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Ford F-Series Transmission Problems



  • sure, I wrote to Ford several times when my tranny failed at 28k miles. It was a few days past the 36 month warranty - I got them to pay half of the dealer cost for replacement, which is roughly twice what a private shop would charge. Seeing how far past the warranty date you are, your letter will likely fall on deaf ears.
  • i just had that problem and had my transmission rebuid. but the truck loss power on acceleration but according to the computer it runs fine, but i know my truck and i know i loss power, my guess is they used aftermarket parts and now im screwd. go to the dealer, its the best way to go if you want to get it done right. good luck
  • Sounds like the same problem I'm having. I have a 2007 F150 5.4 Lariat Supercrew with about 68,000 miles. Recently, seems to slip in and out of overdrive when I take foot off accelerator at around 50 mph. It makes kind of a clunking noise. Anyone know what the problem is and what it will take to fix it?
  • Yes, I am the one that posted a while back and flushing the transmission and changing the fluid really helped a great deal. Autoway Ford on 19 did the work for around $179.00 dollars plus tax and shop fees. If you get it done drive the truck and let the new fluid work in the transmission for a couple of days. I do not experience any of the problem "thank God" any more. Best of luck!
  • I have an 04 F150 5.4 Lariat SuperCrew and I had the same issue I was getting a bump when starting from a stop after i started the truck in the mornings, but after I wouldn't have that problem. Finally my transmission just went and I got the trans malfunction on the computer. After having the transmission rebuilt, I drove the truck for two days and on the second day I was driving and my truck lost power. The engine revved, but there was no acceleration. What ended up happening with your situation, I'm interested to know. My truck is currently being repaired again, and I should have it back by Friday. Do you know what could be causing the previous problem, so I can avoid having to rebuild another transmission? The shop I went to said something about the wheels were locking up causing the transmission to jam, but that just sounds wrong to me because i never felt my rear wheels lock. Also I spoke with other mechanics that said that sounds fishy. Sorry for the long post
  • After my 2005 F150 Transmission went with 80K miles, had it for a couple days and the same thing happened only this time the FORD dealership said I need a whole new engine. I asked why this truck would need a new engine with such low miles and easy driving, they said it was maintainance and my fault(oil change)
    We changed the oil regularly and there was only 2000 miles since the most recent oil change. Of course Ford didnt want to help at all, but after much discussion and telling them they could have the truck, Ford said they would help with repair if when they opened up engine they could tell it was not an oil change issue. Guess what , they helped with the repair and would not/could not tell me why this engine failed. I feel it was a DEFECTIVE engine, otherwise they wouldnt have covered a penny of this repair. It was fishy when they said they couldnt determine why the engine failed and this model year engine has problems, just look on internet.,
  • The same thing happened to my 04 F150. Turns out it was the OD e clip on the end of the transmission. The transmission has to pbe pulled to put the new modified clip on.
  • 2000 Ford F150 5.4 Triton-Starts and idles fine in park as soon as you put in gear it misses bad and won't pull.Put in park and it starts right back up and idles fine but won't run in gear.Anyone else had this problem,it just happened overnight.
  • okay cool that helps...but the mechanic says he's going to fix it no charge, and today he changes his mind and is trying to charge me for parts without labor and claims he's doing me a favor? Like really? People are such crooks? and he says its because the rear diff is bad but I've called and talked with several mechanics that say that's highly unlikely, I'm sure he's just trying to take advantage of me.
  • kp302_99kp302_99 Posts: 1
    edited September 2011
    I have the same issue. Run-down of my issues since I've had the truck.

    36,100 miles: transmission gave out. New transmission. Ford did a 50/50 split on price because it was only 100 miles.

    77,000 miles: another transmission destroyed itself. New transmission, I was at my 3 year one month mark on the warranty and Corp. Ford told me they will not pay anything because I was out of warranty by a little less than a month. $3,200 later I have a new transmission.

    82,000miles (3 months later): transmission is slipping in O/D at approx. 43 mph. Dealer and corporate will not admit there is an ongoing problem with the truck and will not stand by their product. This transmission is obviously under warranty but it’s pointless to get it fixed if it’s just going to burn up.

    Best action: Call local Better Business Bureau Office and make a complaint. If they get enough complaints, they have to investigate it. Also they can help you get mediation between corporate. I personally will never buy Ford again. They cannot seem to stand by their product.
  • its a virgan plug meaning the trany fluid has never been changed
  • While I am driving my transmission slips into nuetral and the speedometer quits working and mileage also quits working any ideas what might cause this problem would really be helpful.
  • thanks for the info I will give it a try and see if that solves the problem
  • i have a 98 with the same motor, i have had bad coil packs on all of my spark plugs go. not all at the same time either. the truck sometimes spits out a code but most of the time it doesnt.
  • I have an 85 F250 that had been sitting for about a year and a half. When i went to finally start it up i found a freeze plug had blown, so i replaced it. It started up just fine, held water, and after a few chokes and sputters it purred like an......old ford. :) Just one problem. It wont go into gear. It just seems to float right over the gears. When i parked it, it went into gear fine. The tail lights are work and it has tranny fluid. I really dont have the money to take it in. Anyone got any suggestions?
  • First time writing here. I have a '03 F-250 4x4 Turbo Diesel with 120k miles. Been a good truck but lately having a problem...More times than not when I put it into reverse it doesn't engauge so if I put it into drive and then back to reverse it goes into reverse fine.

    Any suggestions? Thank you
  • F150 2009 when pulling my 7500 lb trailer the transmission shifts for no reason. Flat road, no wind. It is like the engine does not have enough power to maintain speed in 5 th gear. As soon as it shifts the truck starts to loose speed. Went for a test drive with dealer and they agree but aren't sure what to do. Engineers say normal but was not like this when truck was new. Just started late last fall and got worse every time I used the trailer this year.
  • no ideas 4ya, but my '95 just started doing the exact same thing withn the last few days. shiftin hard as fk between 2nd and 3rd gear. and it makes a horrible noise in reverse sometimes.
  • you do not mention if this gas or disel,, or if there is a check engine lite on,, but souds like a dirty fuel filter if theres no light,, if thers is a lite r & i the egr,, and clean and drive again
  • I am looking at purchasing a 2005 Ford F150 SLT 4x4, crew cab with 85k on it. I will be hauling a 4000 Lb single horse trailer conversion about 60 miles with it 2-3 times a week, will this truck handle the load? I am trying to do my research first since this is a business pourchase, are there any major mechanical issues I should look for or that are common for this model? My old Truck was a Dodge(never again) and I have put 4 new trannys into it, just trying to avoid another situation like this. Any info would be helpful, thanks.
  • It is gas, not diesel.
  • BUY A CHEVY!!!!! Older Fords are good, but the newer ones are awful. We (my husband) own(s) a 93 Ford F-150 and it has given us loads of problems. It is not because we haven't taken care of it, but because of the many problems Ford failed to spot before they let it off the assembly line. Don't get me wrong they are tough trucks, and will pull pretty much any thing you put behind them, but only for a while. Then you'll be sitting more than you're driving. If you have loads of money and time, by all means purchase the Ford. However, if you want to get where you're going without all the drama, Chevy will be your friend. Yes, we have owned Chevrolets as well. We sold them for financial reasons and now can't afford to buy another one because we spend so much money on our FORD. Good luck and God bless!
  • I have a 2005 f150 7400 miles on it trans just went with out any worning its is a STX BUT 2 WEEL DRIVE going to be about four thousand to fix
  • ford trans are junk I have a 2005 f150 STX with 7400 miles on it. Trans just went out will cost about 4000 to replace and i never towed any thing with this truck. Iam not a happy camper.
  • 2004 trans bought new 20000m needed new trans 50000 needs new trans heard that in 2004 they changed the main gear this seems to the root of their problem
  • Hi I don"t know if this helps anyone I hope it does. I have a 2005 Ford F150 SuperCab 2WD. I really love this truck! It has 100k+ has been babied though!
    Anyway, after making a trip up North My O/D light came on when I started after jumping the starter. (Note I did have to jump the starter to get it to start and I still can't get it to start with just the key!). I now have to use a push button start that I installed myself. I have looked at all the relays, fuses and wires that could cause a no crank problem, and found nothing of concern. I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if they figured out what it was.

    NO Engine CODE
    O/D light only when engaged in park
    Starter has to be jumped via push button to start
    No shifting problems at all (shifts perfect and smooth)

  • greasemonkey45greasemonkey45 Posts: 1
    edited December 2011
    I have a 1995 Ford F-250 7.3L powerstroke, 2wd, automatic transmission. After an hour of driving, when downshifting and upshifting it shifts hard and then it lugs the motor down when coming to a stop, I just had the transmission rebuilt, and a new torque converter put on, i had trouble before the transmission was rebuilt and the same thing happens after i had the transmission rebuilt.
  • Turns out when we bought this '04 F150, it was from a Rep. Dealer in Central NJ ( we thought ) not a Ford Dealer , another Dealer who has been there for over 30yrs! Anyway the truck was a trade in only one owner. The Problem was the CREEP who owned it before us ( from Pa. ) NEVER changed anything on the truck as far as fluids go. So that is why we had so many Engine , and Tranny problems...It is fine now but don't ask me how much we dumped into her...Anyhow Have a Great New Year everyone! Except the car Dealer whos name starts with a P.and the Creep from Pa. who never heard of a fluid change....
  • I bought my 2004 stx 4x4 f150 4 months ago with 72000 miles on it. The rear started making noise the day after I bought it, after that the transmission lost overdrive, (fixed by dropping the valve body and removing a peice of a broken snap ring from the 3/4 shift valve) and now the transmission is completely shot and will not move the vehicle forward at all. It now has 79000 miles on it, I owe 7000 bucks on it still, and it is not even driveable. All of these turn out to be common problems with these trucks. I am a professional technician, and I have access to Identifix and mitchell on demand, which both report pages of issues with this truck. This was a one owner vehicle before I had it and it was well cared for. I will NEVER buy another ford truck. I should have stuck to my chevys. I never had a driveline failure with those. Buyers Beware.
  • tilfordtilford Posts: 3
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    I have a 97 F-150 4x4 that will not come out of overdrive when you press the button on end of gear shift lever. In testing, the switch shows to be good, but I am not sure on how to check and see if the switch is getting fire through the steering column or not. Can anybody help me with this or suggest any remedies. Fuse under dash on drivers side is good.
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