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Saturn Vue Maintenance and Repair



  • jwefjwef Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Vue. It starts but won't stay running. on the dash it says Reduced Power and the check engine light is on. What could be the problem?
  • I don't know for sure if all of that would happen, however I know that if i lock my car with my Fob, and then unlock it with the key, the fuel does not get to the engine. (I am not at all technical) from what I understand it is a security feature... if you have a fob, check to make sure that all is in place and your engine is getting fuel. Like I said though, it is just a guess on my end. I had to replace the body control module on mine, and after that I have not had any problems with my Vue. Love it now! :)
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Likely one of 3 problems

    1 - gas pedal position sensor

    2 - electrically controlled throttle actuator

    3 - wiring in between
  • My problem is not being able to find a certified Saturn Vue Mechanic, since Saturn has closed it's doors. I live in a small town, and I would travel 240 round trip just to get the work on my car done wright. A simple Chevy mechanic are not trained to work on these vehicles. They do not have chevy motors in them. O6's has a honda engine, I put my car in the shop on Feb. 14 cause it idled a little ruff, simple diagnostic test, which they did not do before taking the cover of the rear of the engine it has gone from idling a little ruff, now the whole engine is running ruff, and they are just baffeled. I have had a saturn since 1992, and always please. The best Saturn Mechanic From the Catheral City in Ca. Saturn store was Shawn Berdine, god I wished I could find that guy. :sick:
  • shopdog97shopdog97 Posts: 160
    We just bought a 2005 Vue AWD yesterday. It is in beautiful shape and only had 48K on it. The leather seats are hardly worn and the body in in great shape. I think it's a good vehicle for it's size and hope to at least get 20 MPG with it's 3.5 V6 engine which to me has great power and acceleration. I've been coming into these forums and appreciate the info we all share to help one another out. I feel dumb in bringing this small issue up, but the Vue only came with one key fob, the dealership said that the previous owner(it was a 1 owner vehicle) turned in both KEYS but only one fob to remotely open the locks. This thing has an alarm system that when activated by using the keyfob, flashes a security light. Imagine my surprise when I tried to open the driver's door(the only door with a keyhole)and set off the alarm. I had to run in the house and grab the key fob from my wife's purse and use it to stop the alarm! Am I to understand that you cannot use the key to enter the car with this alarm activated? It happened this morning as well, but this time I put my key in the ignition and turned it and the alarm stopped. But I leave for work very early in the morning, and I sure do NOT want this alarm going off and waking up my neighbors. Now I won't be using the Vue all the time since it is primarily for my wife, but what do I have to know about entering the thing with the key so as NOT to set off the alarm?? I am searching for a matching key fob for myself, but until I do, anything you can tell me about this will be greatly appreciated. Let me ask this as well. When is is suggested to change the timing belt on this motor? I've heard that newer vehicles can go to 100k before needing this done. Is this true with this 3.5 motor, which I'm told is a Honda motor(or an Acura MDX which is still a Honda) What say you, folks?
  • I have the same code on my Saturn Vue 2006, could you please tell me what you found out and what you did for them.

    P0378-Timing reference high resolution Signal B intermitent erratic pulse
    P0778-Pressure control solenoid B electrical
    B0387-Crankshaft position sensor B circuit low
    Also there are so other codes which the computer sais-undefined.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Can you email me directly? I would like to work with you to find someone who can assist you in repairs on your vehicle.
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Have you taken your vehicle into a dealer to have this addressed? If not, I would recommend doing so. Please feel free to email me with any questions comments or concerns.
    GM Customer Service
  • What do the codes mean, No one really knows!!!!!!!!!
    Do you
  • shopdog97shopdog97 Posts: 160
    Just a follow up to my March 5th post about trying to use my key to get into our Saturn Vue. We did purchase another keyfob and had a local dealer who took over servicing Saturns program it and all is well now. I was told that if I ever use the key to unlock the door, just get it in the ignition and turn it quickly to avoid the alarm from sounding. Tried it and yes, it worked. We are pleased so far with this 05' Vue AWD, and it's 3.5 Honda V-6 has plenty of power. But I'm wondering if any of you have experienced a noise coming from underneath that sounds like something is rubbing on something and sounds like a high pitched noise of some sort. It does NOT do it on acceleration, it's most notable when we let off the gas and come to a stop. I'm all but positive it's not a wheel or CV joint bearing, and the brakes don't squeal and I just passed Pa. inspection. I pulled the wheels off myself before inspection and both the front and rear have a lot of life in the pads and shoes. I checked underneath the Vue and shook all exhaust pipes to see if something is loose or rubbing, but found nothing. The other day I even shifted to Neutral while coming down a slight grade and heard nothing at all. And the noise is NOT constant, but it is definitely something! There is less than 49K on this Vue and it was obviously well maintained. Could this noise we're hearing be coming from the Drive Shaft or rear differential? I know this AWD system doesn't kick in until it's needed and the Vue is primarily a FWD car. And this noise does NOT seem to be coming from the front of the vehicle. If any of you can give me a heads-up about this before I go to the dealer or another shop, I'd certainly appreciate it. I'm thinking it's NOT a serious issue, but I really don't like noises so I'd like to get it taken care of ASAP. Many thanks, and have a Blessed day.
  • bser015bser015 Posts: 2
    i have a 2006 saturn vue and the air conditioning stopped working a few months ago. I took it into the mechanic to get it looked at, and he said that the compressor was leaking. I was also told that in order to get it fixed it would cost 400-750 dollars after installation costs. I am looking into doing it myself, but have never changed one on an inverted motor before. does anyone have any guidance for doing so? I plan on getting the part from a local place, but just need ideas as to change it. any/all info will be appreciated!
  • 2low4u762low4u76 Posts: 2
    I changed the oil in late February. Last night as I was driving home from work, the engine started to knock. I pulled over to check the oil level. All was good but added one quart for good measure. I proceeded down the freeway again, and again the knocking started. It got louder and harder. Next thing, there was a loud boom and then smoke came from the engine. I barely pulled off the freeway before the car died. Had to get a tow home needless to say. Checked the engine the next day only to find that almost a foot long section fell off the engine block. Which explains the smoke after throwing all the oil out. My question is, what can I do about this as I still have 2 years left on making payments and have no ride. Is it normal to have it break apart like that? Can anyone help with situation
  • bajjanbajjan Posts: 2
    Did you ever find out what the issue was??? I am now having the same problem with my Saturn Vue.
  • 2low4u762low4u76 Posts: 2
    Just that it threw a rod, and it punched a hole about the size of a shoe in my block wall. Been searching for another engine. I've been told that there are 4 different versions of my engine, but when I call dealer they say just one
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Only 1 version of your engine either way, V6 or 4 cyl:

    The 4 cyl is better known as the L61

    The V6 is known by Honda as the J35
  • nikkivuenikkivue Posts: 1
    congrats if your wife likes to dsrive she will enjoy this suv this baby can move especially if you have j35 motor honda awd is going to be even better the car can handle snow aslo not to much but at least 5inches with no problems put the key in engition right away alarm will stop dearlers can scan new remote or a locksmith but they are costly
  • desertvuedesertvue Posts: 13
    Interior lights go on and off by themselves while I'm driving. Power door locks, lock and unlock by themselves. Thought maybe key fob was acting weird, so I removed the battery and stopped using it. Also, prior to not using the key fob, sometimes when I set the alarm, it would go off shortly after setting. Any thoughts?
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    2 thoughts:

    1 - Body control module is failing
    2- Body control Module grounds are corroded causing it to act funny.

    Most likely the 1st. Its not an uncommon failure in the Vue - Dealer only repair, about $ 700.00
  • desertvuedesertvue Posts: 13
    I think I like the second thought more...
  • scubyvuscubyvu Posts: 1
    I purchased this car new and it has 64,000 miles on it. It is making noise in passenger side front when slowly accelerating before the auto transmission shifts. At speeds above 45 you can't hear a thing, but when idling at a stop light, the car kind of chugs or stumbles. So we checked to see if maybe the idle pully bearing was bad, or if the new A/C unit we installed this 2 months ago was the problem. An independent dealership said that it was likely the transmission and not wanting to drop it, they suggested that we 1 trade it in or atleast drive it until it was worse. I'm disappointed I like my Vue and have treated it gently over the years thinking I'd get to 100K before ditching it. Let's see new A/C and new tires this year - I really hate to think I'll need a new transmission too.

    Does anyone have any inspiration or thoughts? Of course I have a 2.4K business road trip coming up in Oct. and this was to be the designated hauler. So I'm nervous and I'd like to know if it's worth it or if going new is really the best answer.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Here's my .02....

    The engine and trans in your Vue were built by Honda and are the same that were used in the Honda Odyssey. Bring your Vue to a Honda dealer and get their opinion. They work on them all the time and have a bunch of experience with them. Its likely something that many of them do and they have likely seen the issue many times before. It may be something very minor.

    While there are plenty of "Saturn authorized service centers" at GM dealers that do a reputable job repairing Saturns, I think a Honda dealer will have much more experience with your drivetrain.

    Good Luck.....
  • I have a 2003 VUE with an automatic transmission. I have had numerous problems; the car has 125,000 miles. When I am driving, usually it happens if I've turned a lot of corners or have to turn the steering wheel multiple times to get out of a tight parking spot, the steering becomes extremely difficult--you can almost not turn the steering wheel. As soon as it happens the "service soon" light comes on.

    If I pull over, turn the car off, and wait a while, I can start the car up and it will allow me to drive. Sometimes I can get to my destination, sometimes, it happens again before I get there. I've noticed that that the problem is more pronounced on very warm days or if the car has been in operation for longer than 30 minutes. Also, when I put on the turn signal, the high beams come on for a couple of seconds..not sure if the issue is related. Yesterday, it looks like there was a little smoke coming out of the steering column. I've seen others post similar comments; I would appreciate any guidance you can provide.
  • bajjanbajjan Posts: 2
    Hi there,

    I had the exact problem. :-(

    The steering column is bad. You have to take the car to a Saturn dealer and have it replaced as it is dangerous to keep driving the car with this problem.

    Not the cheapest fix as it will run close to or just over 2gees. However worth it if you plan to keep driving the car.
  • Thanks,

    You were right on target. The Saturn dealer said it was the automatic steering motor or something to that affect. I asked if it could be individually replaced, he said in the 2003 model, it came in one piece so you have to replace the entire steering column.

    You are right on target.
  • I have a 2008 Saturn Vue Redline with 50k miles, yesterday I left work and entering the on ramp of the freeway, with the turning of the wheel it felt like the steering column broke free from the connection to the axles to continue to turn the car. The steering became really loose and I ended up pulling over. Once the car was towed, the service shop informed me that the battery was completely dead! I didn't have any warning lights or anything come on in the car informing me of a dead battery. So my question is, because the ENTIRE car is electric under the hood, would the dead battery issue, have caused the power steering to become non responsive while driving? Needless to say...I replaced the battery and it seems to drive good but I was wondering if I should take it to the dealer to run a diagnostic just to be on the safe side? And if thats the case, what do I have them check? :(
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,780
    When the engine dies, you no longer have power steering.... It's pretty disconcerting.. You can still steer, but the effort goes way, way up.. many people have never driven a car without power steering and mistake the lack of power assist for having no steering at all...

    Sound like what might have happened to you..

    (old enough to have owned cars without power steering.. )


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    I apologize for the issues you are experiencing with your vehicle. If you would like to visit the dealership, I would be happy to locate the nearest dealership for you if you would like.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • My son has 2010 Saturn Vue with the 2.4 4cyl and wants to change his own oil. Where is the filter located? Does he need a special filter wrench to get it off? He bought the new one and it is cartridge instead of the old style can.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    The oil filter is on top underneath a black plastic cover. Use a 32mm or 1-1/4" socket to get it open. Make sure that the cartridge "clicks" when he puts it in the cap before putting it back on.
  • In the last 2 months or so, my 2004 vue 3.5 V6's idle drops down to 200-300 when the engine is cold when shifted into rev or drive, almost to the point of stalling. After the engine warms, it's not as bad.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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