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New Toyota Camry Hybrid Owners - Give Us Your Report



  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    It would be interesting to see what items are listed in the $33,XXX just to see if it is a rip off or perhaps just overpriced or unnessary items (like Chrome wheels, spoiler, ets) that truly do have a cost to the dealership. Many people on this site have added custom wheels, spoilers and other cosmetic addons themselves so saying those are a ripoff isn't quite correct if indeed that's what's jacking the price up. However if it's things like additional advertising, environmental fee, undercoating (on a car already with a long warranty), paint sealant (a $500 wax job), etc, then skip it. I develop a relationship with my sales person. I do want them to make a living and still be there when I return to trade. However most of those relationships begin with me telling them, don't insult me or treat me as if I don't know what I'm doing or I'll walk away and not be back. However treat me fairly and you'll have my loyalty. I've had a lot of experience over the years and have indeed walked away, even from something I wanted. You ALWAYS have to be willing to walk away. They can sence it when you won't and they have you!
  • nkaizernkaizer Posts: 25
    I echo the comments of the previous responders. I got my $500 above invoice for my loaded 2009 TCH (31xxx, vs, 28xxx) and they stuck to that sale price even though the car came in with dealer added options such as the rear bumper applique, trunk mats, etc.
    You have incredible power. Tell him you only want factory loaded options and hit the road if the maxed out car is above 28 and change.

    It's not a Lexus for christ's sake!
  • texasestexases Posts: 7,736
    All the above, plus watch out for pressure at the closing to get the extended warranty. They may talk about how complex it is, etc., but you must say no. You can get it later, cheaper if you want (I never do), but NEVER buy an extended warranty in the closing, unless you're a car buying expert (and you wouldn't be asking if you were).
  • Wow! Thank you all for your adivice!

    The car was listed at $33,something w/leather, spoiler, b/t, sunroof, heated seats, nav,...all the bells and whistles. The sales man got it down to $31, something. Which I'm thankful for! I really like the guy and he's worked with me for 5 + hours by now. I'm all about the guy getting paid to sell me a car but I was just making sure that I'm not getting suckered either! I'm trading in a 01 Seq, 137,000 miles on it and they are giving me $7,900 for it! So that helps with my final price!

    I'm taking your advice and going back in tonight. Also, thanks for telling me to skip the closing sales pitch for additonal items to buy! That is a huge help!

    Thank you all for your help! I feel like I have some brothers, uncles and fathers out there helping me :) Thank God I got on Edmunds last night and read all of your messages!

  • ottermanotterman Posts: 1
    Hi. Saw your post and thought it might help to check out a good website for the car buying process -
    We bought an '08 Camry Hybrid last July and are shopping for a Prius for our daughter right now, and I found the site to be very helpful. I also think your dealer has added on to the MSRP of the vehicle. Our fully loaded (every option available) Camry had an MSRP of $31,200 and we paid $28,300 at that time.
    Car buying can be stressful so I hope this helps.
    Good luck.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    The car was listed at $33,something w/leather, spoiler, b/t, sunroof, heated seats, nav,...all the bells and whistles. The sales man got it down to $31

    Again, the extra "bells and Whistles" are unneccessary add ons. There aren't enough factory options to push the price to $33K+. Don't let the fact that you "like" the salesperson make you think he won't take advantage of you.

    Edmunds has a feature that will let you price the car out showing the MSRP and Invoice on all the options. Use it and know what you are paying for. There are a lot of these on the floor, buy the one you want. If you're willing to pay $31 for a TCH I'm guessing you can go anywhere you want and get exactly what you want.
  • jcihakjcihak Posts: 60
    Got our 2008 Camry from Diehl Toyota in York, PA at $3000 below invoice (last 2008 there). Also the best deal in the mid-Atlantic? Actually, it seems like $3000 below invoice is typical for 2008s, but they are selling out fast.
  • I picked up my 2008 TCH 3 weeks ago today in Northern VA... Last one on the lot. As you say, the 2008's are going fast - especially with the $1000 rebate. I got it with the Sunroof, Carpets and UP - he threw in the sunroof air deflector and net - for under $24K (not including dealer processing & taxes)... Luv the mpgs... Averaging 39 right now with over 1000 miles on it
  • gwilsongwilson Posts: 46
    I know there are very few differences between the 08 and the 09 model. However, is there any difference in trunk "layout" between the two? I remember looking at an 08 and then weeks later an 09 and it seems the 09 was different. I haven't been able to compare side-by-side. Did they reposition the battery packs or anything to make the trunk space different?

  • jcihakjcihak Posts: 60
    I compared the two side by side - no difference
  • loves2readloves2read Posts: 47
    we were looking in the DFW TX area this past week and there were NO 08 TCH that we could find first week of May--and a couple of dealerships had no 09s either--
    think our economy is strong and people are buying them as fast as they come to the dealership--
    the area has about 60 09s in the availability pool--but the most we found on any lot was 3
    that makes it harder to deal with these guys....
  • new2hybridnew2hybrid Posts: 7
    I just bought an 09 last week in Tulsa, Oklahoma at Jim Norton Toyota 918-250-6888. I know they have more coming in since my friend just put a deposit on an 2009 Camry on Saturday.It should be in 2-3 weeks.

    Good luck! I love my TCH! Amazing mileage compared to my 2001 Toyota Sequoia! Of course! Great fun features too! I love the blue tooth, back up sensors, XM and nav.! I'm glad that I got the loaded Camry! It's fun!
  • jaymkjaymk Posts: 86
    Congrats on your new ride.
    Can you please let us know what was the MSRP on your car and how much did you pay for it?
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Is there any special additional maintenance required vs a Camry?
    Does the Hybrid use special tires that cost more and/or wear out faster?
    Is it like the Prius, where the 12v battery drains when parked much more quickly than a normal car requring you to get a jump start at the airport when you get home from vacation?
    Have you forgotten to turn off the car when you parked?
  • eyerolleyeroll Posts: 2
    Hello all. New to forum, Toyota, and hybrids. Located near Roanoke, VA. Only one Toyota dealer "nearby", so pickings are slim. Two-month waiting list on Prius. No TCHs on the lot so we bought the owner's wife's demo ride. Car had 3,600 miles on it. MSRP was $31,800, we bought it for $28,000.

    Salesman said hybrids are going for full MSRP here in SW VA. Thought we got a pretty good deal all things considered (car is loaded w/leather, nav sys, sun roof, XM radio). It's taking some getting use to (start up and nav sys controls), but really pleased with the 42 mpg I've averaged over the past few hundred miles. :shades:

    Thanks. - phil
  • loves2readloves2read Posts: 47
    we drove a fully loaded 09 at dealership in DFW TX area--part of the price increase was an option pkg --the Extra mile pkg--that many dealers around here include--the tire warranty, a 5 yr 60K extended warranty and a roadside service warranty, and some other options like spoiler, side molding, mats--

    It is not on the Edwards options pkgs but it adds about 1530 MSRP to total price of the car
    those are options that many people can do without--or that other feel are over priced...
  • eyerolleyeroll Posts: 2
    Purchased our 2008 TCH Monday, May 5th (four days ago). Bought it sight unseen as a demo (the dealership owners wife was using it her car). The dealer had no hybrids on the lot - a two-month waiting list for Prius, and two base model TCHs en route for delivery next week. Our car had 3,600 miles on it at time of purchase. Never owned a Toyota previously. I really like the looks of the exterior and color Jasper (bug guts) Green. Interior is gray (preferred the bisque, but I like it enough). Our car is loaded (leather, nav sys, XM, sunroof, heated seats, etc).

    Car is extremely quiet, even with the strange new grunts, clicks, and moans of the hybrid system. It's an adjustment to get used to the new sounds and the lack of the old sounds (engine revving up, transmission shifts, wind noise, et al). Starting the car for the first few times was a very different experience. Kinda fun. The car accelerates very nicely, smooth. Brakes are very strong. And then there's the mpg. Over several hundred miles we're getting between 40 - 42 mpg. For the size, comfort, performance and quality of the car, it's downright impressive.

    The build quality is outstanding. exterior panels fit together extremely well. I've noticed that there seems to be a conscious attempt to reduce the number of body panels. Gives a very smooth, integrated appearance. The interior pieces also fit together very well. Very tight tolerances on the gaps. The door panels seem a little cheap to me (very plain), but they seem sturdy enough.

    The nav sys is information overload at this point. I suppose that once I get used to it, it will become second nature selecting the different features. Right now, it is distracting and requires too much time "eyes off the road".

    The information on the instrument panel display is, for the most part, informative, but sometimes redundant with the nav sys display. Some of the information seems a little frivolous (the engine/battery/charging status), but if you don't have the nav sys, you wouldn't otherwise have that info.

    Sound sys is very good (I prefer the Bose sys in my truck). Controls, instruments, storage are all very well laid out, perhpas the best I've seen, and I've bought 12 new cars (and several used ones) since 1974.

    Glove box is huge. Lots of storage cubbies throughout the cabin. Rear seat has more room than a Ford Crown Vic. Trunk space is limited, but not as bad as I was lead to believe in some reports. It's plenty bid to haul groceries or enough luggage for a road trip.

    Seats are very comfortable, although I would like the bottom cushions to be a little longer for more thigh support. Also, I would like a broader range of adjustment up/down & fore/aft for the seats. A little more outward travel on the sterring wheel would be nice too. These are pretty nit picky details for such a nice car that performs adequatley and gets such great mileage.

    That's my $.02! - Phil
  • gwilsongwilson Posts: 46
    I went to a dealer in SW OH (Dayton/Cinicinnati) today and was quoted price of invoice + 3%. The invoice price the dealer showed me was $28,2xx. This is for a loaded 2009 TCH - convience package, leather, upgrade package w/nav, moonroof. Is this a good price or can I do better?
  • new2hybridnew2hybrid Posts: 7
    Hi Jaymk,

    My fully loaded inside and out 09 was $33, something at msrp and purchased at $31, something one week ago. I'm at work or I would grab my paperwork for exact numbers. I traded a 01 sequioa for $7,900 so that helped me out. I have no idea where and how the other buyers are getting $24,000 for a tch?

    My best friend went in on Monday, ordered/put a deposit on a 09 TCH. they told her it would be in at the end of the month. They called her today and said it's here, come pick it up.

    My salesman called me today to check on me and the car. He said that the dealers are now going 500-1,000 over msrp due to high demand. The salesmen don't have to pressure anyone to buy a hybrid since they are flying off the lot!

    I am adjusting to lower head room compared to the sequioa (of course) and smaller side mirrors which makes me wonder why they are so small? Again, I was spoiled by the seq mirrors but I'm feeling like I can't see everything around me. Other than those two issues, I'm waving at the gas stations as I drive by. Our gas in Tulsa just went up 10 more cents in one day!

    I am loving all the gadets inside....b/t, nav, sat radio and back up sensors! My friend is furious since she just bought a $70,000 lexus and only received Xm for 3 months and I got it for 6 months. Apparently, she can afford the additional 3 months!

    ONE QUESTION? How are you all getting 38-42 mpg? I'm getting 31.7. I'm on my first tank of gas if that makes a difference. A friend just bought an 08 sequioa last week (yep, $50,000 and 14 mpg) and her salesman said that it takes a few tanks of gas before you start seeing the stated mpg?

    Is there a breaking in period to get to your gas mileage or can you share some driving tips with me? I'm watching the screen that shows the energy used but still trying to figure out what it all means (blonde?) and how to get higher mpg?

    Thanks for you help!
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    People are looking at them more now that gas prices are rising, but it's not like there are lines of people with $25K-30K of cash in hand lining up a dealers begging to buy any vehicle in this economy.

    It may take a few tanks for the mpg to improve. I rented a TCH that had a few thousand miles on it for a day and got about 35 mpg in about 200 miles of driving around town and on the highway without using any special driving techniques.
  • I got mine(2009 TCH) from a dealer in San Jose, California in April for $27,900 and the MSRP was $31,405. Hope it helps. :)
  • bobdeven1bobdeven1 Posts: 1
    Just picked up one in the Denver area. Had to order one and wait about 3 weeks. Closed for 28,5 (included all fees except sales tax) with nav, leather, sunroof, heated seats, mats. The fleet dealer said they were in big demand now and Toyota just announced a $300 price increase for the TCH this week. The prices on the Fitzmall website have also gone way up (around 29 for the loaded version), and the Edmunds TMV and CarsDirect sites are also showing even higher prices now. Must be the high gas prices coupled with the tax rebates rolling in increasing demand. Seemed like there were a lot of 08s available on the lots only a couple months ago., but they are all gone now. Definitely a nice car with lots of great features and was worth the short wait.
  • plknjplknj Posts: 121
    Traci - it's a great car... a Lexus in sheep's clothing but you have to learn how to drive it to get the maximum mpg's. It completely changed my driving habits and I average between 38 and 41 mpg per tank. There are many older posts on driving tips... in a nutshell, it's learning how to accelerate easily and then coast... anticipate stops and do not over accelerate on starts... that was the very abridged version, you will find the posts go into much better detail than I.
  • bkushnerbkushner Posts: 10
    Whose economy is strong?
  • loves2readloves2read Posts: 47
    right now the DFW area and others in TX are doing fairly well--
    home sales are happening---people are buying cars and eating out still--cars in Wal-Mart and Target lots and at the mall
    prices are higher in grocery stores and our gas pumps like everywhere else but we have not seen big layoffs--
    some of them are coming as the mortgage crunch is starting to hit home (they are closing a Citi Bank facility w/100 employees in my town this month)
    business constructions is still happening and there are new housing developments going in as well
  • new2hybridnew2hybrid Posts: 7
    Thank Plknj,

    My first tank of gas gave me 31.7 mpg. My second tank is showing 36.4 and above. I actually saw 40.3 ! Wow! I'm loving this car! Love all of the loaded goodies too!

    When researching the car online, it says that you should get 580 miles per tank. We will see?

    I'm starting out easy at the intersections now so wee will see what happens.

    thanks for the driving tip :)
  • new2hybridnew2hybrid Posts: 7
    Thank Plknj,

    My first tank of gas gave me 31.7 mpg. My second tank is showing 36.4 and above. I actually saw 40.3 ! Wow! I'm loving this car! Love all of the loaded goodies too!

    When researching the car online, it says that you should get 580 miles per tank. We will see?

    I'm starting out easy at the intersections now so wee will see what happens.

    thanks for the driving tips :)
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405 says that you should get 580 miles per tank. We will see?
    If you're new read the old threads before you panic about the tank range. On empty you'll still have 3 gallons of gas so if you show empty at 500 miles yes indeed you can go to 580 most of the time. I typically fill up with about 14 gallons and 530+/- miles on the tank getting 38mpg, so if you're averaging 38+ mpg 600 is an easy target.
  • loves2readloves2read Posts: 47
    got gas yesterday--new car 430 miles on the display--almost 14 gallons
    so the mpg was only 31--but we are still learning how to drive--my husband has been driving when we go together and he is little more heavy footed than I am

    how much does the tank physically hold as full?
  • new2hybridnew2hybrid Posts: 7
    The tank is 17.2 gallons.
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