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Ford F-Series Powerstroke Diesel Problems



  • b132b132 Posts: 1
    I was driving down the road and it was like someone turned the key switch off. I used starting fluid, it fired but will not stay running. I checked the fuel filter at the top of the motor and it has fuel. What could be the problem?
  • I have a 2000 7.3 F250. This subject has been discussed a lot lately. The 3 things that was done to my truck to fix the problem are:
    1. the cam position indicator sensor that was a recall item.
    2. then the computer that was involved with the injectors.
    3. the final thing that ultimately fixed the problem was cleaning and reseating the plugs that are located under the valve cover.

    Once #3 was accomplished I haven't had anymore issues of it dying on the freeway and having no power stearing or brakes. Those were tense moments.
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    I understand everything but the Plugs ? The only plugs are the Glow Plugs which have nothing to do with it running or keep running after it starts. His sounds like a Cam Sensor for sure but on yours did you actually Replace the Computer and Injectors ?
  • alexecalexec Posts: 1
    Hello all I need some advice please I have a 2003 F-250 Diesel and I got it in Tijuana Mexico, I filled it up in TJ and drove back to San Diego, then in the morning it will start and black smoke will come out and then die. Any thoughts on what the problem would be. Thank you in advance for your help.

  • ricker1ricker1 Posts: 9
    check the egr valve and check the pcm senser
  • The part you need is a cam shaft position sensor and only cost $28.79 at advance auto
  • dbweaverdbweaver Posts: 88
    I have 1999 F250 SuperdutyPSD 4x4 and when you put on the high beams the lights go out. I have changed the headlights and the dimmer switch. I don't know what else to try. I can't afford the dealership. Does anyone have any ideas? Or has anyone else had a problem like this?
    Thanks in advance.
  • daveh13daveh13 Posts: 2
    I had the same problem with my 03 7.3. I live in what is known as the rust belt. On this truck, there is a small plastic junction block on the top of the driver's side inner fender. It is the main power feed to the cab. In this block is juction from battery cable sized wiring to smaller fusible links. The wiring is not the problem here but the steel stud in the block corrodes and creates an open which can be affected by door slams and bumps. It can also affect idle and throttle response. Quick, temporary fix... bypass the block and stud with a bolt and nut and clean the wire ends first. (temporary). Good luck.
  • younceb5younceb5 Posts: 2
    Bought '97 Ford F-350 7.3 L Powerstroke diesel in September. Bought from original owner - with all his paperwork and all repair bills. Thought I was getting a good truck. Had to replace the transmission not long after ($2800.00); since then nothing but a nightmare. Truck was cutting out on me while driving all the time and leaving me stranded. Have replaced the camshaft position sensor at least five times. Latest mechanic thought it might be the wiring harness, which Ford doesn't make anymore for this age vehicle, but then said no, it was the reluctor wheel which reads the camshaft sensor. Replaced that. After a month in the shop and lots of money, I had my truck back for one day and it would not start. Batteries were only pulling 8 1/2 volts. So, bought two new batteries for $250.00. Hooked them up and truck started right up - idled great for about five minutes, then cut out. Started right back up, ran for less than two minutes. By this time, the glow plug relay was so hot I couldn't touch it. Ran to the auto parts store and got a new one of those and installed it. Truck will start but not continue to run for more than a few seconds, but glow plug relay no longer gets hot. Now it's throwing several codes - camshaft position sensor (AGAIN), injection control module, and others, but mechanic can't tell me everything because the truck won't idle long enough for the diagnostic test to finish. I am about to lose it. Does anyone, anywhere, have any idea as to what could be the problem? My dad has a truck identical to mine and that's why I bought it - he has had no problems since the recall on the CPS and his was replaced. Mine is a piece of junk. Is there something else that could be throwing all these codes? Electrical?? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! Thanks.
  • You still have a good truck. Had the same problem. Check/clean the electrical connectors under the valve covers and if that doesn't fix it check the computer module that controls the injectors.
  • i had problem with my 97 truck shuting off and it turned out to be the would start back up after it cooled for a can check the pressure by putting a gage in one of the ports in the head under the valve will also loose pressure if you have any bad o rings on your injectors.
  • daveh13daveh13 Posts: 2
    I have worked on many of these with similar problems.
    1 Injector Driver Module (IDM) located on LF inner fender behind wheel between firewall and inner fender. Very dumb place.
    2 Poor fuel and/or contaminated fuel tanks. This will cause pre-mature failure of the filter.
    3 Loose electrical connections under the vale cover. The Valve cover gasket actually has a connections mlded into it. I have discovered these to be loose causing a miss.
    4 Make sure you use a Ford or IH cam sensor. Delay wipers can give false signals to the"Parts Store" sensors.
    5 Rodents can nest and clog the air intake before the filter. I have seen this on trucks that "sit" a lot.
    6 Make sure the oil is fresh. Use a 15W-40 and a new filter. These motors use a high pressure oil pump to open the injectors. They need clean oil.
    7 Make sure the ignition switch has not corroded. It is located on the steering column inside.

    Good Luck. You still do have a good truck.
  • younceb5younceb5 Posts: 2
    Thanks all for your help. It was towed back to the mechanic on Monday and I have advised him of your suggestions for him to check. Thanks again.
  • oilmessoilmess Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 F350 powerstroke, I have got a massive amount of oil in water system. The motor runs perfect,but now is starting to get hot because oil has cloged uo radiator,It is a very thick cream like . It had fresh oil and filter done about 500 miles ago.Please does anybody know where this oil is comming from?
  • evilchargerevilcharger Posts: 1
    edited May 2011
    I bought my 2003 Ford with the 7.3 in it about 2 months ago i didn;t have any problems untill i hooked my 33 foot bumper pull to my truck and went onn vacation everything was fine untill i got home and the next day it would not start to go to work.. later i finally drained the fuel res and removed the fuel filter to see if i had a blockage didn't find anything so i re installed the fuel filter and let the pump run long enought to fill the res back up and it started just fine. the next day it did it again so i went and bought a fram gas filter and put in it did the same thing 2 spins later fired right up. still doing it on first start all i have to do is pop the hood drain the fuel res. and pull the filter then clean it out with carb cleaner wipe it downn put it back to gether and let the pump fill it up and im good to go.... what is going on i do not get any codes or anything everything checks out fine......

    new findings today turned pump on about 5 times then started without haveing to take fuel filter out??
  • As I was at a stop light today, my F350 leaped forward on its own, wow what a scare. I saw the check engine light come on, so I took it directly to a parts store to hook up to the code read out machine, it read code 2285 fuel injector sensor problem. Before I take it to the expensive shop tomorrow. what might I expect .? This truck has been in the shop about 40 times since I have purchased it....I don't think there is a part on this animal that has not been replaced ..90,000 on this King Ranch
  • shelbelshelbel Posts: 1
    Hubby is having issues with truck esepecially after rainstorms like Thursday and Friday. The truck will not turn off. He said he turned the key to the off position on the ignition switch and the truck stayed running. He had to turn the key to the accessory position and the engine turned off. When this happens the a/c and other things are still pulling power instead of shutting off therefore running down the battery. Ignition switch has been changed and a ground wire to fuse box has also been looked at. Any ideas?
  • bubby50bubby50 Posts: 8
    1997 f350 7.3 5spd man has 159 k miles. 4dr 4x4... bought it a few weeks ago and now its giving me problems... i dont know much about dsl engines, a few days ago i was going down the road and it just died...tried starting it , finally got it started... drove it a few more miles no prob....the next couple days it would just die going down the road....i replaced the camshaft senor still does it... so i checked out the (ICP) had oil in the plug... got a replacemnt (directly from ford) now it seems to run but is smoking alot more(white smoke) and the has lost power dramatically. also misses pretty bad between 2,000 and 2,500 rpm... i tried a memo scanner wont pull any codes like everything is ok ????? if i let it idle it sounds good cept ery now n then it will act like it wants to shut of but wont. anybody got any ideas ?
  • rodesignerrodesigner Posts: 20
    been there done that. Check electrical connectors under valve cover(s). Clean and reconnect. That was the final solution after cam position sensor and computer replacement. Let us know how you fair.
  • my 97 was dying and restarting after it cooled off and it ended up being the ipr and some bad o rings on the injectors it requires a minimum of 300 pounds of oil pressure to make the injectors work properly if you are losing pressure due to bad o rings or if the ipr is failing it will shut down and when the oil thickens back up it will run again. mine started failing once a month and then it got more frequent check your fuel filter and see if it looks extra black in color from leaking oil into your fuel
  • bubby50bubby50 Posts: 8
    edited May 2011
    i changed the filter recently and i dont remember seeing anything like that. i will check it again
  • bubby50bubby50 Posts: 8
    ok will do thanks rodesigner
  • bubby50bubby50 Posts: 8
    i notice it smokes alot right when i start it up and rev the engine once th truck warms up it doesnt smoke as much....after its warmed up it will only smoke when i rev it( then it is excessive white smoke ) i am a dummy when it gets ti mechanics
  • bubby50bubby50 Posts: 8
    how much will the ipr cost ? if i replace any senors , will the ones from a local autoparts store be as good as the ones from ford???
  • have you had this truck checked out on a genuin ford scanner sometimes the others wont show some of the problems? i think the ipr cost around 500 at the parts store and 800 at ford so you better know that thats what is wrong. can you get it to shut down when your in the driveway at home?and how long do you have to wait befor it will start again
  • bubby50bubby50 Posts: 8
    i was going to but the dealer ship was so far behind...i would have had to wait a while.... it varies sometimes after it cools down it will fire right back up, the last couple times i got it to start it will idle fine wont smoke much but as soon as i go to drive it will die after i get moving....but i can rev it while its park and it wont die.... im dropping the fuel tank tonight and checking my lift pump..... the ICP was part of my problem but when i ran it out of fuel the one day i do believe it caused some other issues( the guage said i still had a 1/4 Of a tank, i never let the fuel go much under a 1/4 ). that day the tank was bone dry... im checking the lift pump in the fuel tank.... a ford mechanic told me there is a screen or filter like thing that was bad to get stopped up ?
  • bubby50bubby50 Posts: 8
    finally got my truck fixed........high pressure oil pump , lift pump , the switch thing on the rail , IPR ,ICP , and i think the third sensor was the cam shaft postion sensor....also have 3 injectors going out (explains the miss between 2 and 2500 rpm.........inspite all the * the truck did great till a couple hours ago the clutch went out
  • akcamaiakcamai Posts: 9
    I just bought this truck to haul a 28 foot camper. I was hauling it with a Dodge Durango 5.7L but just barely. From my perspective, this truck sounds and drives like nothing I have had before...its pretty macho, but I think it will do the job. My friends are way impressed!
    Does anyone know what the tow capacity is on the 2005 F250 SuperDuty Crew Cab. It has a 5th wheel hook up in the backend but I am going to be pulling the trailer with a hitch mount.
  • Hello
    I have a 2000 f350 7.3 and I have problems.It starts and runing for 5 minutes and stops and I can't start it up again only if it stays for two hours when it stops the check engine light is off .I changed the CPS but nothing .the pump is working but is not getting signal to start when I turn the ignition on the wait to star is not on or sometime it turns on but the cuise light is on to
    Anybody have the same thing
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