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Ford F-Series Powerstroke Diesel Problems



  • crazydancrazydan Posts: 39
    with ford and chev duramax your just beating your head against the wall,,so ive experienced and been advised for years,with towing trailers ,chevs are alright if you don,t pull anything or work them period,,,
  • levijlevij Posts: 7
    I have a 02 250, 4 door ford.with the 7.3 power stroke engine. The motor starts but
    loses power like not getting enough fuel. going up hill it dies.
    at a idle i run it up to 2000 rpm, and it losses rpms rungs rough.
    even changer the #8 injector at ford dealer. can not find the problem. Have spent over $1500. still not running. Any one have a answer.
  • crazydancrazydan Posts: 39
    ok, it might be your gas pedal unit, if you knew how cheap the windings are inside this unit you would be sceptical,i had to replace mine at 303000 kms the board is as thick as an egg shell and the windings are as thick as the hairs on your head. unless youve already replaced it, it should be 40 to 60 dollars at the wreckers,don,t buy new because it might not be the problem, mine wouldn,t go ,it would just idle and then it,well i got it home, you don,t much warning. this module can make think of many other things wrong. your gas pedal is a drive by wire unit, not
  • rancidrancid Posts: 9
    i just fixed the leak in the valve on the fuel filter housing, i found out that there is a bad design in it, they have a tube that gets plugged by the lever and when warn it will leak so i took a o-ring and put it in the lever and haven't had a problem yet, i was losing around 20Liters a tank if not more.
  • rancidrancid Posts: 9
    i have a 1999 f250 7.3, i jus recently found my truck dead in the lane. i try to start it and the starter wont turn the truck over. it started fine on the weekend, i checked the fuses and everythings good. the starter was put on back in aug.
  • The truck is now running Rotella T and will be until i can sell it. There was more to my story than just the wiped off parts but that does make some sence. Although they told me that they pulled the parts off and then wiped them down. Not sure why they would wipe bent pushrods and bent valves off after the fact. But thanx for letting me know that there are others out there.

    You can check out the whole story at or at ...but better hurry with the last one, i got a cease and desist letter so no telling how long it will stay up :)
  • rancidrancid Posts: 9
    iv done some checks my mechanic told me to do but they didnt help any, its seems like what my old starter did, it started the truck quick for the first couple months but then went down hill and started drawing more power just to crank over til it finally died. atleast theres a lifetime warrenty on the starter
  • levijlevij Posts: 7
    Thank you, I have taken this truck to every mecanic here. they could not fix.
    I changed the fuel petal it works thanks agin.
  • crazydancrazydan Posts: 39
    hi levi, im, glad you listened and took my advice,and that that was the problem sir, because its hard to diagnose the trouble sometimes and i thank you for letting me know that in its self is very considerate levi. im happy for you because ive been unsuccessfull in fixing my own one truck and its killing me, there is oh so much that one needs to know just to survive so keep truckin levi, the best for you too? buddy
  • azgreekazgreek Posts: 7
    what controls the transmission shifting 4 speed auto w/overdrive? it takes my head off on 2nd and 3rd shift????
  • rancidrancid Posts: 9
    my car use to do that till i changed the tranny fluid and filter, my 1999 f250 shifts hard once in awhile from 2nd to 3rd my be time i change the tranny fluid n filter
  • Life without my Superchip. I do miss the power and mileage but my truck transmission doesn't overheat anymore when pulling my 5th wheel.

    Anyone using a superchip and pulling a trailer?

    I just don't know if I should bother buying another.
  • I have a 1996 ford f-350 powerstroke, its a pretty reliable vehicle with few problems but a few weeks ago it broke down. I replaced the fuel pump and oil filter. It starts right up with no problems but after driving it a little ways it dies out and won't start. Any ideas??
  • azgreekazgreek Posts: 7
    how aout the fuel filter??
  • pissed73pissed73 Posts: 1
    I really hope someone can help. I have been looking on this forum and had no luck. I have a 95 F450 super duty with a 7.3 powerstroke diesel. Last week it started running rough and then on the way to a job it just died. I called Ford and they said to check the sensors that feed the IDM and make sure they were 5.2 volts with the key on. The only one that was ify was the pedal assy. So, I have replaced the pedal assy, fuel pump,cam sensor,MAP sensor. I checked the voltage to the injectors and they are all getting 2.5 volts. Ford said they should be getting 150volts. PLEASE HELP I'm running out of hair to pull out!!!!!!!
    Thanks Sean :
  • rancidrancid Posts: 9
    i got a 99 f250 7.3 with 227000km on it and have not had any problems with the engine but i do go through alternators and starters, so far iv replaced em twice in 8months luckly under warrenty, im rough with the truck , i do take it off-road haul heavy loads but have yet to have a problem with the engine. i do know the ford lockers a junk, i gotta replace both of em cause the plastic peice in there broke and started making a grinding noise in the front end.
  • fords1fords1 Posts: 1
    Had this problem on my 99, 7.3L stroker, it was the injecter cups. Had to talk to about 30 mechanics to get it narrowed down to that, but had them replaced and it fixed the problem.
  • I have the same problem and have posted on here a couple of times. Have had lots fo ideas but never a definite answer and anything. If you find anything out I would appreciate it if you could forward it to me too. Thanks, Kelly.
  • Hey,
    We have a 96 F350 and live in Kodiak Alaska.
    Not getting much help from our local dealer either.
    Would like to just talk to your guy.
    Can you forward his contact into to us?
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