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New Toyota Camry Hybrid Owners - Give Us Your Report



  • Keep in mind that your 2000 was a smaller car. the 2007-on Camry is a big vehicle and like most Japanese cars, a floater. I have a 2009 TCH and I like the heavier feel you get from the hybrid model. The Camry SE is supposed to be tighter. Currently i have 42K miles and it runs like a gem, with an average of 38 mpg. Not certain a ford Fusion can top that, despite what the ratings are.
  • Fusion is more expensive...
  • I was surprised to see the TCOW for the TCH is higher than that of the Accord - $0.57 vs $0.52. Considering the gas mileage of the TCH is about 30% higher than the Accord, does this mean the maintenance on the TCH is that much higher?

  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    Most cost comparisons I see assume vehicle ownership for only a few years. Given the TCH's initial higher cost, it's at a disadvantage in such comparisons. Payback on a hybrid takes many years, unless of course gas prices return to record highs.

    I doubt higher maintenance has anything to do with it, with the exception of insurance premiums, which are a little higher. Repairs are more expensive on a hybrid.

    Personally, my '07 TCH has cost me nothing more than routine maintenance.
  • scippyscippy Posts: 5
    Been cruising around in my new TCH and since it has yet to reach 500 miles I have not refueled yet. I trust the mileage calculation since our other 2 year old Toyota hybrid was pretty accurate.

    Paid about $800 under invoice for it which was close to $4000 under sticker price. It is basically the fully loaded version. I am out here in Southern California so I do not think I need to worry about the cold weather affecting my mileage like in other parts of the country. So far the on-board computer system is showing about 38 mpg which I am inclined to believe.

    My out the door price did not seem exceptionally good compared to some of the posts I see from 6 months back but then again, sales tax here is closer to 10% as opposed to 3% I saw for Virginia. Is that right?

    Anyhow, very happy with my purchase. There are not a lot of posts about TCHs now so I am not sure if it is a dying model/concept/manufacturer but I have no complaints other than I do with the side mirrors would fold in. Otherwise, I am very satisfied.
  • shyboyshyboy Posts: 36
    I have 40 miles each way commute. city driving.
    I bought 2011 Accord LX last February which I am selling now because of the fuel cost.
    It has total 18000 miles on it...

    I am thinking buying 2012 Camry Hybrid now.

    There is a $5000 price difference. is that really worth paying that much diff?

    Are there any pros/cons someone can share?

  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    I'd shop around.....

    The Hyundai Sonata hybrid is a VERY nice car, as is the Ford Fusion.

    The current "best looking" hybrid in my subjective eye is the Kia Optima - that is one sporty, sharp-looking vehicle:


    So, my advice as the owner of a 2007 Camry Hybrid is to keep an open mind about what's out there. They all have similar warranties on the hybrid drivetrain, so drive a few and make the choice which is right for YOU.

    Good luck, and make sure you post what you end up buying....Happy Shopping !!! :shades:
  • shyboyshyboy Posts: 36
    Are you serious.

    Is there still comparability between Honda/ Toyota to Hyundai/Kia?

    What about resale market? maintenance etc..
    I heard that these cars are barely finish their warranty and after that they are just like junk...
  • texasestexases Posts: 7,822
    edited January 2012
    This is a bad idea, money-wise. Say you were getting 25 mpg with your Honda, and you get 40 with a Camry hybrid. At 18000 miles per year, your Accord would use 720 gallons, the TCH 450, 270 less. At $3/gallon you'll save $810 a year, meaning it'll take over 6 years just to break even.

    And are you sure it's only $5,000 to trade in your Honda on the Camry? I get a $14,000 trade in value, with the new (and therefore little-discounted) TCH price of $26,000 without options, taxes, etc. So that's over $12,000! No way that pays off from gas prices. Just keep your Accord if you want to save money.

    What mpgs do you get with the Honda?
  • shyboyshyboy Posts: 36
    not trading in.
    My wife will be using this car.

    I was talking about getting 2012 Accord for $19700 or TCH for $25500.

    Is that worth paying $5800 for getting hybrid....
  • texasestexases Posts: 7,822
    What mpgs do you get now?
  • shyboyshyboy Posts: 36
    I don't know yet....

    My daily commuting speed 15 miles on 55mph and remaining 25 miles probably under 30 mph...

    Honda advertised 23 in city so I guess I maybe getting around 20...

    but again I haven't measured that yet....
  • cdn_tchcdn_tch Posts: 194
    BTW: Don't compare actual mileage of your current vehicle to EPA of a different one. Your mileage WILL vary from EPA depending on many factors.

    At best right now, if you get 10% less than EPA on your current vehicle, subtract 10% from the EPA values of any replacement. It's not a great solution but it makes comparisons closer.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    Just read in the paper that Hyundai is going to be offering LIFETIME REPLACEMENT for the Sonata hybrid batteries....

    That puts an extra wrinkle in the "value" column....

    Hyundai Lifetime Hybrid Battery Replacement Warranty - will other carmakers follow suit?
  • I just bought a new Camry Hybrid XLE 2012. It is still under the 100 km mark. As this hour I give a solid 10 out of 10 mark for this Camry. I like everything : direction, comfort, sound system, GPS... It was minus 20 C. this morning in Canada (Quebec) and the car started easily. The car is equipped with Blizzak WS70 and, up to now, I recommend these tires. I loved my old Camry Hybrid 2007 but this one seems to be even better. Should you need more info if you are planning to buy a Camry Hybrid 2012, you may write to me to : Have a nice and pleasant day.
  • Just took delivery of my 2012 Hybrid XLE. This brief review is based on an extensive drive in another XLE Hybrid that I had use of, and now my own.

    Coming from a 2011 Prius, which was a good hybrid, this 2012 Camry Hybrid is in another league. Much more refined, nicer interior, powerful, yet efficient. The acceleration and power is excellent, and I feel much more confident in merging into traffic. This car is no slouch. The transition from electric to gas power is almost completely unnoticed. Very good use of all electric in slow, and stop and go driving. 40 mpg in mixed driving, and its 35 degrees outside. The car feels smooth and is quite at 70 mph.

    The fit and finish is very nice, with a solid feel. The seat support is improved from previous models (We own a few Prius' & Camry's as company cars). I'm not yet thrilled with the leather seating option, as the suede inserts are a bit odd initially, but it does provide a nice feel, as opposed to an all leather "slippery-feel". The interior materials and execution are a very nice improvement. The Entune seems a bit busy, but I'm not a high tech guy. It was easy to link with my iPhone 4, and has lots of great features, which I likely will not use, but those that like this stuff will get use from it. Navigation screen is clear, and seems fairly simple to use. I like the placement of storage, and instruments are clear and intuitive, with several options with 2 screens to see what is going on. Climate control is simple to use, and effective. Heated seats worked well, but I wish they were ventilated as well.

    Overall, I'm impressed with this vehicle, and certainly it's efficient use of fuel. I've owned many Toyota's, Honda's, BMW's, and others over the years, so for the overall package, a daily driver, I believe this car is a winner.
  • I had a 2009 TCH and liked it very much, but traded it a year ago with the bad winter we had here in New England for a Toyota Venza AWD (4cyl) which averages 25 mpg.My only complaint was the poor trade-in value. The better mileage for 2012 is a compelling reason to consider a 2012 TCH, however I would also look at the 2012 Camry 4 cyl. which has a 25/35 rating and the engine in it is a winner. So if you average 30 mpg with a regular Camry and 40 mpg with the Hybrid, you have to drive a bunch of miles to make up the difference. That and despite the logical reasons that Hybrids make more sense, the market continues to be limited, and therefore, more costly to the buyer. either way you cannot loose with a Toyota.
  • bfitz1bfitz1 Posts: 2
    Bought a new 2012 TCH XLE last weekend and am averaging 48mpg so far in mixed city/highway driving. I've used just over a quarter of a tank in roughly 300 miles of driving. It is virtually impossible not to get the advertised mileage if you use the ECO DRIVE mode. The weather in Boston has been cold and I've kept the heat set at 70 degrees on the "AUTO" setting with the AC off. I can't believe how quickly this car heats up. Using the re-directed exhaust gases to heat the engine block is ingenious and really works!

    I have to say, the EV Mode really works as well! I've been able to coast along in slow traffic for at least 1.2 - 2 miles at a time; and, the battery reaches full charge quickly if you let the regenerative brakes do their job and glide to a stop when possible.

    Considering I am achieving this sort of mileage during the break in period, I can't wait to see what I can achieve later!

    I really love the quality and value built into this car. The ride quality is excellent and the Navigation and Audio System is beyond superb!

    P.S. This car is fine in Snow too, despite past posts. I got a chance to drive my new TCH in fairly deep snow (4-5 inches) on an untreated and unplowed road. The TCH handled it very well, you just have to drive this car like any other front wheel drive car in this sort of road condition.

    I couldn't be happier so far!

    Great Car!
  • I bought this car new in July of 2006. It now has 90,600 miles on it. I commute about an hour and ten minutes each way. Most of the commute is interstate highway. I live in the Denver area. I have religiously taken the car to the dealer for oil changes and other servicing. I am pleased to report I get consistently in warmer weather around 44 MPG. In cold weather about 41. This is the nicest, most sophisticated car I have ever owned. The sound system (a JBL disc-changer) has incredible sound. At about 62K miles the water pump failed on the car. To their credit, the dealer was embarrassed by this and ate the labor. Repairs were about $215. At about 79K miles something unusual happened: the hybrid battery failed. The dealer had not seen this before and had to send to Kansas City for a new one. Toyota ate the entire cost of the new battery and I was offered a loaner for 3 days. I had the transmission serviced at 90K miles. The drivers seat developed a worn place on it where it supports my upper back and the center console armrest developed an unsightly but small tear. I do change air filters and the cabin air filter myself. The car handles very well. I drive it conservatively, but I do drive the speed limit on the interstates and out in the country, that is set at 75 mph. I plan to drive the car as long as possible. I hope to pay it off early in May.
  • I am in the learning process here..I owned a 2012 camry and felt the overall look of the car was good but thought it was uncomfortable to sit in for long periods of time..Im of an average build and constantly had a backache from the seat..also drove the prius..I but too cramped..I'm on the road alot..with Toyota announcing a new design, comfort and with the fuel efficiency this vehicle seems to be an option..I drove one yesterday and it is definitely more quiet..still a bit cheesy..on the interior..the seat seems comfortable but am still on the there any info on the redesign of the comfort of the seats? yes, Im a bit obsessed here on the comfort on the seat as I can be on the road for 12 hrs a day..comfort and fuel efficiency is my priority..

    anyone with suggestions..
  • texasestexases Posts: 7,822
    You'll just need to take a very long test drive, seat comfort is very individual.
  • joonjoon Posts: 121
    I bought a new TCH XLE (Convenience Package and Display Audio w/ Nav and Entune options) last weekend and have driven 135 miles so far and here are my first impressions. This car is my first hybrid and is by far the most luxurious and loaded car I have owned up to now; my other car is a 2005 Accord EX. So far the car has been great and I give it a 9 out of 10. The hybrid system works great switching effortlessly between the gas engine and the electric motor and there is plenty of power when needed. On my 50 mile round trip commute (80% highway and 20% local) I averaged about 45MPG on two different trips. The morning part of the commute is stop and go traffic for about half of way and the night commute I drive about 60-65 MPH. I'm very impressed with these numbers, although I feel I can do a bit better as I further learn all the quirks and tricks of driving a hybrid vehicle ("feathering" anyone?).

    I really like the display audio system with Navi and Entune. It does not have the JBL speakers, but the stereo is fine for my needs. I spent some time reading the manual and learning to operate the stereo, phone, energy consumption display, navi and Entune. Quite a lot of functions in such little box. I have an Iphone 4S and had no trouble pairing both the music and phone to the car system using Bluetooth. Unfortunately, the connection to the internet, which is needed to access Entune, apparently can only be done currently through the use of a USB cable from the Camry to Iphone. My understanding is that with Android phones this is not an issue. I also understand from reading a different forum that Toyota is working on a firmware to resolve this issue. Is anybody else on this forum having similar issues with the Iphone?

    One other thing I noticed in the Energy Monitor screen under the Fuel Consumption (the screen that graphically shows when the car is being powered by the engine, motor or the battery is being charged) is that the battery level indicator on the right hand side never quite get to completely full even after 135 miles. The best I was able to get still shows two empty squares (about 70-75% charged). Is this normal or the battery charge icon somehow needs to be re-calibrated? Is anybody else having the same problem? I hope that it will eventually show fully charged.

    One final thing I noticed that I wanted to get other people's view is that when I push the accelerator from a complete stop, the car vibrates / hesitates just enough to be noticeable as it starts moving. I'm thinking that this may be normal; perhaps the electric motor is so quiet while the car is stopped that the slightiest acceleration and movement will cause us to notice this small vibration, but I'm not sure. I noticed this a little bit when I was test driving the car last week and drove another Camry hybrid to be sure. I thought there was a small vibration with that car as well, but somehow appeared to be a little less, and I thought it would go away as I drove my car a few more miles.

    Other than these relatively minor things, the car has been absolutely a delight to drive. Even the cosmic gray mica color matches the car very well and makes it look more upscale and expensive.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    joon says, "I thought there was a small vibration with that car as well, but somehow appeared to be a little less, and I thought it would go away as I drove my car a few more miles. "

    It won't go away, but your perception of it being a problem WILL go away. :shades:
  • guillenrocksguillenrocks Posts: 2
    edited March 2012
    Just got my new 2012 XLE TCH. LOVE IT so far! Just want to tell Joon that I am having the same issues with the I-phone 4 internet integration. Hoping that they come up with a fix. I don't mind tethering my phone to the USB on long trips, as it keeps the battery charged...but in short trips to work, it is kind of a pain. I'm also waiting for the promised Iheart Radio ap. It doesn't show up on my display at all.
  • joonjoon Posts: 121

    Congrats on your new new TCH. I contacted Toyota about not being able to connect to Entune via Bluetooth and they confirmed this is the case with the basic Display Audio w/ Nav and Entune system, although with the higher end Premium HDD w/ Nav, Entune and JBL system one is able to do so. I specifically asked twice if they were working on a fix, but they did not answer, so I'm assuming no fix is on the way. Below are a couple of excerpts from Toyota's reply:

    "To connect your iPhone to the vehicle and ensure internet connectivity you will need to utilize the USB cable that came with the phone. This is specific to utilizing the Entune system and specific to the software on the iPhone; you can still pair your phone to the Bluetooth system for hands-free calling.

    As noted above this is an issue with the iPhone's Apple iOS operating system, neither the Android nor Blackberry operating system have this issue. Toyota provides the capability but it is up to the phone manufacturer to decide to take advantage of these features. One plus is that with your phone connected through the USB cord, it will stay fully charged."

    "The reason the iPhone requires the use of the USB cable is due to the internal design of the iPhone. When connected via Bluetooth to the audio/navigation system on your Camry, the data flow is not fast enough. The upgraded HDD navigation system that is available as an option on some Camry grades is better able to compensate for the data flow capacity design of the iPhone and the USB cable is not needed.

    Going forward there will continue to be different head units that offer different levels of performance."

    Although this is a bit disappointing, I don't think it is a major deal for me. I'm very happy with the car otherwise. BTW, do you also notice this little hesitation I described in my original post, when you accelerate from a dead stop, a little bit like the car wants to stall? I know it won't stall but the feeling is still there. Thanks.
  • Joon,

    Yes, I do notice the slight hesitation. I think I may be already used to it, though, and hadn't given it a lot of thought until I read your post. I am amazed how smooth the transition is between the gas engine and the battery. I really need to look at the dashboard a lot of times to determine which I am on. Thanks for relaying the message from Toyota. I think you are right. I'm not going to expect a fix soon. Still don't really think the extra cost of the JBL is worth it. They are least it does keep your phone charged this way, and I won't use Entune unless I am on a long trip, anyway.
  • pshecketpshecket Posts: 3
    After 500 miles including one 2 hour road trip, I am very impressed with my new Camry Hybrid in every way. LOVE the way it handles. LOVE the stereo sounds! Love the bluetooth link to my phone. I DO wonder though if anyone can tell me how the heck to turn OFF the navigation lady once a destination is chosen. We have already looked at ALL the manuals and can't find the answer. Seems like the only way to turn her off is to arrive at the destination. Can anyone help?
    By the way, I got the XLE with ALL the bells and whistles. Love it!
  • Not sure if it has changed but on the 2008 you hit Menu button and there is an option to suspend guidance.
  • pshecketpshecket Posts: 3
    Thank you for replying but we cannot find a "menu" button. Again, I need help with how to CANCEL the navigation before reaching the destination. I do know how to turn off the voice, but I mean cancel the whole trip.

    And also, can someone please help with this: voice recognition does not respond when we say "call ------" and a name. We can only do calls by saying each digit of the number. I have a lot of contact names in there, transferred from iphone, and I would really like to use this feature which was demonstrated to me before I chose the car. Help!
  • jmcneelyjmcneely Posts: 1
    I own a 2007 Camry with the BlueTooth capable radio. I just press the talk button and say the recorded name and it dials it. I don't say "call" first.
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