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Ford F-Series Powerstroke Diesel Problems



  • Am going through 6.0L issues now. Had head gaskets replaced on my "04"along with oil cooler & EGR coolers (second 1) in Phoenix @ 125,000 miles. Drove to OKC and still smell diesel & antifreeze. Now I have cracked heads & deal wants $7,000.00 for heads & hoses...check TSB 08-23-8. This is becoming a regular issue but Ford will offer no assistance. Beware 6.0L owners.
  • My '04' has this issue. Diesel eats the rubber hoses & seals and is very noticable through the coolant reservoir cap. I have cracked heads...($ 7,000.00) for heads & all new hoses w/ no assistance from Ford. Check TSB 08-23-8.
  • I have owned a '99' F-350 Powerstroke(470,000 miles) & still have a '02' has 230,000 miles...both 7.3L. Great trucks...Then I bought a '04' King Ranch w/ 6.0L. Starting at 95,700 miles...high pressure oil pump, EGR valve, EGR cooler, & coolant reservoir. After 100,000 miles...oil cooler, another EGR cooler, another coolant reservoir, & head gaskets totaling $ 5,500.00...1200 miles later...heads are cracked & needs new heads, all new hoses, & yet another coolant reservoir totaling $ 7,057.48. Even with the TSB 08-23-8...Ford will do nothing to help. This is not an isolated incident but more like a recall. Attention Ford an Ford owners...a $ 52,000 truck should last longer than 125,000 miles.

    Another unhappy customer
  • I am having trouble with my truck.i parcked it the night before and the next morning it started but then stalled after running ruff.I changed the fuel filter and added 911 to filter and tank.It started up ran very ruff and stalled again.So i went and got a cam sensor from ford.I changed it.but its doing the same thing running ruff then stalls.The outside temp is 6 degrees.There is fuel in bye the fuel filter.someone told me fuel is jelled,but i have fuel. PLEASE HELP
  • greg92greg92 Posts: 1
    my 02 f 350 started doing that a few weeks ago. It started by running rough while cold if i plugged in the heater. then i stopped plugging it in and it starts fine. only thing now is that it dies after sitting at a stop light/sign. then starts up fine and runs fine when hot but when i leave the stop light it sounds real quiet in the exhaust then sounds normal after a couple seconds. still dont know what is going on. I too have changed fuel filter, added diesel conditioner, and cleaned air filter. Any help out there?
  • I left a message about my ford diesel.I just wanted to update that message.I got it running again.It just neede some heat under the drivers door frame rail to warm up the fuel in lines.Although i had fuel it wasnt enough.
  • I have A 96 F-250 7.3 Powerstroke. Reg. Cab 4X4. Iwas getting 18 to 19 miles per gallon or about 360 to front tank and 320 rear tank. Running 33 inch tires have superchip. Did cut exhaust off and ran straight pipe from the aftermarket downpipe. Cant figue out why Iam losing so many miles per tank. Getting like 220 to 240 a tank now. Wondering if I dont have enough back pressure. REALLY DONT KNOW. If anybody could help I would be greatful for any info.
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    Did you add the Superchips after you did the Pipes or Before ? I know once I added the Straight Pipe to mine I lost MPG only because I loved the sound, lol. Once I backed of it I started getting better MPG again.
  • Superchip was added first about 5 years ago then straight pipe after. drive the same. Just dont understand the problem.
  • Thats funny, I had the same problem with my '99 powerstroke. I had took the
    muffler and tailpipe off and didn't put anything back. The higher you rev it the better it sounds, no good for MPG though.
  • i have a 01 f250 with a 7.3 when the motor is cold it cuts out and the rpm drops and makes like a hissing type sound. almost like air is leaking some where.once it is warm it runs great.any ideas.
  • sounds like the exaust outlet gate on the turbo is closing when the engine is cold. its supposed to warm up the engine faster i guess..i'd check that. scott
  • thank you very much for the reply. you are the second one to say that
  • I have a 2000 f-250 7.3 that has a hard time starting some day's I get lucky and it starts after 20 trys i live in Grande Prairie alberta canada and it get to - 40 bellow if i plug it in and spray quick start in the air intake it starts every time i just recently got a letter from ford on a recall of the cmp-sensor now its fine it starts every time
  • I have a 2000 f-250 7.3 that has a hard time starting some day's I get lucky and it starts after 20 trys i live in Grande Prairie alberta canada and it get to - 40 degrees bellow celsius if i plug it in and spray quick start in the air intake it starts every time i just recently got a letter from ford on a recall of the cmp-sensor now its fine it starts every time
  • skip21skip21 Posts: 16
    I have a 2007 power stroke.I bought truck at end of 06.When I took truck to fl that wintre I was getting 14.8 mpg.Came home had problem with exhust leak .Took it to dealer,there and they fixed it but the mpg droped to 9mpg.I put a banks system on to get more mpg and gained 2.7 mpg.While driving to mount rushmore it blew anti freeze out through over flow tank and exhust.It turns out ford has had this since 2002 to 2008 ford tsb refused to fix it due to banks system I went to arbritation through bbb and lost again.Any one had this happen and were you able to fix it?
  • skip21skip21 Posts: 16
    II posted message about 2007 some one is thinking about law suit .I am intrested in that .I have talked to an attorney in Mass about that.Any one had any success at that?
  • skip21skip21 Posts: 16
    I have the same problem with 2007 6.0L.I posted 2 messages last nite on this.I read one message that some one is talking about a law suit.I am thinking the same and think we should start a nation wide class action suit against ford.According to diesel tech where I bought my truck, Sanson ford in ocean NJ that the problem also exhists in 2008 engins also.I took ford to arbitation with bbb and lost as ford engineer said that it was due to banks putting 35psi on heads.I was told by some else that twin turbos create 40psi to heads.I also had a problem with exhust leak and when I went to dealer they said we have a tsb on that and they fixed it but my mpg droped form 14.8 to9 mpg.tat is why I put banks on for fuel savings.I dont drive my truck hard and only have 24700 miles on it When pulling my31 ft 5th wheel which grosses at 12,000I run at 62 to65mph on cruse.I am69+ and do not run hard.if any one wants to start a law suit count me in.skip
  • skip21skip21 Posts: 16
    Anthony, posted messages that I have the same problem .I think that all of us that have this should join togeather ,find a top rated lemon laywer and start a class action suit.This problem extends from2002 to 2008.Igot that info from a ford service manager in story city Iowa this summer and form the diesel tech at the dealer where I bought my truck.there are at least 3 tech service bullitins on this.skip21
  • i have a 2000 7.3 powerstroke f350 dont start, was driving on a rainy night when i turned on my turn signal the motor turned off,i found turn signal fuse blown and was another fuse blown also not sure which fuse other one was i replace fuses but truck turns over but dont start..have never had trouble with this truck before ,about 2 years ago i added lights to running boards rain must have shorted them out and blown fuses ..i have checked all fuses & relays i can find but it dont crank...if i spray started fluid in breather pipe it tries to crank..with out starter fluid it dont hit a lick ?? you can hear fueal pump prime with key switched on...any ideas please .. email me at
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