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Saturn Vue Maintenance and Repair



  • I filed complaint #71-1121414572 with General Motors. I have yet to receive any information as to whether or not the complaint has been resolved. The dealership that sold me the car should be reprimanded in some manner.

    I have no confidence in the longevity and safety of this vehicle as I feel it may fall apart at any time. My main concern is with the vibration in brakes. I have documentation of my complaint regarding the brakes with two GM dealerships. If injuries occur due to brake failure, litigation will be filed. Your warranty is supposed to provide peace of mind – I shouldn’t have to rebuild the car using the warranty. Due to the numerous times I had to take this vehicle in for repair, I feel that the warranty should be extended for another 12 months and/or 12,000 miles. I am fully aware that I purchased a used vehicle. That is why, when I had a choice, I chose the Certified Pre Owned vehicle.

    I was sold a defective GM product by a GM dealership. I put a substantial amount of money into the purchase of this car. GM needs to back up its products.
  • Have you checked into my concerns?
  • I think the horn relay is electronic and is intragal with the plug that plugs directly into the horn.
    Makes it difficult to replace/ add another after market horn set.
    Anyone know anything about this?
  • I purchased an 07 saturn vue about 2 years ago from a dealership but the vehicle had 1 previous owner. about 2 weeks after i purchased the car started hearing noises and a big vibration, i took it to a shop and was told it was the driveshaft center support rubber. i called a GM dealership and was told that that part was not covered by the "powertrain warrenty" i had to pay the money out of pocket to have it fixed, now i have the same problem again, took it to the shop and that same part has to be replaced. I have spoken with one other person who also has an 07 vue and she has had the same problem with hers. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Did you have the previous repair performed at your dealership? If we can check into this situation further for you, please don't hesitate to contact us at (include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the situation).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • when i went to the dealership i was told that they had no record of me being there 2 years ago, they also told me that because my vue is an 07 that the powertrain was expired therefor they could do nothing to help me. when i went 2 years ago to find out what the problem was they quoted me at a price of over $500.00 therefor i took my vehicle to another shop to have it fixed. My vue has around 99,000 miles on it now and had 75,000 on it 2 years ago when this problem was fixed the last time. I went to your socialmedia web site and they wanted to charge me to post anything. There obviously has to be a problem here if its been less then 2 years ago that the same problem happened and i now have to pay to have it fixed again, also the shop that i take mine to they have had others with the same problem, i wish i would have never spend my hard earned money on this vehicle when i have nothing but problems.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I just wanted to make sure I understood correctly - did you try to use the email I provided ( and were prompted to pay to send an email? This should not be the case.
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • 4norm794norm79 Posts: 11
    A few days ago, the ABS and Traction Control lights came on. I took the vehicle in and while driving, the brake pedal vibrated. Finally, the dealership found the problem - the left wheel speed sensor was found to be "open". Because I had the car in earlier for the same problem while the car was under warranty, the dealership didn't charge me for the repair. I'm done with GM
  • tommy989tommy989 Posts: 1
    "Change oil soon" light came on, checked dipstick and was dry, put 4 quarts of oil in... then a mile down the road massive amounts of white smoke came out of the tailpipe/rear end. There is no oil on the ground and the temperature gauge fluxuates. Also, a separate issue... the dash "battery light" flashes on and off especially when I try to go uphill. Any ideas would be really helpful.
  • ken34608ken34608 Posts: 2
    Did you put the oil cap back on?
  • onefunkaronefunkar Posts: 113
    change oil soon light is what comes on when it is time for an oil change. if its not time did someone not reset it after last oil change?
  • ken34608ken34608 Posts: 2
    Yes, this I know. Having changed thousands of peoples oil. Nonetheless, I hope you get your answer.
  • badger7376badger7376 Posts: 1

    I'm new here to both Edmunds forums and to Saturn. Bought a 2004 Saturn Vue V6 AWD with automatic transmission last Saturday with nearly 97K miles on it. My wife had previously owned a new 2003 Vue for a few years and always wanted to get another Vue. Found this one at a dealer and she loved it. Seems to have been well cared for; looks like new although it has what apparently is the fairly common transmission upshifting noise and vibration around 30 mph, from what I have been reading. Not sure if that should be a worry or not...? BTW, we solved the wind noise that arises around 35-40 mph via masking tape on the trim & top windshield seal...another forum's solution! For some reason, the light on the speedometer is pretty much dimmed out from 0-40 mph, despite having cranked the dimmer switch all the way to high...not exactly great for night time driving in low speed areas when you can't really see how fast you are going...any fixes for that one? A partial lighting outage?

    Anyway, back to the main question at hand: after purchasing, of course, I learn that there may be a fairly pricey 100K mile servicing needed very soon: new timing belt, maybe a water pump (I've been reading various forums trying to catch up on this stuff), etc. I will be taking this to my local mechanic, not the dealer so that should help some on the expenses. My question primarily has to do with whether or not -- these standard services aside -- it is worth attempting to get an extended after-market warranty...if that's something that's even possible on this vehicle with this mileage...? If so, what kind of pricing might we expect? What types of things would be covered and for how long? What companies would you recommend and which would you avoid?

    Any of your comments and recommendations about any of the ramblings and questions here will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  • onefunkaronefunkar Posts: 113
    any company that would sell a service contract on a 100,000 mile 9 yr old car sight unseen is a service contract not worth getting.
  • macgirl,

    Did you ever find out what the problem was? I have a 2007 automatic and it does the EXACT same thing! I would LOVE to know what the problem is before I go get BS'd by some mechanic. Thanks.
  • I have a 2006 Vue AWD. Recently have replaced the motor, universal joints, balanced the drive shaft and put in a rebuilt differential. All fluids are new and topped up. Now the service vehicle soon light comes on and I have no idea why. This light was not on before all this expensive work was done. I get no codes from a scan. Any help on locating the problem is appreciated.
  • i was driving my vue ayt about 55 mph and i heard this squeal so i drove about a mile and pulled into an area to look at the car. when i stopped the car the motor can to a stop. i tried to start it and it started but it was very hard to turnover. while it was running and squealing i had to move car so had to drive to a spot were i could park the car. it would go just fine but with a load squeal. i reached a spot were i could park the car. sat for a while then tried to start the car it wouldnt start and was really hard to turnover. so i leave the car overnight. go to get car in the morning and it still wont start and is hard to turnover. finnaly get car to run and load it on the dolly. i left the key on in the ingition and the car in nutraul and towed it home about 13 miles so when we reach the house i tried to start the car and it firied right up and was easy to turnover backed it off the dolly and parked it came back to car and tried it again and fired right up and easy turnover but now the cooling fan runs as soon as the car is started and will contine to run as long as the car runs. i did notice the other night that the lights would dim as it was sittting at idle and as soon as step on gas the lights get brighter. can all of this be related to the altanator?
  • 4norm794norm79 Posts: 11

    It's time to stop complaining about this car and take some action. Go to the NHTSA.GOV website and make an official complaint. I filed separate complaints on the ignition, transmission and engine cover leak. If we're lucky, we may get a recall and get some of our repair money refunded. That happened when the Ford Windstar that I owned blew head gaskets. Ford was forced to recall the car and refunded repair and towing costs.

  • 4norm794norm79 Posts: 11
    We're back....BCM and the ignition control module have gone out at 87000 miles. Another $900 in repairs - I'm rebuilding this car from the inside out. It's a good thing that I live in Arizona or I'd probably be replacing rusted out door panels too. Without a doubt, this vehicle has been the worst car purchase in my life.
  • 4norm794norm79 Posts: 11
    I guess filing a complaint on the NHTSA.GOV site made a difference. The car was finally recalled for the transmission failure. I got a letter from GM and I filed for reimbursement. I'm getting a free transmission, but it ain't worth it.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Good, and it only took a year eh?
  • 4norm794norm79 Posts: 11
    edited May 2015
    Captain's log - final entry - The HVAC module failed causing another $500 repair. Upon leaving the dealership, the air bag light was blinking. I took the car back and was told that the air bag module had failed - a $1500 repair. The dealership "successfully" lobbied on my behalf for assistance and I paid $400. Upon completion of the work, I immediately traded the Saturn in for a Lexus. Mission to Saturn aborted - we are in route to the Lexus Nexus.
    If you own this car, in my opinion, you are endangering yourself and your family. Cascading electrical failures, ignition lockups, brake sensor issues, transmission collapse and financial ruin await current and future owners. I have made complaints to the NHTSA on all critical failures. I'm keeping my receipts for the recalls to come.
    Kirk out.
  • 4norm784norm78 Posts: 4
    Epilogue - I was informed that the car's transmission when out AGAIN after being purchased.....You have been duly notified......
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