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Nissan Versa vs. Scion xA



  • benduprebendupre Posts: 121
    The justy was also one of the first cars with CVT. in 1989 I was too young and poor to be driving a new car but I remember the CVT.
  • pernaperna Posts: 533
    thx canuck. i am very biased towards Toyotas and (less so) Nissans. The Kia may be a good car, but I know I'll never go that way. And as for the Ford, I am quite certain I won't go there either. Honestly I am at this point just debating between the Scion xA, Nissan Versa, and Toyota Matrix.

    Good call on the Kia.

    Out of the 3, it would be a tough decision between the Matrix and Versa. You don't want the xA - hate to be blunt, but it's a good car for a teenager, not for a family.

    The best deal pricewise would be on a Pontiac Vibe - identical to the Matrix in every way (they're manufacturered on the same line in the same factory), but generally there are much better discounts available on the Pontiac.
  • canuck785canuck785 Posts: 160
    my justy was 5 spd and 4wd, not awd as i said in my previous post. it was a 3 cylinders but was doing the job just fine! i paid 5.500$ (canadian) and it had 36.000 km on it. that was back in 1989 so i guess that was not so cheap cnsidering that in 2006 in am looking at 10-12k brand new cars!! ;)
  • barsonbarson Posts: 34
    I'm a single, 40ish professional who has been looking at high MPG cars with manual transmissions, airbags, and ABS. I was nearly ready to buy an xA when I started getting interested in the Fit. Today, on the way home from the local Honda dealer (where I was told that they had no Fits on the lot and the next one -- singular, and with an automatic transmission -- would arrive in a month) I saw a Versa drive past. I did a double-take. It looked much bigger and more solid than an xA.

    With the xA, I didn't like the fact that the rear seats didn't fold flat, which really ate into usable cargo space. Also the trans was geared very low, so high RPMs (not that this is necessarily bad -- I used to drive a motorcycle, so I'm used to it -- but it does eat into the MPG).

    Any comments on how much cargo you can cram into a Versa? Are they easy to load? Is the 6th gear useful, or is it just for play? What made you purchase a Versa over the xA (or the Fit)?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,453
    The rear seats do fold flat on the xA.

    I'd say for a family with a kid, I'd go for the Matrix. You can't beat Toyota quality.

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  • barsonbarson Posts: 34
    I test drove a manual transmission Versa today. It was good -- quiet, smooth ride. Not a buzzbox feel at all. From what I remember from my test drive of an automatic xA several months ago, the xA has a stiffer ride, which I actually enjoy, but it's not critical to my decision. The Versa seemed to have quite a bit of driver's head and leg room (I'm 5'9"). The gearing was fine and reminded me of the motorcycle I drove for 7 years -- I could hit easily hit 6th gear at 45 mph, but the engine was doing a reasonable 3100-3200 RPM at 70 mph. Rear seats fold flat without removing the headrests, but they do not lay flush with the cargo floor :)

    One thing that impressed me greatly was the internet salesperson who took me for a test drive -- a grandmother with a very calm, friendly, low-key approach who answered all my questions about manual vs. CVT, etc.

    In contrast, I visited a local Toyota/Scion dealer where a salesperson said "we don't get many xAs because we don't sell many." He didn't offer to have me drive one of the two xBs on the lot (we did a complete circuit around the lot), nor did he suggest I look at a Matrix or Corolla as possibilities, so I'm not surprised. :mad: I've emailed another Toyota/Scion dealer 30 minutes away. Given this experience and the one I had at a different dealer last year, I wouldn't be surprised if sales are suffering.
  • barsonbarson Posts: 34
    Looks like there's height adjustment with the driver's seat on the SL Versa only, not the S. As far as I can tell there's no height adjustment on the xA, nor on the Fit. From what I recollect the xA's seat is pretty high -- better visibility than the Versa. Does anyone know if the xA has adjustable lumbar support on the driver's seat?
  • barsonbarson Posts: 34
    My saga with Toyota/Scion dealers continues . . . after responding to my initial email, the internet sales manager at the dealership 30 minutes away hasn't emailed or called in the last 2 days to set up an appointment for an xA test drive. She's not out sick, because the receptionist at the dealer has said "she's with a customer right now" when I've called. I've sent a follow-up email and left two voicemail messages, but no response. Next week I'm visiting another state, and hope to do some test drives there.

    If my decision was based solely on buying experience, the Nissan dealer would win hands down.
  • djindjin Posts: 5
    I am not sure as to why the Scion dealers in your area are like that.

    In Texas, mainly the DFW area and its environs, Scion dealers are well known for their excellent customer service and they always take care of their customers/potential customers. They also sponsor many Scion events at local racetracks and even hold barbecue's for Scion-ers. Check out, the community has helped me a lot in determining which dealer to shop at first.

    I have not decided as to whether I will buy a Scion yet, I'm holding out until spring for more info on the next generation of the xA.
  • rsmumrsmum Posts: 2
    We surprised our 17 year old with a Scion Xa 2 weeks ago. I can't stop trying to bribe the keys out of his hands. It is so much fun to drive. It handles very well.

    The deal was under an hour. We didn't know about the "no hassle" until we were at the dealership. My husband and I were "just shopping" when we went to Toyota. We never thought we'd find a full powered car with a sticker of $14,000!

    Great Drive!!! :)
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,453
    If you come to San Francisco, go to SF Toyota. These people are an absolutely fabulous dealership for Scion.

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  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,080
    why are we talking about Sicons in a Versa Forum ????

    Tony :shades:
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Read the title. This is a Versa and Scion discussion.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,080
    Well if YOU really read where these topics are at, they are under the VERSA forum with a title called Versa / Scion...

    Tony :shades:
  • benduprebendupre Posts: 121
    Take it easy Tony. No one made you boss of the board.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    AND it is under the Scion forum also. Because it's a discussion about BOTH the Versa and the Scion. That's why it's called "Nissan Versa vs. Scion xA". It's for people to compare the two cars. What a concept!! It's a floor wax AND a dessert topping!!!!
  • barsonbarson Posts: 34
    Comparison of a 5-speed Versa with an automatic xA:

    - the Versa had better acceleration than the xA; the larger engine (1.8L vs. 1.5L) and 5-speed more than compensated for the Versa's extra 340 pounds. Personally I am interested in the 5-speed xA, maybe it's peppier than the automatic.

    - despite the center mounted gauges, I thought the xA's dash was more stylish and functional than the Versa's. All the xA's knobs and buttons were easy to identify and reach,and the wheel mounted stereo controls were very useful.

    - both vehicles felt roomy on the inside, but I seemed to sit higher and have better visibility in the xA.

    - rear seats do fold down flush with the rear cargo floor on the xA (with the driver's seat pushed all the way back and with the headrests on the back seats -- I had the salesperson demonstrate it); on the Versa the rear seats are not flush with the cargo area when folded down, making stowing large boxes, etc., a little awkward.

    While the Nissan dealer was just down the street and the salesperson was extremely helpful, my xA test drive took place in Florida, several hundred miles away. Given the attention I was given, I guess it's no surprise that the Florida dealer I visited sells 300 cars a month. Very unlike the Toyota/Scion experience locally.
  • The Versa is the best car for the money I have ever driven in my life. Period. Scions are cheaply made, have a lackluster engine, and when there are 3 people in the car, drops gas mileage by a good 3-4 mpg, so without any delay I would definately assure you that the versa is much better for the purchase price.


    The Versa, though roomie and more comfortable, may not suit what you need. The Mazda3 is a bigger car, and now that you are to be a parent, it's in your absolute best interest to get a vehicle that will last you for quite a while.


    I have owned 1 ford and 1 GMC, both of which died horribly and were poorly constructed for useability.

    Once again:

    - Mazda3
    - Nissan Versa
    - Honda Civic / Accord
    - Toyota Corolla (Matrix is no good)
    - Nissan Altima (used)
  • judeo5judeo5 Posts: 1
    I stumbled upon this discussion thread and was happy to see that the discussion was centered exactly around what I'm trying to decide on. Currently looking at versa, fit, yaris, impreza wagaon and xA (my wife has one and I've loved it, however don't really want to have the same car).

    I'm really torn on whether I really need an awd option.

    It seems, that for the same features, the AWD for the subaru adds up to 19420 vs. the 14925 for the Nissan Versa S with the power option and ABS and auto trans.

    Has anyone manuvered the Versa in snow, or over mountain passes? I snowboard often, and would like to know how well it does in that weather with chains on and without.

    Since I really only need AWD 20-30 days out of the year, I'd hate to spend an extra 4000-5000 just to have AWD. I'd rather put $100 towards some heavy duty chains and some emergency equipment in case.
    Also, having that extra 8 mpg on highway for 320 days out of the year when i don't need the AWD would really save even more money. I commute about 50 miles a day round-trip I would say.

    Thanks for the great info. I was already heavily leaning towards the versa, and this has just about tipped me over. Now it's just a matter of what I really need.
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