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Ford F-Series Gasoline Engine Problems



  • i installed a radio yesterday and it was connected by a harnest so there was no problems started truck up check engine light on saying eleven different codes how could this happen when it worked perfectly the day before
  • faof2faof2 Posts: 1
    I have a 1972 Ford F250 with 390 engine. I changed the fuel pump because the existing one will no longer deliver fuel to the carb. The new pump also does not deliver fuel. Both the old and the new work manually when off the engine, but not when bolted in. I suspect this might be a problem peculiar to these engines. I wonder if the fuel pump eccentric may have stopped turning.
    How can I diagnose this situation?


  • big_mac1big_mac1 Posts: 1
    Hey Mike - Mine did the same thing. Looking at the date that you posted this I'm pretty sure that you found the problem. Mine has the constant ticking. Sounded like a lifter, but in the end turned out to be pressure escaping from the plug and then...... POW!!! pop, pop, pop, pop. It blew the spark plug out of the head and along with that breaks the coil. Joy! I replaced it myself, but apparently it happens quite often from the posts that I've read.
  • Runs ok on straight road, but loses power when it starts to climb, even on the very slightest slope, it loses power,,,,what part of the vehicle should i look at?
  • I have a '83 F250. My son rebuilt the engine and all has been fine.I replaced the starter solonoid
    last week. It started and ran fine. The next day it would not start but turned over fine. I charged the battery the following day and it started fine. It ran for about 1 minute and cut off.It will not start again. Almost like a vacuum thing? Any ideas??
  • mike9408mike9408 Posts: 74
    Check to make sure the fuel pump is working.
  • Hi, I would like to try and help. If your engine in overheating all the time you should check the integrity of your coolant and see if its low or empty to make sure it’s nothing as simple as that. Even check the coolant Pressure cap to see if it’s tightly on, that will not hold pressure and lower the boiling point of the coolant. Other problems of overheating are your engine thermostat can be stuck closed not recirculating your coolant causing it to overheat in a short period of time. Recommend to replace the thermostat and could possibly fix your problem.
  • Hello, I need help. I have a 2004 5.4 ford f-150 and I just recently changed the spark plugs. Everything went well. As I changed them I broke a vacuum chord and replaced it. But when I start my ford it will idle if it's cold bit if you drive it and heat up the engine it won't idle. Can some one please help me. What could be causing this problem.
  • SweetdevilSweetdevil FloridaPosts: 1
    I just recently acquired a 95 f150 4.9, manual 5 speed. Had problems getting her to turn over replaced bad fuel pump still would crank but not turn over. Tested other things turned out timing jumped...starts fine now but, as soon as you step on gas pedal she stalls. New parts are as follows; fuel pump, filter, tps, spark plugs and wires, distributor. What could be the problem? truck sat for at least a year before I got it gonna check cats once it stops raining....
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