Honda Element Test Drives

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Tell about yours!

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    EX-P with a 5-speed. Loved the E, like the ride, even liked the shifter location. Only thing i didnt like was the uppity sales person. If i had walked into a Benz dealership i would have expected to get that attitude, but lets face it its just a Honda. Only reason i didnt buy one yet is im trying to find a decent salesperson.
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    Where do you live?? I have made 'friends' with a sales person here who has blown all previous quotes out of the water...
    Orange County Calif.

    Example... '06 2WD Pilot EX-L DVD, with sidestep and mudguard option $31,105 out the door. Or '06 Odyssey EX-L DVD $31,000 out the door. This includes all fees and local taxes...
  • bigfurbigfur Member Posts: 649
    Im over here in Minnesota, every sales person i have talked to acts like i should be honored they are talking to me.
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    What dealership were you at. I will be shopping next week for an Element. I have bought previously from Buerkle, Richfield Bloomington and one other.
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    Ive dealt with Burnsville and RB so far. Went and actually talked to one decent salesman at Buerkle. Problem for me is trying to find a 5-speed EX-P in a color i like. Love the TAngo red pearl, but appearantly there just arent any according to Hopkins honda.
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    I drove the Element with a salesman present about 6 weeks ago and I thought it was OK but slow, EXP 2-wheel drive automatic. Then sometimes later I took my wife's V6 Accord for a minor service and the service writer set me up for a solo test drive in the Element, no salesman present. What a difference. It was nice not to be forced to making meaningless conversation. I drove it about 10 miles, and had plenty of time to play with the radio, the windows, seating position and so fort. I can't remember the last time I felt so relaxed while driving. Compared to the Accord the Element is slower, but after a few miles it didn't bother me. Everything else, the relaxed seating position, the higher point of view, was much better than the Accord. I do wish the front seat would move a bit higher, but that was my only complaint. I plan to get an 07 around Christmas. In comparison the Accord is more stressful because it begs to be driven hard, (reckless driving is the V6's middle name) while the Element is perfect for keeping up with traffic without causing any problems. And after getting out of the Element I found the Accord very tight and cramped - ours is a 04 four door. Even the CRV or the Toyota 4Runner feels cramped compared to the Element. The funny part is the Element is shorter than any of those cars. Viva the Element.
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    It was nice not to be forced to making meaningless conversation.

    Oh, how WONDERFUL! I suppose it's hard for salespeople too - feeling they have to say something while accompanying a potential customer on a test drive. :)

    You may be interested in browsing through Stories from the Sales Frontlines to get the other side.

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    I'm considering the 07 Honda Element EX 4wd. How well does this car handle compared to a CR-V? Witch one drives and handles better? Which is better for a teenage guy? The answers to these will greatly help. Thanks :D
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    I am an owner of an Element. I bought a LX manual 2WD. I also own a 05 xB.

    The Element is much quieter and much better for highway driving. I also like the roominess. The short shifts are very nice and the engine will move. I have not tested it to greatly as its in break-in.

    The Element has tall truck tires and I feel it will take a lot of punishment in comparsion with my other box.

    The stereo only has 4 speakers and its fine. The AC is POWERFUL. I really like the rubber mats on the rubber flooring.

    Overall, I like my new Element.
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    I just test drove an 03 EX with 40K for $14,900; We are stepping out of a Chrysler LHS and before that, a Taurus I absolutely loved. I am excited about the versitility for our large dogs, garden stuff etc. I loved how comfy it was, and how it handled on the test. I live in MT, and the salesman told me he owned one for 2 years and thought there was nothing better in the snow/ice.
    In perusing the internet on, I see on '06 with 9K for the same price, though it's 1000 miles away. Is there a big difference between the two years besides body style? I would REALLY appreciate any tips and feedback anyone has to give as we look seriously at purchasing an Element. I am concerned a bit about the lack of mpg...and all of the repair messages in this forum!
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    :) My girlfreind purchased a used orange 2006 Element EX-P with AWD and every option available including the running boards, rear spoiler, fog lights, XM radio, floor mats, and mud flaps. It had 10,000 miles when she bought it and she now has almost 25,000.

    (one thing to keep in mind...if you can purchase a slightly used Honda Certified vehicle, you should do it...they come with a 100k mile warranty that you would otherwise have to purchase extra on a new vehicle. My girlfreind basically got an almost new Element with every option available, with an included 100k mile warranty for about $10k less than a new 2007 with the same options.)

    She was originally looking at (at that time) the newly redesigned CR-V which we thought was a VERY nice small SUV. It rode well and everything was well placed on the interior and it was just an all around great looking SUV, not too small and not too big. However, my girlfriend trains animals and she was concerned with messing up the interior of the CR-V and it also costs slightly more than the Elements. Because the interior of the Element is so much bigger and versitle than the CR-V she went with the Element. The only drawbacks I see is that it has some blind spots when backing up and changing lanes, which is not too hard to get used to, and the lack of seating for 5. You would think access to the rear seats would be an issue, but its suprisingly VERY roomy in the back even for people over 6ft tall. She has loved her car and I just cleaned it for her yesterday after shes had shavings and dogs in her car for the past 6 months. I must say that the interior was very dirty but after cleanning it up, it looks just as good as when she purchased it. (I have worked as a car detailer in the past so I am very picky, and when I say a car is clean, its as clean as what you would expect from buying a new car) The interior is durable and is VERY easy to keep clean and looking new.

    The gas milage is not where it should be for a 4cyl from Honda. Not to say it has bad milage at all, but it is on the lower end of the scale as far as MPG compared to the other Honda 4cyl engines such as whats in the Civics, but it is one of the larger 4cyl engines so what lacks in MPG you gain in HP. For only having a 4cyl is has pretty good pickup for city driving. On the interstate its not too bad either but it could use that extra punch you get from a V6 when you have 4 people and luggage in it.

    Overall if you are considering either the CR-V or the Element, the CR-V is a great choice if you want something a bit nicer looking and need seating for 5. It sits a bit higher than the Element too. But if you need something that is a bit more durable, can haul a lot more junk inside, and you dont want to worry about messing up the interior, (since the Element doesnt have carpet) go with the roomier Element.
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    Your comparing gas mileage on a 4 cyl civic against the element? the element has the aerodynamics of a brick and it weights around 3500 lbs. what's a civic around 2800lbs?
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    Your comparing gas mileage on a 4 cyl civic against the element? the element has the aerodynamics of a brick and it weights around 3500 lbs. what's a civic around 2800lbs?

    Another important point... The Element (and 4-cyl Accord and CR-V) uses the 2.4 L VTEC; the Civic (LX / EX) use a 1.7 L, less powerful engine.

    The VTEC is a really great engine, but the mileage is significantly lower than the 1.7 that the Civic uses.

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