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Freelander Maintenance and Repair



  • Howard Gutman, Flanders, NJ....Not impressed so far with his initial contact and surmization of what I can expect from Landrover in regard to a car that's been in the shop 14 times in 27 months with minimal daily drivng. I thought these were all wheel, all terrain only ones still made in America, but they apparently can't take daily driving by school teachers, nurses, clerks, stay at home moms.....etc so I find it hard to believe they can handle off road really. I don't know if we organized and got someone to vigorously and I do mean vigorously represent us to the point of making it to the Today Show and other network morning shows with this legitimate story of significant issues associated with this vehicle and a realistic expectation by the Secretary of Commerce or something that holds Landrover completely responsible and would actively anticipate their compensation of each and everyone who has been adversely affected by the purchase of this vehicle. I still owe 7K and not in a position with a 2 yr old to take too much more of a loss. It's just ridiculous and unAmerican. Shame on Ford Motor Company who owns Landrover
  • I'm new to this site. Bought my Freelander HSE new in '04. Shortly after driving it off of the lot, car engine sounded more like a diesel. Brought it back numerous times to LR (under warrantee) and was told it just needed the oil changed. At 53,000 miles (just after the warrantee ended), brought it in for it's scheduled oil change and was told by the mechanic "This car sounds horrible". They suckered me in for $2,500 saying a screw must have fallen into the intake manifold. Since then ...
    -Both rear window motors need replacing.
    -Sunroof assembly and motor needs replacing. I was driving down the road with the sunroof open when I got caught in a rain storm. Went to put the sunroof down and it would not budge. Took it into the LR mechanic and was told the only way to put it down would be for the mechanic to push on it for the outside and break it, thus requiring a whole new assembly.
    -Harmonic balancer found off and banging around inside of the engine. Found by a non LR mechanic, probably part of the god awful clanging that was present from almost the time of purchase.
    -Coolant leak (no idea where it is leaking to, but I always have extra in the back of the car now.)
    -Now the oil light is on. Just brought it to the LR mechanic last week for "expert diagnosis". Was told, (after the mechanic took off the oil fill cap and looked into it with a flash light) that the engine is coated with oil sludge and needs to be replaced.
    Don't know what I'm going to do with the vehicle. Part of me wants to try to run some oil cleaner through, fix the windows and get rid of it. The other part screams for me to run fast and far away; to just get rid of it now and cut my losses. Please if you are considering buying one of these vehicles, don't. If you have one and are starting to have problems, get rid of it. If you have one and aren't having problems yet, get rid of it. I kept saying to myself, I'll just fix this last problem and then it will be okay. This last problem turned into the next problem and into the next. This car has been nothing but a headache.
  • To Piece of Junk / goatgirl26:

    Pay close attention to the coolant leak. Mine started leaking in Feb of this year and same thing "nobody could figure out where it was going". I spent $600 to have the thermostat replaced as that was the only "logical explanation" at the time. 2 months later my temp guage spiked twice (I too had coolant constantly in the truck as I was going through about 1 bottle of it a week) and I took it into the dealer to have it looked at when I was then told I either had 1) head gasket failure or 2) complete engine failure and would need to be replaced. More than likely the coolant has been leaking into the oil, causing the "sludge". I chose to get rid of it while it was still running.

    Good luck with what you decide to do...
  • Got bad news for you. Just checked auto-trader for trade in value, 2003 freelander $2200.00. I've been trying the last 2 wks to get something new for nothing, I still owe $8k on the loan. Tip: if you have a loan on your freelander, ur better off not paying the loan off, go to a dealer of the new vehicle you want, tell them the bank story and that it runs fine(they know about the freelander) and let them work the best deal/trade-in on new that you can afford, then spring on them any additional down payment money you have. Yeah, you'll still be paying off the excess of the original loan on the back end of the new vehicle deal, but for every $1,000 you can throw on the table "after" they've given you their best offer on the vehicle of your choice, you'll reduce your monthly payment by $30. May not sound like much but I just had Kia throw both a Sorento and Sportage at me w/payments of $495/$499 respectively, with $500 dwn, then with $3,000 suddenly appearing out of an account I could have a $400 monthly payment which is only $70 more than I'm paying now on the loan and the Mogi extended warranty.($223 + $107). Not sure it would work better the other way. I'm still contacting LR, Sec Trans, Commerce, Pres Obama, NHTSA, BB, and all local network affiliates. Don't know what it will do, but I have nothing to loose.
  • I have been in the process of trying to get a new vehicle...just letting the bank take the car hasn't been an easy process and being a single parent money doesn't come easy...I think contacting all the media is a good thing, someone needs to let them know what Land Rover is doing to all us comsumers..
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    Shame on Ford Motor Company who owns Landrover

    Ford sold Land Rover to Tata back in March, 2008. link
  • ccb4ccb4 Posts: 2
    I am searching for info on lawsuits won against Landrover and recall information on Freelanders, specifically 2002 SE models.

    I have a true mudpuddle in that engine noise, windows and sunroof have a mind of their own, the muffler blew smoke for two miles and I thought it was on fire (but it just blew a hole in the muffler large enough to put my hand in there after I paid $60 for them to tell me that I had emission problems and $700.00 repairs to the coolant system), and ty rods and bearings are making noise.

    In Minnesota, when it gets cold, the transmission runs through several codes if you drive it without warming the engine to the point of burning enough gas to get to work before leaving the driveway. The fuel pump recall was installed, but I still call it my slurpee because it uses gas so fast, and the engine coolant system is a real screamer.

    The cost of this is not just ridiculous, it is an insult. Landrover dealers are so insulting to deal with on this vehicle it is embarrassing. Can anyone tell me if there are options others have used to make the dealers honor fixing this horrid thing? Is there anything that I can join in to make the Landrover manufacturer repair their mud puddle? One thing ruins another along the way and it has just kept going. Help!
  • After reading all of the posts in here, I have to assume that my coolant must be leaking into the oil, too; hence the sludge. Was told that if the coolant was leaking into the oil, the oil would be a milky color. Is this true? Did anyone's (whose had this problem) oil turn a milky color, or is it just a silent killer?
  • goatgirl26:

    My oil never turned milky. I was checking it almost daily for a change or sludge starting to form and I never had any of it though I was filling the coolant container weekly or more. Yours does have sludge?
  • My coolant has also been leaking regularly and there has been no change to the oil color or evidence of sludge. My check oil light came on last week. Took it to the dealer mechanic and was told by him (after he took off the oil fill cap and looked into the oil resevoir with a flash light), that the engine is full of sludge and needs to be replaced. (For his expert diagnosis (and time of 15 seconds) I was charged $65.

    Just had the timing belt and other things done in November (by my regular mechanic). He had the valve covers off at that time and said the inside actually looked pretty good. Although, the coolant didn't start leaking until Feb/March of this year.

    So I'm not really sure. Is the engine really coated with sludge? Can that really be diagnosed by looking into the oil with a flash light? Do I really want to pay for "more detailed expert diagnosis" just to be told, "yes, indeed, the engine needs to be replaced."? If the engine does really have sludge in it, is there anything (cheap) that can be done to limp it along, so that I can at least get a little
    bit of money for it as a trade in before it totally dies?

    I am officially uninvited to ever again returning to the LR dealership in Sarasota, FL, as of today. Was told by the service manager that they don't want customers like me (customers who ask questions and don't just blindly fork over thier credit cards at any monetary charges they throw out).
  • Did you get that in writing that it needed a new engine? I would gladly pay the $65 to be told that at this point.

    I have been in contact with the lawyer mentioned above, and have been told to the get " it needs a new engine" from a dealer. My problem is that the nearest dealer is 100 miles away, and I am not sure if the vehicle will make it!

    My selling dealer (used) told me the wholesale value of the car is $5000 -- What do you think the odds are that a LR dealer would give you that for this POS? I already had a service manager tell me to NOT repair the vehicle just based on the timing belt issue. Wish I had that on paper.

    Just count me another very unhappy Freelander owner.
  • So, it's 4 months later and I thought I would give you an update. We have been unable to deal with the dealer so we've gone to Land Rover corporate. They actually havn't been that bad but really slow. I have had to continue to make payments on this truck and it's still taking up allot of space in my driveway. Landrover has mentioned that they are willing to pay for a replacement engine if I will pick up the cost of labor. They will also give us a year warranty on the engine. This has been going on for over 2 months now. I don't know how close we are to getting this resolved, but I just want to get this monthly payment out of my life! I need something reliable to cart my 2 kids around and Land Rover has proven that they are not reliable.
    Facebook is the next great place for advertisers. In that spirit I started a 'Land Rovers suck' group. I would like to invite anyone on this forum who is also on facebook to join and share their experiences so that more people can see that the issue wasn't due to a couple of poorly made vehicals in the line, but the whole line of Freelanders are defective!
    The group can be found at
    please share your experience!
  • Another update....
    Land Rover still has not come through on their offer to replace the engine. The last time Land Rover spoke to us was in Mid-December and they wanted to know how much we owed on the truck. If it wouldn't ruin our credit I would just stop paying the monthly bill on the truck and let them reposess(sp?) it.
  • ccb4ccb4 Posts: 2
    Because I did not buy from their dealership, they would not honor any preestablished warrenty. The car is a wreck at this point. Each new piece I have had put on, it got worse and worse. I am afraid to have work done on it; it junked itself.

    I had repairs done in their shop and the "check engine" light was not on. When I drove out of the shop it was on and I stopped to ask them why it was on now. They said they did not know and said, "oh, I suppose you think we are going to fix it now". Well, lets see, it was not on when I got there, and it is before I drove out of the garage.

    The engine is so messed up now that I have put another $200.00 of minor fixups and parts that I had put in outside of the dealership due to their attitude, and the darned thing still does not function alright.

    Good luck to anyone who has a Freelander.
  • On a trip over to Florida I had my check engin light come on and now my car is running so ruff...any Ideas on what could be wrong?
  • Those are the symptoms of the Head Gasket Failure problem with Landrover Freelanders 2000-2005(yr model was discontinued). The way to know for sure is by noticing your coolant level dropping more quickly and you can check the underside of the oil cap sometimes has some of the emulsified oil and coolant mixture stuck to it.

    This problem is widespread, even the Landrover Dealer mechanic knew the problem as soon as I brought it in for service (before the cars engine eventually died, oil completely filled up the radiator system). The only repair is a new engine, which is not cheap (if any engines are available at all out there) and Land Rover North America does not help.

    My advice would be to have the problem formally diagnosed by a mechanic and there was an attorney Howard Gutman (search this forum for his name), who supposedly will assist in legal avenues. Unfortunately for us owners, Landrover only has claimed responsibility for a recalled Brake Light Switch and Gas Fuel Pump to date.
  • I have a 04 freelander Landrover has anyone else had a problem with the display screen going out on it. For a long time it would go off and on and now it is just is really a pain. :( the readio still works as dose the CD player but no display screen.
  • I don't know about all you of past and current ticked off LR owners, but watching all this scrutiny over Toyota sure is making me feel like WE have not been heard regarding the lack of response and ownership LR has shown to the general public regarding their faulty and UNSAFE Freelanders! Watching the government say they are going to hold Toyota's "feet to the fire" to produce a safe vehicle really irks me! Shouldn't they hold ALL car makers "feet to the fire" to produce safe vehicles, without defects such as engine failure? Someone needs to hold LR accountable for the lemon vehicles they made!

    Just needed to vent - NOT that I feel any better! :sick:
  • They are holding Toyota's feet to the fire because there traditionally have been two car makers that have been consistently making high quality dependable vehicles:


    When my Freelander shriveled up and died, knowing I lost $9,000 on it, my boss (who knows his stuff and is quite protective of me, like a father) said to me: "You will replace this car with a Toyota or a Honda. Don't buy anything else." (He drives a Porsche, go figure.)

    Anyway, I think people have come to expect Land Rovers to be crap since Land Rover has been passed around from manufacturer to manufacturer (BMW, Ford, and whatever company owns it now) over the past decade. But, yes, ALL car makers should be held accountable. But government no longer works for the People. It works for the corporations. Pharmaceutical companies have the FDA in their pocket, big monopoly communication companies have the FCC in their pocket. I'm amazed the gov't is holding Toyota's feet over the first. Maybe they're out of marshmallows.
  • da2da2 Posts: 4
    I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my 2005 Freelander! I just put a new lemon scented air freshener in it because it is now sitting in my driveway with a blown engine.
  • according to my 30 years driving used cars
    (1) milky caramile when you take out the oli level stick it means your top engine gasket is gone sorray I dont know the mechanic tearm but any ways
    if it is at the begining you should stop it and take it to the machanic to replace the top long gasket only,plus after that you have to replace new filter oil and oil for at least 2 times and than check the status of the oil color via engine oil stick.soory do not forget to clean the corporator if it has the same with all the best
    people keep adding the colant for so many times ,you will end up with what you called milky color,and this is how it started with my mazda 1981 back than.and found out that the water am adding it goes to the engine and this how i got the milky color,due to the broken top engine gasket

    that all i know my friend with all the best
  • Hi just bought a 03 freelander yesterday and REALLY wish i would have found this link first as i would not have done it. All the professional reviews seemed to rate the car very well, even here on Edumunds, and that is WHY i bought it - dont understand that contrast. But its my problem now. Anyone know how i can find previous maintenance records to see if any of this repair work has been done? Car seems to run great and not overheat or lose anti-freeze right now - but check engine light came on on my drive home. Is there anything i can do in way of preventative maintenace right now to delay what seems like it will be the inevitable? Car seems to have numerous electrical problems too- moon roof, vanity lights, map lights, clock, and cruise control not working - have any suggestions for a do it yourself fix? Also seem to have the 3 amigos problem - any suggestions on that also? The vehicle has 82K on it now and Blue Book Private party is between 7200-7400 - how can it have such a high blue book when its known to have so many serious problems? Any comments or suggestions will be sincerely appreciated!
  • Hi
    I bought a 2003 freelander(96,000 miles) like a year ago as a gift to my wife and since I bought we have not been able to drive it for two days straight!
    It's been on the shop for all this time,
    First was the coolant coming out the muffler cause of a head blown off,
    Tried to repair it but the parts are so expensive and impossible to find, even the cylinders head bolts are impossible to find and cost more than 35 dollars each (16). The heads cost more than 2,000 each on the dealer or $700 each used. To fix the timing cost more than $900 labor, labor for the heads another $900. So in total in total I have wasted more than $5,000 for labor and parts for a vehicle that I have not driven, counting all days straight, a week!!
    Now It's there cause its making a knocking sound and after it runs for ten minutes it won't start again.
    I'm had it with this piece of s..., I'm not paying another cent, this is the worst vehicle ever made!!! I just want to burn it and put it to rest, but I've invested so much and need to see if o can get some of it back to try and buy her something better so she can drive my kids. I know nobody in there right mind will buy it, so I need some information about any class action suit or any legal information against these callous manufacturer( land rover).

    Please I need all the help u can give on this regard!
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