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Real World Towing with the Pathfinder



  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    This guy has obviously done his homework Might be something to consider when purchasing a vehicle, camper, and so forth.

  • I'll add my $.02 since there wasn't a whole lot of info when I was looking for it...

    My 2005 Pathy LE tows my 18' dual console boat/trailer @ approx 4k lbs just fine. Would rather have v8 truck but Pathy is more flexible for my uses.
  • dsumpdsump Posts: 1
    I know this is an old post but how did this camper work with your pathfinder. I am looking to buy this camper this weekend and tow it with my 2005 pathfinder. If the pathfinder couldnt tow it very well I will not buy the camper. Trail-Cruiser 26QBH
  • We will be going down to Texas (from MN) in May and want to tow our son's Jeep Liberty back with our '06 Nissan Pathfinder. We would use a tow dolly, if that is what we need. Is this possible or is it too much for our vehicle? thanks for your help.
  • twopathstwopaths Posts: 3
    According to Edmunds, the curb weight on the Liberty is about 4300# and the rating on your PF is 6000#. So in that respect you should be ok. I've got an '06 and a boat that weighs around 5700# (including trailer). We have towed all over Florida and have never had an issue but, obviously, the terrain is very flat. I don't have any experience towing vehicles but I think you need some kind of transmission lockout device in order to avoid damage?
  • Does the 2005 pathfinder le perwired with the sixth wire for elec. breaks
  • I have new tires ,balanced. I still have a vibertion at highway speeds. Could it be the weaght my have come off the drove shaft? u-joint?, wheel bearing?
  • My 2005 pathfinder LE did not have a wire for electric brakes. I had to have that installed along with a 7 pin connector and a wire to charge the battery in my TT. Be sure to put them on separate fuses when you have it done.
  • We pull our 2,500# pop-up with no problem and can still achieve 17MPG on the highway. Fully loaded with 4 passengers and you can't really tell it's behind us.
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