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Toyota 4Runner Start Stall Problems



  • towletowle Posts: 1
    Ihave a 91 4runner replaced starter,neutral switch, ignitionswitch. is there a relay that I am mssing because where the book says there is a relay< I cant seem to locate it. Help. :confuse:
  • On a 91 4Runner the starter relay is mounted on the starter motor. If you replaced the starter then you've replaced the relay.
  • Yes, I know what it is> it is a relay swith in your fuse box. Take the cover off, have someone else try and start the truck. You will quickly notice which one is bad. Sometimes you can put your finger on it and literally feel it clicking to ensure you have the right one. toyota charges a lot for these, but $5 versions with a lifetime warranty are widely available. Hope that helps.
  • I purchased my third Toyota 4Runner in January of 2010. In one month, the vehicle has been towed to the service department twice and driven there once. The vehicle won't start. The dash lights up and the air/heater turns on, but the car won't start. Initially the service department blamed a faulty brake sensor. Now they think it might be the security system. :lemon:
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    edited February 2010
    Hopefully is not a :lemon: ... which edition 2010 4Runner is (SR5, Trail, Limited) ... also is it a 4WD? I own the 2010 4Runner V6 Limited 4WD with NAV which is also my 3rd 4Runner Limited 4WD and after 5,500 miles driven in all kind of weather conditions (rain, snow, sleet, etc.) and one oil change (I do my own oil change) the beast has given me no problem whatsoever, and so far I am more than pleased with its performance and my best gas tank at 27.2MPG in highway at 50-55mph cruise control set. Well, best of luck for you and hopefully it might be something easy to fix...
  • I have an intermittent starting problem that has come up over the past few months. When I turn the key, the dash, radio, etc. all come on as expected but then when I turn it to start the engine, I get a single 'click'. Repeating this anywhere from 2 to maybe 15 times, it eventually starts. Because it is intermittent, the mechanic could not duplicate the issue and suggested I use the Clutch Cancel button for starting when I experience the problem. This has not been any more successful than traditional starting. I've come across people with similar issues and the problem was with the starter solenoid. Battery is less than a year old. Any thoughts? It most often happens after a very cold night or after sitting in the relatively cold parking garage at my office.
  • I have a 91 4-runner v-6 I have replaced the ignition coil and fuel injector pressure regulator. After driving the truck a while and turn it off then get back in to start it. It will do one of two things. Either kinda start where it spits and sputters acting like its not getting enough fuel, then stalling and doing that over and over till i can get going. Or not start or try to start, no cranking no nothing! Dont know if its injector, or starter or both. Not sure which way to go!
  • trunner1trunner1 Posts: 3
    I have the same problem. I just replaced the battery and it's still up to its' old tricks. Did you find a solution? My mechanic couldn't find out what's causing the starting problem.
  • noavgbearnoavgbear Posts: 1
    About every 200 miles the check engine and VSC lights cuts on (2001 Toyota 4-Runner Limited, V6 engine). I've had Toyota hook up the truck to their diagnostic machine and two different error codes indicate that the carbon canister (part of the catalytic converter) needs to be replaced, and, a second part of the converter needs to be replaced. I can't remember what the second part is called. I had these parts replaced and the check engine and VSC lights were reset. Then, after about 200 miles these same lights came on again. I've noticed that when I fill up with gas and try to start the truck, it starts right up, and then immediately cuts off. Then, I have to grind on the starter at least five or more seconds, TWO different times, before the truck will eventually start. The only time the truck is hard to start is after fueling up. I think this may be why the check engine lights keep cutting on, but I'm not certain. Toyota's diagnostic system still brings up the two error codes, despite those two parts being replaced. They're not sure what the problem could be. I think there's a vacuum problem somewhere ... any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  • Ok the other day I had it running then it just died. It will start then dies will not run....It has 1/2 tank of gas. I replaced the fuel filter, distributor cap,rotor and the coolant temp sensor...No joy HELP!!!
  • Hey if you still have those band type battery terminals get rid of them and put some good solid terminals on your battery...
  • I am having a similar problem with my 2001 4runner. There are no codes so the mechanic can't figure out what the problem is. We've changed the fuel filter, air filter, cleaned the mass air flow sensor and fuel injectors. Haven't found the right fix yet. Did you find a solution?
  • Did you ever find a solution for your 4Runner starting issue?
  • Did you ever find a solution to your 4runner starting issues?
  • It was a combination of the starter and relay. It took two to three days to diagnose that correctly. Hope this helps you. I already had everything you had done prior to the real diagnosis. Good luck1
  • Thank You soooo much for your reply! Did a shop repair your 4runner? Just wondering did they have to replace both the starter and the relay? And wondering about what was the approximate cost for your repair?
  • It was both replaced at the same time. I think it was around 200-300. But I also had an oil change. Hope this helps.
  • Yes that is very helpful and I'm relieved to hear an approximate cost of $200-$300.
  • Ok so I am at a loss, I have been fiddling for 2 days and cannot trace my electrical problem. I'm leaning towards the ignition switch or neutral switch. This is what happens......or doesn't happen......Been driving regular, stopped at the store and came out to a dead vehicle. No power anywhere, no lights, no radio, NOTHING. I did all the regular checks, fuses, tried jumping it, took apart battery terminals, cleaned and replaced. I have followed the wires best I could and I get 12 volts at the starter terminal, but that comes direct from the battery so why wouldn't I? right? the battery is reading 12.91volts. but again no power to anything, no clicking.....

    I started to attempt to pull the tumbler but the manual refers only to a column mounted ignition and mine is in the dash. I can't seem to release the retaining pin to remove the tumbler.

    Can someone lead me in the right direction???????
  • fackmefackme Posts: 1

    hello.  1996 Toyota 4 runner  316km. Ran fine. First thing to fail was the signal lights. Fuze blown and replaced. Instrument fuze blows next, then stereo looses power. Get the thing parked. Shut her off, went start her again within 15 minutes. Did not want to start, but fired up.  Would not shift out of park. Throttle was very delayed from pedal input.  Died quickly,  got a boost and fired right back up. Stereo came back on. Still would not shift from park. The engine would sputter when given fuel and eventually died again. Starter clicked at first. Then nothing.

    Any ideas? Will be towed to a shop. Trying some  the earlier suggestions.


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