
    I got the guages back buy hitting the side of the steering wheel LOL! Or the plastic over the guages LOL!
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