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Ford F-Series Transmission Problems



  • lecha1lecha1 Posts: 4
    Thanks for your comment jpm351:
    Have you done a transmission service on your teuck? I am thinking in doing one to mine hoping that it would help. What do you think? "> :confuse:
  • dmrcrt1dmrcrt1 Posts: 1
    I have a 1995 f150 4wd that will shift hard forward and really hard in rev. It does this once in a while and lasts for a few days then stops. I changed the filter and fluid and it shifted like new for one day, then shifted hard again. I think its a vacuum problem but can't find it. Thought vac. modulater but doesn't have one or I can't find it. Any ideas?
  • gary104gary104 Posts: 2
    edited April 2010
    i'm still trying to find out if there is an in vehicle band adjustment on the transmission in a 2000 4x4 f-150 lariat
  • shifts hard 1st & 2nd not all the time, most when temp is up. 25k on rebuild just started 60 mi. ago. 7.3 desiel
  • efreeefree Posts: 1
    Problem With transmission not shifting properly.Sometimes when I come to a stop the transmission seems to be stuck in a higher gear and unless i put it in nuetral it would stall out .then when I go again I would have to put it in low gear and shift up to drive .seems to be shifting ok as I am driving though.sometimes the amber shift light would also come on on the shifter lever.HELP!!!!!
  • jpm351jpm351 Posts: 2
    Yes I already did, fluid flush, new screen, filter and oil. Smoother shifts, but still have that hard sift in 1st. I am so use to it now.
  • My son has a 1997 f250 with a similar problem. We replaced the vehicle speed sensor on the rear pumpkin and all was great for about a week but we keep having an intermittent problem that seems to be more electrical now. When the speedometer quits working it will start the hard shifting again as if the speed sensor isn't getting power to it and the digital odometer will quit working. We have also noticed the turn signal lights act up while all of this is going on. Have you gotten any suggestions on what may be wrong electrically?
  • mitchormitchor Posts: 1
    I decided to change the trans. oil myself when removing oil filter pan I noticed a yellow plastic part fell into the pan no bigger than inch and a half and I cannot figure out where it goes, looks like a marble with a stick and a gasket or o-ring around the marble, can someone please help and let me know what I could do.. thanks...
  • i have a 2005 ford F-150 4x4,, just had the transmission filter changed and fluids at ford ,, problem is; when vehicle is cold shifts in reverse fine but once it gets hot it wont go in reverse,, ive been told its the sensors, or synchronizers, or overdrive bands,, everything seems to work fine except reverse,, please help
  • equ2me2equ2me2 Posts: 1
    Re: my 2003 F150 5spd, I had a new clutch put in about 4 months ago with no problems until just the other day when I couldn’t get it into gear. When the engine is off, it will shift through all gears. With the engine running, it would not go into any gear. I called the mechanic that put in the clutch and he suggested I look for a leak (no leak was found) and then check the level of fluid in the reservoir. Checked and found reservoir needed fluid. Filled same and pumped the clutch as directed to build pressure. Seemed ok, went into gear so I took it out for a spin only to find that soon shifting became sticky then impossible to shift into gear again. Pumped the clutch again and it seemed to make it better so it would then go into gear again. Got to the mechanic’s shop and he checked again for any leaks, found none and then he bled the line suggesting that would fix the problem. Again, it seemed ok and I drove it home only to have the same problem an hour later when I went to drive it again. The clutch pedal feels pretty mushy until it gets to the end of its travel and there you can feel a little pressure. So, no leaks, fluid in place, and still not the proper operation. I would appreciate any suggestion on what may be causing this problem.
  • panzer2panzer2 Posts: 1
    hi i have a 1990 f 150 4x4 AOD trans. seems to slip in OD almost like it is in neutral.if i put in the other D seems to work fine. ????
  • john3gjohn3g Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    HELP!!!!!! I have a 1997 F350 Crew Cab Dully with a 460 and an A4OD auto trans. The O/D button is on the shifter. Let me try to explain what it's doing. You can be driving along just fine until the O/D "OFF" light starts to flash. When the light starts to flash the truck seems to jump in and out of gear or slip. If I crack the throttle and it then will SLAM hard into gear. It will do this for a few seconds and may not do it again for the next several hours. Now, if you hook the the trailer to it will do it right off the get-go.We had a filter kit installed and a speed sensor put in with no results.I drove it for 325 miles without a problem last night but today I drove 3 miles and it acted up. I really need help!!! Thank you for any input..
  • 94motion94motion Posts: 1
    I'm having the same issue with a 1994 f-250 2wd .
    it's inconsistent. my rpm gauge will begin bouncing and the od indicator will begin blinking the shifts will become harsh.
    next minute all will smooth out .
    I'm wondering if there's a switch,wire or something shorting or grounding.
  • georgeaz4georgeaz4 Posts: 2
    not sure what it is an dhave customer queryon the temp, can't find it on fords spec sheet
  • rogerw261rogerw261 Posts: 1
    I had about 95k miles on this truck when I noticed when slowing to a stop, a whining sound punctuated by a double crunch crunch upshifting to 2nd and 1st gear.
    In that I have a power train warranty, I had a local tranny shop rebuild the trans. Little change, so I took it into Ford who said it probably was the 4x4 automatic hubs trying to engage. Ford replaced the left ft 4x4 locking actuator assbly. It was fine for 4 or 500 miles and the same thing, not as severe occured.
    Anybody got any ideas?
  • I have a 2003 F250 Lariat SD 2WD V-10. I don't know the size of the transmission. When I drive the truck, after about 10 mintues, transmission fluid comes out through the bell-housing seal. Could there be any other possibilities of something else wrong besides just the pump-stator seal? Is there a way to check and troubleshoot other situations or would I be okay in just replacing the front seal of the transmission? And how do I know the size of the transmission so I know I'm ordering the right parts at the auto parts store? I don't want to rely on them on ordering parts, and it being the wrong size. Also, would the torque convertor have anything to do with this leak? PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!! THANK YOU
  • tahyitahyi Posts: 1
    When I drive the truck, the speedometer will quit working and the OD off light will flash, then the speedo will come back on and it will shift back into OD. It does it off and on the whole time you drive it. Sometimes it will act up as soon as you start to drive it, when it does it the transmission winds out and it shifts extremely hard. I have changed the sensor located in the rear end and don't know what else it could be. Any help would be great!
  • shane36shane36 Posts: 1
    I recently has a alternator decide to overcharge and fry alot of parts fixed most of them already. Now when I take off in drive i have no power but if i shift to 2nd to take off i have alot of power and my overdrive light says off and i cant turn it on or off. Any ideas
  • My 2006 ford f150 4x4 runs great but it when the automatic trans shifts down the whole truck shakes likes its going to come apart..any helpful advice would be great..thanks
  • troysrtroysr Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    I was towing my trailer and getting ready to climb a hill. when i stepped on the gas to kick down the trans i had no power. ok the best way to say it. i had no passing gear. I had to drop it all the way into low to make it up the hill. I checked the trans fluid and it was fine. The other day i was towing and i was just pulling out on the street doing about ten miles an hour and the truck seemed to loose power. could it be the fuel pump going? Thanks Troy
  • My truck is shifting rough, ck engine lite on... says shift solenoid A. I changed that, the filter and fluids. Seemed to shift better for a day, now back to rough shifting. What Next??? Any help is highly appreciated
  • I have an automatic 2006 Ford F150 Lariat that I recently purchased. I'm having the same issue that it seems some others have had (below) but I don't see a solution listed in the thread? Anyone know what this might be?

    "While driving it today I heard a noise that sounded like I was dragging something underneath it--think shopping cart or exhaust system. I pulled over and everything appeared fine."
  • redtruck1redtruck1 Posts: 4
    When I first start vehicle,put tranny in drive, the engine just revs. Reverse works fine, however. Once warmed up, it goes into gear, and when driving, it shifts fine with no slipping. Help! 80,000 miles.
  • redtruck1redtruck1 Posts: 4
    carrier bearing
  • redtruck1redtruck1 Posts: 4
    fluid, filter?
  • mood99mood99 Posts: 2
    I have an 2004 F150 that appears to have same issue. Was your issue's final verdict the over-drive not engaging? Or was it something else?
  • dheiny21dheiny21 Posts: 1
    I have an '04 Lariat SuperCrew, and am having issues with reverse. When shifting into reverse there is a delay, about 1 or 2 full seconds before I can feel it actually engage. Then while in reverse, it has very little power. Brought it in and was told it was a "lazy reverse" and the transmission needed to be rebuilt. Has anyone had a similar problem, and if so, what was the cure? Any help is appreciated. (Forward works fine, but has slight delay from stopped position when accelerating.)
  • vern60vern60 Posts: 1
    truck is slow to shift at times, sometimes have to let off accellerator to get it to shift. Doesn't do this all the time. May shift very hard also. One time coming upto a stop had to put in neutral, then when I put in drive it'd kill the engine, so I started the truck and shifted in 1st and manually shifted and did ok. Had done this only twice. Any suggestions?
  • davyraydavyray Posts: 3
    edited August 2010
    My 1998 f 150 4x4 has 130,000 miles on it and runs fine under normal conditions. When I get on the accelerator hard from a dead stop it seems to hang up in 2nd gear around 4000 rpm and will not shift until I back out of the throttle. It does the same thing when kicking down into passing gear. Any suggestions?
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