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Ford F-Series Transmission Problems



  • We found a trany guy that said he would lookat it. So he did a few checks and concluded it was in the vavle body like a seal, and recommended a rebuild so were having the whole thing rebuild for $950 and see what happens. We figure this best since it needs to last for a few more yaers and plus almost 200,000 miles.
  • Have the driveshaft looked at, could be a bad universal joint, or backlash in rear end !
  • O2 Sensors will cause it to stall, also, the Mass Air Flow Sensor will cause your auto to stall out !!!
  • I have a 2006 F150. While on driving on roads with hills, the tranmisson shifts hard from overdrive to 3rd gear when it needs to make the necessary shift. Any ideas on what would be causing this?
  • Yes that will happen in auto transmissions, but this has a valve seal in the valve body leaking putting pressure to the lockup all the time, also the 3rd and 4th gear clutches were burnt up. Now the parts from the rebuild are causing reverse to slip in, and burnt up the reverse clutches so the guy rebuilding it is trying to track down that issue.
  • Make sure the "Checkball Capsule" is not leaking ! You can see the capsule
    at the bottom of the 2-4 servo ! But it has to be removed from under the
    valve body ! Valve body has to be removed, if that's your problem !
  • There's still a warranty with the rebuild, so the mechanic is going to find the problem, he think's it's in the valve boby or maybe the valve body, i don't know wat happend but reverse where like new before it was rebuilt so i don't know. I'll post wat the problem is when we find out.
  • I have a 2001 F150 with 158,000 miles. Transmission seems to be fine other than when you put it in Park, it will roll. I checked the cable and it seems to be in good shape. Any ideas on what could be causing this?
  • You sure it's adjusted correctly? Does the shifter have alot of play? Also I've herd pieces in the column breaking too? First I'd check the adjustment down on the trany.
  • How I checked to see if the cable was out off adjhustment was push the lever where the cable attatches to the transmission toward the back of the vehicle and it should go into park if it's the cable. Also you may need to pry the cable from the lever as it may hold it from moving.

    And if it needs adjusted it says to put the vehicle in drive with some wieght holding the shifter in the drive position, then on the cable where it clips in the bracket on the transmission there's a clip that slides off, but not all the way, then you can move the end that clips on the lever inline with the lever. If it still has play and won't go in either park or 1st then there is probaly peices broke in the column. Good luck. or as I did have someone hold the shifter in the drive position and click the lever all the way towar the front of the vehicle, then three clicks toward the back and that is drive.
  • pickles1pickles1 Posts: 4
    edited January 2011
    when driving today on the dash, i got a TRANS FAULT message? the truck wasnt able to go over 20 mph , the overdrive light was flashing on the dash too. Turned it off for awhile and then back on again and was ok for a few minutes but then the same. wouldnt make it up a hill to our home. Having it towed in the morning. Does anyone know about this. wouldnt shift and sounded strange. Tranny shop or dealer? I am in San Diego , Calif.
  • My transmission started slipping on my F150 1999 and the service engine light came on. The mechanic can't figure out the problem as the computer shows everything working fine. He wants to replace the solenoid to see if that will solve the problem. Did your transmission problem ever get fixed?
  • yes, we were told by the auto shop that we needed a new transmission for 4 grand. So we bought one at a wrecking yard and had it installed for a total cost of 1150.00 Trans. and labor. It ran fine for a few days and then it made the same sound and broke down. Had it towed to Ford Dealer and now they said we need a whole NEW ENGINE! Only 80k miles on this truck. Called ford back east and waiting to see if they will help out with repair. Dealer quoted new engine 5800.00 This is a nightmare. I dont know who to believe.
  • I am having similar problems with my 89 F-150 5 spd.Check you Master Cylinder,see if it is dry.Look around the area where the fluid line goes in the slave on the side of the trans.,look for leaks.If it up and just started,not very likely it is the clutch.
    I just changed the master cyl.,slave cyl.,clutch pressure plate,and I have about half the clutch it takes to be able to engage the gears.I need help with bleeding.I have taken the trans.out 3 times,still no clutch.Let me know if that helped ya any.Jeff..
  • Clutch won't work.Bleed like brakes,found bad o ring at base of slave,replaced,still no clutch.First time I've done a bleed on slave cyl..Feels like air in system,but no bubbles at bleeder on slave.Master sits level..Put another used cause broke old housing taking out,one piece housing.
  • Same thing happen to mine it turn out to be the transmission clutch.
  • hi i have been having problems with my ford f150 supercrew lariet. hearing these clunking noises in the transmission and driving to work the other day and kept grinding wouldnt move had to have it towed and found out i need a new transmission a gear blew and was all in pan has anyone ever wrote to ford about this and what was the out come of it. thank you iam so upset now just got it paid off and this happens. its a 2002 by the way :cry:
  • rommel2rommel2 Posts: 1
    Things are going like the old Hee Haw song, "Gloom despair and agony on me..." 78k miles and trans seems to slip when at slow speeds during acceleration. Lost my job and really can't afford mechanic. Did have the transmission fluid changed, still slips. Any suggestions? Yes, i'm looking for work and no not as a mechanic. :cry:
  • stephanieg1stephanieg1 Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    I have a 2002 F150 4.6L V-8 with over 160,000 miles in it. It is having trouble with accelerating. Unless I'm going downhill, I'm lucky to get it to go over 35MPH. It also does not want to go uphill. I tried starting it off in 1st, then shifting to 2nd, then to Drive which worked pretty normally until I put it in drive when it just seemed like it didn't want to shift into 3rd. I have actually had the pedal to the floor going uphill and not much response, not even higher RPMS. It has an automatic transmission and I have had the transmission fluid checked (it was clean and at the appropriate level). Also had the components on the underside and under the hood checked out and all looked good visually. It had been having trouble prior to this for a couple of months with up shifting on the interstate at about 70MPH and has had a coolant leak for about a month or so in a hose near the heater core. Anybody have any ideas?
  • You might try adding a bottle of transfer case stop slip fluid. It's designed specially for transfer cases and is a blue fluid in a small (about 2 ounces) bottle. worked great in my tranny.
  • apofam4apofam4 Posts: 1
    my name is conrad was reading up your post i have same problem you and #413
    you said the dealer said it was low RPM Misfire did you change plugs and did it work
    any imfor would be helpful thanks
  • josimpsjosimps Posts: 1
    Well got a new Ford F-150, FXW w/Ecoboost engine. Problem with it shifting out of first to second gear and on stopping, engine shutters. Took to dealer, theres a TSB out on the vehicle and they are replacing the transmission clutch. This is the new 6 speed automatic clutch Ford raved about so much. Other than that, very happy with this vehicle.
  • It is most likely a clutch problem often linked to the master clutch a quick temp fix is press the clutch in and see if it pops back and then check your clutch fluid. This can occur in cold weather or if parked on a hill and fluid drained away from clutch.
  • cdrosecdrose Posts: 1
    edited July 2011
    I have a 2004 Ford F-150 4x4. Have no problems until today. would not go into gear like the shifter was floating back and fourth then when it does catch the truck doesnt move.
    any suggestions - on what this could be? tranny bad or mabye something came loose . please advise . ( Automatic Transmission)
  • Mine just did the same thing this afternoon. My truck is a 4x2, i had it sent to the Ford dealership I trust. I wil let you know what they tell me tomorrow. I think it is a linkage issue. My truck has never had any transmission sounds prior to this, its just a hard time staying in gear on the console selection.
  • The transmission problem started at around 83000 miles on the speedometer. Transmission slips in and out of overdrive at around 45 to 50 miles an hour. Just yesterday had the transmission flushed by Ford dealership ($179.00) but problem still persists. If I turn off the overdrive (button on console) problem goes away because the OD gear does'nt shift in.

    Ford Dealership representative said this F-150 does not have a filter to replace, is this true?
    Would it make a difference to replace filter?
    Truck is no longer under warranty, so would anyone know what this repair would cost?
    Would there have to be complete replacement of the transmission?
    Thank you for the replys.
  • rkrostagrkrostag Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    I have a 96 f150 4x4 AT O.D. recently had a fluid leak, fix it. Now there is a hesitation when shifting into drive B 4 it engages. seems to work fine other than that. I was advised that front clutch pack shot. Anyone know if this condition could last awhile of if its gonna die any day ?
  • maylanemaylane Posts: 1
  • I have the same problem. At around 45mph I get this hickup from the transmission. I didn't notice if the Overdrive was on or off. I have to keep an eye on that and see if that is the problem. I had my transmission flushed at the dealership. And that didn't fix it either. I was hoping someone on this site had the same problem and figured out how to fix it. It isn't too much of a problem now, but I can imagine it getting worse.
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