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Electrical Problems

jimprenjimpren Member Posts: 1
edited March 2019 in Chrysler
I've seen multiple messages concerning dashboard gauges cutting out, turn signals intermittent or not at all, alarm setting itself, doors locking themselves. I have experienced multiple events where all of these things happened. I was advised there are issues older Chrysler vans with poor solder joints and electrical connections. At first, it was the left turn signal. Intermittent early, then not at all. Then alarm condition, even while driving. No gauges. Would not restart. One contributor to a forum recommended hitting top of dashboard. Stupid, right? It works. Ultimately, I will need to pull dash apart and repair the faulty wiring/wiring connections. Unlocking door can trigger alarm. As I do my own repairs, I have found this vehicle to be the singularly most difficult one to work on, as if no thought at all given to even the simplest items like enough room for a socket on the belt tensioner, or access to the power steering pump line connections to the manifold on driver's side. One guy stated "Chrysler designed an oil filter and threw a car around it."
If you lose your gauges and/or car will not start with alarm light showing, smack your dashboard on the top 2-3 times.
As I find and fix the real causes, I'll add them here.
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