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Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan New Owner Reports



  • Acdii,
    great input and suggestions on key fob.
    I do miss my Holy S*it hand bar though. Every car I have ever owned has had one and I love to hold it while driving on the highway for some reason. When I went to grab it on day one.....something was definitely missing but I will get used to it.
    Maybe I will break the habit for my next car!
  • xmechxmech Posts: 90
    I had issues with the seat at first too. I finally adjusted the front of the seat-bottom up, and the back of it way down, seat back a little more vertical than I was used to in my Grand Cherokee, and put in a lot of lumbar support, now I'm fine on a 6hr drive!
  • xmechxmech Posts: 90
    Well, I just drove from San Diego to Phoenix and back over Thanksgiving weekend. I saw lots of Camrys, Accords, Camrys, Malibus, Camrys..... I saw 1 other Fusion.

    Today, in an unusual occurance, I actually saw 2, one was the same color as mine, and you know what? It looked good! :shades:

    (I know, I know, beauty is in the eye...)
  • Koho, I liked your message. People tend to overestimate cars they bought.
    Best regards, Lehrer 1
  • "People tend to overestimate cars they bought"
    Hey give Ford some credit for the great reviews the Fusion gets. If you think people over estimate the new car that they buy jump over to the Toyota forum and look under the 2010 Camry tab and you will find 9 out of 10 people complaining about their recent purchase.
  • Hackattack5, I agree with you about the Camry complaints. I was between the V6 Camry XLE and the Ford Fusion and I went with the Ford for many reasons. After driving the Fusion for a month and about 1,000 miles, I feel this car is a great driving car and my low lease prices are the really nice (same as the Camry) compared to the Acura MDX I am coming from. The Sync System is awesome!
    I do feel if Ford makes a few very minor changes to the Fusion, it can't be beat in this price range.
    Ford needs to tighten the steering on non-sport models and change the position and height of the center arm rest and the left side door arm rest as well. Also it would be REALLY nice if they added a button on the trunk so you don't have to use the key-fob or dashboard button every time you want to open it.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    When I got my 2009 Camry Hybrid, within a week I started finding things I didn't like about the car, like poor quality of materials, so-so handling on certain roads, wind noise, and rattles.

    I have had my 2010 Fusion Sport for 3 months now, 7000 miles, and my only complaint is the position of the buttons, BUT I knew about those before I even bought the car, so it is a non issue. I have ZERO complaints about the car, the tires leave a little to be desired, but those weren't made by Ford. :D

    I really like the seat and back warmers now that the weather is cold. My bum is toasty warm in minutes, and when I over work my back, they work wonders in relaxing the muscles on my way home. If Ford added a smart key system like that on the Camry, it would make the Fusion an even better car, that is the only thing I miss about the Camry.

    When I bought my Fusion, there was only one flaw I found, the drivers door panel around the handle was puffy and bulged out. The dealer ordered a new panel, I brought my car in after work, and 15 minutes later had a new panel installed which was perfect. At first I thought the car had a sync issue, turned out to be my Ipod. For the first time ever, I cannot think of a single gripe about a car I own. Every car I ever bought had something wrong with it that really irked me, and I had LOT of cars, but I cant think of anything on this car, I got used to the button locations so it's not an issue. The performance of this car is outstanding, the handling is amazing, it turns flat around curves, the acceleration great, would be even better if it had some good tires on it, but next year that is on my list. The car is comfortable, the seats very supportive, plenty of leg room, could use a bit more storage, but that would also mean more junk in the car:) The looks, the color, all meld together into a good looking car, I got the Sport that is the same color as the one you always see in ads, in Sport Blue.
  • Acdii, I also thought the 2010 Camry had a ton of road and wind noise to the point that when stopped at a red light you could hear the traffic whizzing by as if the windows were open. That alone would drive me nuts especially when it gets cold outside and the rubber door seals seem to not work as well.
    I have gotten used to the button stack on the dashboard of the Fusion and kinda like it. I drove a ridiculously expensive 2007 Acura MDX for 3 years and I still had to take my eyes off the road to hit the rear defroster without hitting 18 other buttons. They all looked and felt the same. Also, the buttons on the Fusion steering wheel (especially the cruse control) are way better than the MDX.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    "Also it would be REALLY nice if they added a button on the trunk so you don't have to use the key-fob or dashboard button every time you want to open it."

    I'm not sure I understand this comment, wouldn't this mean anyone could come along and press the button and open your trunk? :confuse:
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,020
    I think he means a button that would only open it if it was unlocked. I have that on my Edge with the power rear hatch.
  • 90% of all cars these days have a button so you can open the trunk from the outside. The doors do need to be unlocked for this to work. I'm not talking about an electric auto open/closing trunk....just a button on the trunk handle.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Thanks for explaining. I've never heard of or seen anything like that for a trunk. I was only aware of that being done for things like hatches and tailgates on wagons, minivans, hatchbacks, and SUVs.

    Our minivan has that but, then it does not have the equivalent of a trunk unlock button on the key fob. I'm satisfied with just the button on the remote, myself, but at least now I understand what you are talking about. :shades:
  • rhawkrhawk Posts: 4
    I have been reading all your thoughts and opions on the Fusion, its helped a lot. I called my dealer tuesday, told him to find me a red SE v6 automatic, no other options. I picket it up this morning and I love it. Thanks again to all of you for your help.
  • "opinion on the Fusion"
    rhawk: I traded an 08 Accord and looks like some others have traded newer Camry's in for the Fusion and have been happy so far. I wish you luck on your purchase and hope Ford is really on the right track for a long time. I am in my mid 40s and have to tell you that it feels good to buy from an American company with so much heritage
  • Dear rhawk
    you bought exactly the same car I am looking for. Is it 2010 model? How much did you paid for it?
    Best regards, Lehrer.
  • If you know anyone who works for ford or retired from ford you can get the family and friends discount program which is the X-plan. I bought my Fusion SEL for $200.00 over invoice and they hold the fees to $75.00 max. They had a $1500.00 rebate also and I was able to get a 60 month loan from a local bank for 3.6% for 60 months
  • I leased a 2010 V6 SEL with the reverse sensor and BLIS package for 39 months, 15,000 miles per year and 0 down with all the taxes rolled in for $380/month. I live in Illinois which is 1 of 2 states where you have to pay 100% of the taxes in your lease.
  • Tell me something. Are the Fuion, Flex, Edge & Five Hundred not all on the Mazda6 platform? The Milan & Mariner are not available in Canada. Will Ford in 2011 models (Fusion, Flex, Edge, Five Hundred) change scinificly (spelling??) now that Ford no longer owns Mazda?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,020
    The Fusion is built off the CD3 platform which started as a mazda6 platform but was stretched and widened considerably (note the pre-2009 mazda6 was much smaller than the Fusion). The Edge was built off a highly modified CD3 platform. The Flex and Five Hundred and Taurus are all built off of a Volvo derived D3/D4 platform that has nothing in common with the Fusion and Edge.

    The 2011 Edge gets new styling tweaks outside and new dash inside. The others just get minor changes.
  • berriberri Posts: 7,761
    Flex, 500 and new Taurus are on a Volvo platform. Ford will still be keeping close ties with Mazda despite the stock sale. if Volvo is sold to Chinese, that situation is not as clear right now.
  • lostlost Posts: 64
    My Fusion is almost 6mos. old.. and no issues to report. The car just runs great, 27mpg around town without even trying and got 34mpg out of one tank on the highway going 70 to 80 mph. I have updated the SYNC system a couple of times using a thumb drive and the Sync website, the new turn by turn navigation feature works very well and the 911 emergency feature is a great idea.
  • desgnrdesgnr Posts: 19
    Why did you have to update Sync ?
  • desgnrdesgnr Posts: 19
    When should i get my first oil change ?
    I think 7500 miles is to long to wait for a change in the break in period.
  • I would get my first break-in oil change and service check at 3,000 miles.
    After that, I go every 7,000 miles for oil changes and to rotate the tires.
  • lostlost Posts: 64
    Ford has added new features to the SYNC system since I first purchased it.
  • I plan on changing mine at 5000 miles. I have always done 3000 miles but now know that is overkill. My brother has a corolla with 200,000 plus miles with no problems and changed his oil at 5000 miles since he bought it new. I guess it also depends how long you will own the car? If you leased it and plan on turning it in I would do as the scheduled maintenance book calls for. I would have to look at mine but I think its 7500 miles?
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    If your going to use that logic, why not change it at 500 miles, then stick with the 7500 mile change? There was a time where it was the norm to change out the oil at 500 miles on a new engine, but with today's new semi synthetic oils, it isn't necessary. Stick with what the manual says, and forget wasting oil as in the old days, 3000 miles on today's oils is a waste. Toyota is going to a 10,000 mile oil change on their new cars, they use full synthetics now. My first change is due, actually past due, but I haven't had a chance to change it yet. I will do an oil analysis on this one to determine how the engine is, noting it is the first change to Blackstone. I will also be going to full synthetic Mobil 1, and use a WIX filter. With this setup I can easily get 10K between changes, and at least 15K with a filter swap at 7500.

    3k oil changes today are a gimmick to get you in the door by the quick lube joints, check the owners manual, and unless you live in the desert, drive less than 5 miles or tow, you don't need to follow the severe duty list. If you do a lot of highway driving, then the change interval can be extended, the oil is at a consistent temperature, the engine runs at a consistent fuel/air ratio, so less blowby to get into the crankcase, and less carbon buildup. City driving, stick to the recommended change interval as long as you drive long enough to have the engine at operating temperature for at least 30 minutes to burn off any moisture. Use a good name brand oil, the additive packages in these oils are designed to last a long time, it is the additives that break down over time, not the oil. Once the additives break down, then the oil loses its ability to carry off contaminates to get filtered, some of the additives are binders that bind with carbon, and other byproducts of combustion so that they can be filtered out, and some additives also contain small amounts of ZINC and other minerals to replace those lost by engine parts due to friction. Synthetic motor oil uses higher amounts of additives and the nature of the synthetic oil makes it easier to carry off the contaminates to the filter. A good filter should filter down to at least 10 microns or less, preferably down to 5 microns. Anything less can cause the filter to clog up and go to bypass which is just as bad as not having a filter at all. If you were to find a 1 micron oil filter you will find that it is huge, and thats to get some life out of it.

    Napa WIX filters are some of the best filters around, so if you do the change yourself, going to Napa for a filter will give you a good peace of mind knowing your engine is protected.

    Changing the oil early on a new car, unless stated in your manual is not needed anymore, and is a waste of oil, time and money. Do it at the recommended interval, and have the first one done by the selling dealer at the recommended interval, the rest you can do yourself, or else where, this way you have a record that it was changed at least once by the dealer if there is a warranty issue. Keep your receipts for the oil and filters, and you should not have any issues if something does happen. I have driven a lot of cars, and gone many miles over recommended intervals and have never had an oil related failure. I had a car I put a new engine in, changed the oil whenever I felt it needed it, sometimes with 15K on it, and after 300K miles on it, put it in another car that had a bad engine, and needed to swap the intake and pan. The engine was clean inside, and showed very little wear, I plastigauged the bearings to see how much wear it had, and they were well within specs. I used Castrol GTX every time with Napa filters.

    I also have a 1999 F350 Powerstroke Diesel that has 130K on it, I use Shell Rotella T OIl, and have gone 9500 miles between changes, having a Blackstone report done. Every report came back saying there was still life left in the oil and a change wasn't needed at the time. Recommended change on this engine is 5000 miles. The engine itself can run up to $10,000 to replace, and yet I have no problems with extended oil intervals due to the reports I get on the oil quality.

    Blackstone Labs
  • My wife has the same whine with her 08 fusion. Started a few months ago. Sounds are coming from alternator area. Will look into it further. Anyone else found a remedy for the noise???
  • We had our first snow here in Cincinnati and my wife reports that her Fusion SEL did very well on slick roads. She said her traction control light came on several times but never felt the car slip or slide.
  • koho955koho955 Posts: 97
    Lots of snow in Chicago this winter. My V6 SEL drives great in the snow. Equal to any other front wheel drive car I have owned. I don't have the sport tires so things are good.
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