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Ford F-Series Powerstroke Diesel Problems



  • dannosdannos Posts: 7
    I've got a 2008 6.4 F350 and at 60,000 miles I had an EGR valve go out. First they told me that one of the turbos would have to be replaced, then they said the EGR valve went bad, then after having my truck for 4 days they said that the turbo didn't need to be replaced, just the tube leading to the turbo or EGR valve (I can't remember) had to be replaced but it would take some more time in the shop because they had to drop the transmission in order to replace the tube. Does that seem normal? I think I was getting jerked around. SURPRISE ! Now that I have the truck back in my possession, it has yet to go through the 'cleaning exhaust filter' mode. And that's been about 3K miles ago. I'm really losing faith in this truck. I know the 6.4 is supposed to be a better engine but I'm not convinced.
  • rancidrancid Posts: 9
    i ran into a problem with my 4x4 system, when i put it in 4x4 it doesnt work and all i get is a crunch noise which sounds like its coming from the driverside, i replaced the lockers last year with Warn primium hubs. i can feel it engage when i turn the dial to 4L on the dash.
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    You might wanna look at replacing those Hubs, I know way back they made good stuff but I had replaced mine with those and had to change them out 2 twice over 4 years, they usually didnt both go out at the same time but they did go out. The other thing is if it's not them check the Wires at the Tranmission to make sure they are hooked up and not grounding out on the frame anywhere.
  • Im going todo my best to get this king ranch back in good running ordere and let somebody else park it in there yard. Oh yes, when i put last egr in also had 2 head gaskets installed. yellow engine lite came on dash last night, going back to ford dealer tomarrow. never ending saga ! Code# is PO402. Exhaust gas recirculation flow excessive detected.Can anyone give some info on this so I dont walk into with no ammo. Thanks for help. Mark
  • bohnobohno Posts: 1
    I'm a self-employed contractor. Was psyched to finally buy a truck that could handle whatever I needed. Just got it back from the shop again. Todays total was $4495.47. HELLO! Not like the construction business is booming these days. Here's my history with this lemon; At 32,000 miles, had to replace all axle seals due to leaks (warranty). At 63,000 miles rear differential clutches failed and icp sensor leaking ($987.00). At 64,000 miles rear differential leaking, u-joints and new brake pads ($553.84). At 77,000 miles alternator and both batteries ($631.96). At 80,000 miles transmission temperature sensor ($636.99). At 85,000 miles 4 injectors bad, turbo housing, egr valve and fuel pump (4495.47). The mechanic said i should expect to have to replace the other 4 injectors sooner than later for another $2000ish. And I bought a diesel thinking I might get 200,000 miles before I had to start throwing money at it. Between my wife and I, we have owned 5 other new Ford vehicles before this. Never again.
  • I have not even gotten the egr cooler yet fixed but just had to buy a new turbocharger for it.When I get this put on I am trading it in.I am tired of putting money into this truck.I will never buy another ford diesel again.I have finally learned my lesson and it costs too much to keep learning.I should have kept my 2000 Dodge 2500....
  • The truck will start, run a while and then will just shut off. Starts right up, no hesitation. Any ideas?
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    How long is a While that it is running, there could be a short in the Fuel pump or lose connection there. Are you able to drive it at all ?
  • wah4wah4 Posts: 2
    My 2006 F-250 with a 6.0 diesel when sitting over night or a long amount of time cranks over a long time before starting. However after driving for sometime and shut it off and re-start it with in say 2 to 4 minutes it starts right up. What could be causing this issue?
  • wah4wah4 Posts: 2
    After running for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • don169don169 Posts: 2
    Have your glow plugs checked, it could be the sensor, or the actual glow plug switch, or even the glow plugs themselves. But it is a glow plug problem. When it gets warmer outside this will be less of a problem, If it gets really cold it might not start at all if you do not plug in it. But no matter the weather it will cause it to be hard to start once the engine is cool. So get the Glow Plug system checked.
  • when i start my truck, the wait to start light stays on 10-12 sec.The truck starts right up. ,after driving awhile when you turn it off & try to restart the wait to start light comes on for approx. 4 sec.the truck will not start. After waiting 1/2 hour the wait to start light comes on approx. 6-7 sec.then it will start , but is very sluggish to start. Once it starts then it runs normal. Tired of being stranded . Any help appreciated. Radicalracer
  • Is this 1994 a early powerstroke or the 94 IDI Turbo if you could tell me I can help you with this. Good luck.
  • How do I know the difference. The truck is a turbo charge.
  • does the truck have turbo diesel or power stroke badges on it can you see the injectors or are they inside the valve covers what's the build date on the vin tag on drivers door does the engine look like a 1997 engine does it have a steel fuel filter or a paper one? Let me know.
  • Did you ever get an answer to your question? I have the same problem in my 99
  • :mad: hi new here, having problem with 6.0 started running rough today ,at stop light then ran for a bit then died!! 144,000 miles changed oil air 2 fuel on time every time ,had injectors replaced at 30.000miles alternator,2 batteries at 120,000 . trouble starting this past winter , any help would be greatly appreciated pat
  • joep211joep211 Posts: 1
    I start my truck first thing in am, it runs fine. No smoke comes out of tail pipe. After driving it for about a half hour and I shut it off, it will not start back up until about an hour later. All fluids and filters have been changed. Glow plugs all work. This is a 1995 Power Stroke Diesel.
  • olmilehiolmilehi Posts: 3
    Hello All... I am posting this to get an idea of what I am up against with my dealer. I was hauling my 5th wheel trailer, pulling onto an entrance ramp on I-70 West and it appeared the turbo shut down... it was making an awful noise, no power and I looked like an 1880 train heading up the pass. I finally shut it down and called a tow service. I did not the turbo gauge shut down and it tried to kick in once, but that was short lived. I only have 35K on this truck and I wouldn't expect these kind of problems with regular servicing. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for everyones input. :sick:
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    Need to know what color was the Smoke coming out, Blue, White or Black ? Sorry I am kind of oout if this morning, dang kidney stones, lol.
  • olmilehiolmilehi Posts: 3
    It looked black from my side mirrors.... and thanks for your reply.
  • olmilehiolmilehi Posts: 3
    Post Note: Dealer called believes the problem was the Turbo failed. They will replace the Turbo and test drive to see if other mechanical or electircal issues were the result of same. I am still within the warranty thnakfully so I asked them to fix everything they can!!
  • gerlad1gerlad1 Posts: 22
    Unfortunately I have one of these 6.0 things also. If at all possible, get the Ford folks to replace the EGR valve, EGR cooler and replace the head gasket and head bolts with APR bolts. It is just a matter of time (soon) till all these fail on your truck. Been there,,done that.
    Good luck.
  • turned over to 200,000 miles today...other than a couple fuel leaks from the sensors on the filter housing, this truck has been problem free...nocking on wood....

    my other 7.3 1990 is still going with over 600k miles on motor change and two junkyard transmission installs...F irst O n R ace D ay!
  • My advice is to forget the 6.0 Liter. The problems are countless. I own several 6.0L Power Strokes and they are broke down more than they run, The main issue is the injectors. I am a construction contractor and many of my friends own Fords as well and have similar problems. The 6.4 L isn't any better. If you want a Ford Diesel then search for a well maintained 7.3L they were manufactured through 2002. In 2011 Ford is using their own Diesel and time will tell if they got it right. Good luck!
  • Will it provide significant fuel economy by chipping my used 2001 F350 7.3?
  • The injectors are inside the valve covers,also i was told it is a DI motor. sorry it took so long to get back , been really busy.someone said it might be the icp or the ipc? Could this be the problem?
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    The ICP Sensor tells the Computer you have 500 PSI Oil pressure so the motor will Fire and sends it the 1 plus Volt it needs. What is the truck not doing ?
  • onefst66onefst66 Posts: 1
    Am wondering if swapping out my auto for a 5 speed is workable and what year(s) i can get one out of that will work.Also if this is worth the time and effort.
  • sandz39sandz39 Posts: 1
    I have a 95 F350 7.3. Does anyone know where there is a fuse on top of the block. I have been having trouble starting the motor. After it starts it will lope until you give it fuel. I found the fuse before by accident and changed it and it fixed the problem, but I think it blew again. Now I can't remember or find it again. Any ideas

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